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  1. Thematically (and logically) the later option sounds like it makes sense, as I'd say the special ability is still part of the order card's effect, as it's triggered by the card. And , it would seem very odd, that a Hero couldn't follow it's supporting units.
  2. I've had my game since last friday, and my board starterd warping right after the first time I assembled it. Now, after a couple of games, there a signifigant amount of warping in both the corners and joints. I think it has something to do with the printing and drying process, as players have reported similar things, but AFTER they'we opened the box and spread it across the table. The board was completely flat out of the box. I must add, that the warping is not yet so bad, that the board couldn't hold the playing pieces. And I must agree, that I also felt let down by the components. There seems to be an coloring issue with the plastic terrain parts, and many of the plastic figurines are too loose to stay on they're respective bases. Which is quite annoying, especially as it already a tight squeeze to try to get them to fit in their designated areas (Hero, 3 bases of marines and a defense laser in that little plastic cup, good luck with it, and hope no one pushes the table when playing) with the cardboard heros... But, after playing the game itself, it's a great game, with nice dynamics and great feel of theme to it. The card-driven combat works really well, and the game offers many tactical desicions. The rules are really inconsistently written, and offer plenty of bad wording, but with a bit of effort, you can get the basic idea of how the game works. It's unfortunate, that this good of a game is let down a little by somewhat poor quality of components, as we're all accustomed to top-notch standard when it comes to FFG products. But, in the end of the day, I think that while the component issues don't affect the enjoyment you get from playing the game, you sure feel like it doesn't warrant the price tag it has.
  3. In one of our first games, I rolled nine hits with Bloodthirster, wiping out the whole region and securing the win.
  4. Moracai said: pahapasi said: Yes, these pieces of Ian's art (and several others) were originally featured (and commissioned for, I think) in GW's 1988 Realm of Chaos- Slaves to Darkness (Khorne and Slaanesh), and it's sequel, The Lost and the Damned (Nurgle and Tzeench), so I think that these are still property of GW. Don't know if Ian has managed to keep rights to them. Moi Pasi. Toi tyyppi joka ekana tiedusteli asiasta on Wanhan koulukunnan vasaroitsijoita. Kyl se tietää PS: kheenkhi on paskin jumaluus No hups. Sori vaan Huomenna Tzeench voittoon!
  5. Yes, these pieces of Ian's art (and several others) were originally featured (and commissioned for, I think) in GW's 1988 Realm of Chaos- Slaves to Darkness (Khorne and Slaanesh), and it's sequel, The Lost and the Damned (Nurgle and Tzeench), so I think that these are still property of GW. Don't know if Ian has managed to keep rights to them.
  6. Okay, I'll think that I'm digging my own grave here (because I know there's a lot of Tzeench fans out there), but I'd like all of you fellow gamers to share their experiences playing Tzeench. After more than a dozen games so far, I think Khorne has won four or five, Nurgle has ruined his way to VP win three times, and Slaanesh has dominated the rest. Still, Tzeench hasn't won any. I got one click away from victory once, but Nurgle handed the win to Slaanesh in the last round. In every other game, Tzeench has been lurking in the sidelines, forced to turtle away in some distant corner of the Old World with warpstone, and maybe getting a lone click per round, but with no real prospect of winning. Tzeench has become a bit of an outcast in our gaming group, because of this. Yes, I'm aware that Tzeench gets to draw more cards, but the thing that seems to be repeating itself, is that most of the time these cards seem to be laying about in your hand, and you just have to keep playing these costly 2 point cards (Dazzle, anyone) just to get them off your hands, or to get the magic symbol in place, and hope to draw something useful, but actually contributing nothing. As in many games, you can poke the other players a bit, but that's it. Tzeench lacks the punch to play aggressively, and as I understand the nature of the beast, he is supposed to alter the other gods game with his cards and so, but at the same time he can't protect his own cultists very well (One Warp shield usually doesn't help...and managing to get two of the in the same region is a stretch, even if you get the "invalid parking"-upgrade to your warriors). The right cards at the right time just donät seem to get drawn .Which makes getting clicks very hard, as the number of figures is very somewhat limited also. And no one is taking the "Horrors" seriously. And the Greater Demon is only usable upgraded, if warpstone is hard to come by. And still your two cultists usually get wiped out. Also, in our sessions, Tzeench hasn't bee too lucky with the distribution of the warpstones in the beginning of the game, as these tend to go to the the regions with all the action, and surviving then is more than difficult. While you can make some pretty annoying stunts to other players, (f.e. by teleporting somebodys cultist away from region, thus denying that player a dial click) it seems more likely that while Tzeench has the power to influence the outcome of the game, and the winner, it lacks the staying power and methods to actually win himself. And the turtling gets boring after a while. And after all this whining, I just want to say that I really don't want to thrash Tzeench, I just feel that maybe we haven't had the best come out him yet. I can see the potential, it just hasn't concretized. These are some thoughts that have risen in our gaming group, and I'm interested in how others have managed to win wit Tzeench.
  7. phobiandarkmoon said: I've found 1 and a half to 2 hours depending on experience of players and how much analysis paralysis they suffer That's sounds about right, last nights game lasted just about 1 and a half hours with three players, as we were all seasoned players, and the game flowed smoothly. The lengthiest game lasted over three and a half hours, but there were two new players, and one of them wanted to absolutely analyse all possible angles...So it really contributes to the game lenght if players think too much. I must confess, that I also have been guilty of overanalysing and driving my fellow gamers to take numerous smoking breaks, while I'm trying to decide whether to play a card or a figure (which can take amazingly long time, despite being a simple task...) Which is absolutely futile, because the tactics in the game change all the time, and you just must adjust your game almost after every move. So i've tried to keep my decicion making time to appr. 30 seconds, and take more straightforward playing style. Which has worked well and is more enjoyable. And it's always fun to analyze the game and made errors AFTERWARDS.
  8. Actually, after six or seven games, I've played three times with Khorne,and won all of them with dial victory. I'm thinking that it is extremely easy to get double clicks in the beginning of the game, just by spreading three Bloodletters and one Blood Frenzy to four regions with cultists or other enemy figures. Because all you need is one kill, and at same time you can effectively prevent other players from getting their clicks, as most players don't necessary have more than two cultists in the same region during the first couple of turns. Just last night I got four kills for first two rounds, that got me clicking away towards the vital upgrades, and managed to keep Nurgle and Slaanesh at bay (Tzeench has never been a real threat in our games thus far, hope that will change someday...). Ok, Khorne relies on good dice rolls, but the two battle dice are more than enough most of the time, and the sixes keep rolling constantly. It's also hard for the other players to prevent Khorne getting those advancement tokens, 'cause he hits first, and needing only one kill. If you don't draw good defensive cards in the beginning, it's practically impossible to stop Khorne in the early going. The drawback for Khorne is that the Power points get drained quickly, especially when you want to play some cards.
  9. Well, first I scanned the card and corrected the misprint in Photoshop, but when printed, the quality was not nearly same as with original, because no laser printer can match the quality of offset printing...So the corrected card did look like crap with other cards. So I just printed the word "two" and attached it to the card, and after I laminated the cards it works great. Of course it pops out a little, but I can live with it And I agree that it's really a non-issue, and does not take anything away from this great game. And it could just be, that FFG won't bother with making new plates for reprints, but you never know.
  10. Tibs said: I can understand why you feel sour. A life is a very costly thing to sacrifice, especially when it's your own. But personally, I'd be elated that someone actually managed to defeat Chaugnar Faugn (fewer than 12% of battles against CF are won). Interesting, thus far we've considered CF to be a big *****, 'cause both times we've won hands down against him...We'll no Elder signs, but it's been actually a bit boring, as CF has not delivered.
  11. HURT: Hank. After a couple of plays, he's been absolutely awful, despite his stats. Thick-skull doesn't help, he always craps his pants and fails his PS. And I really don't dig him (or his stupid picture) with his sack of, what...potatoes? HURT: Jack. Boring. HEAL: Jim. He's been one of my most hated investigators, but recently he has redeemed himself, and got some credibility. Agnes Baker, the Waitress 10 Akachi Onyele, the Shaman 8 Ashcan Pete, the Drifter 9 Bob Jenkins, the Salesman 9 Carolyn Fern, the Psychologist 9 Charlie Kane, the Politician 8 Darrell Simmons, the Photographer 10 Dexter Drake, the Magician 8 Diana Stanley, the Redeemed Cultist 10 Finn Edwards, the Bootlegger 10 George Barnaby, the Lawyer 4 Hank Samson, the Farmhand 8 Harvey Walters, the Professor 10 Jacqueline Fine, the Psychic 10 Jenny Barnes, the Dilettante 8 Jim Culver, the Musician 6 Joe Diamond, the Private Eye 10 Kate Winthrop, the Scientist 2 Leo Anderson, the Expedition Leader 10 Lily Chen, the Martial Artist 4 Lola Hayes, the Actress 9 Luke Robinson, the Dreamer 8 Mandy Thompson, the Researcher 10 Marie Lambeau, the Entertainer 10 Mark Harrigan, the Soldier 8 Michael McGlen, the Gangster 10 Minh Thi Phan, the Secretary 7 Monterey Jack, the Archeologist 9 Norman Withers, the Astronomer 10 Patrice Hathaway, the Violinist 4 Rex Murphy, the Reporter 9 Rita Young, the Athlete 8 Roland Banks, the Fed 9 Silas Marsh, the Sailor 9 Sister Mary, the Nun 10 Skids O'Toole, the Ex-Convict 10 Tommy Muldoon, the Rookie Cop 9 Tony Morgan, the Bounty Hunter 10 Trish Scarborough, the Spy 10 Ursula Downs, the Explorer 9 Wendy Adams, the Urchin 10 William Yorick, the Gravedigger 10 Wilson Richards, the Handyman 10 Zoey Samaras, the Chef 10 THE DEVOURED 45th Gloria Goldberg, the Author 46th Amanda Sharpe, the Student 47th Daisy Walker, the Librarian 48th Vincent Lee, the Doctor Last voter: spirit Good voting for everyone, I'm off to Sicily for a week's vacation...Take care, and don't get Darrell killed
  12. This might be nitpicking, but when we play with two players (but four investigators) we count the required trophies and gates closed based on the investigator number instead of number of players. But that's just two make the game a little bit more challenging. Two seemed to get the job done too easily. Not that I want to take anything away from your victory, though
  13. Mariana the Ex-Nun Cultist said: I think the idea is that the shotgun still makes 6s count as double ene though you get no actual dice from the gun. So you "use" the shotgun (+0 dice) and any dice from your fight and clues count as doubles. It never occured to me to do this. I first saw it mentioned on the old boards as a way of taking down ghosts. Not sure I like it much though. - Mariana the ex-nun cultist Aah, it never crossed my mind neither, since I've always treated fight skill and bonuses as completely separate things, as resistance and immunity only affect the bonuses..thus to get the sixes to count as doubles, they would have to be thrown from the shotgun's four bonus dice (and not from skill) and since physical immunity does not allow this, it could not be possible. And, thematically speaking, if you couldn't use the shotgun in the first place, how could you inflict doubles with it, with somekind of magic silver-bullets, or throwing it, maybe? But this is just my take on the matter, this is after all Arkham Horror, where nothing's certain....
  14. Hmm...I've think we have played in the that the investigator currently in LiTaS just plain and simple loses his/her turn, and does not get involved in play for one turn (until the next Upkeep). Thus ignoring game effects.
  15. That rule sure sounds good to me. I'm with the group of players that focus on sealing and winning the game by any means necessary to avoid final combat. I personally find it extremely boring to just collect clues and weapons and gearing up to the final struggle. Epic Battle cards make it a bit more passable, but it still does not make it something I would be looking forward to. BTW, I've never gotten the idea behind the Shotgun vs. Physical Immunity...How does the rolling of sixes nullify the immunity? What's the difference, it's still immune to it...What have I missed
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