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  1. Well this is weak as ****. Tease us with a new mission we cannot play. BS.
  2. wow. Great job. This was/is desperately needed for this game. This is a fantastic game, but without a steady stream of new scenarios or the ability to create your own it will stagnate.
  3. My middle name is confusions. Thank you for all the help.
  4. Ok thanks for the help. I don't know about this game. It might be too fiddly for me, I have had nothing but problems.
  5. Ok. Thanks. I might be too stupid for this game. I still don't get it. If There are only two other locations then why do the bayou's have all those symbols to move to if there are only ever two other locations with the same symbol?
  6. It says separate them into 4 piles by trait. So there are four stacks. One is all riverside one is all New Orleans one is all wilderness and one unhallowed. Then you take a random pile and toss it. Then pick random pile to play and toss the other two. So when you are done you have one pile of all the same name. It makes no sense.
  7. But you cannot even get that far. In setup when I have all the riversides and I tossed everything else's you all the symbols are the same.
  8. So I don't understand the setup. You end up with 3 locations two of which have the same name? How does that work? You can't move between them?
  9. Does it just deal damage and horror, or is there a skill check vs the engaged investigator in the same way when investigators attack?
  10. Innsmouth one ( the second one) Freezes after the riot appears for the second time. The whole app half freezes, has done this three times now. I consider that mission 100% unplayable because of it. The rest have had no problem. Well we haven't played the super long one yet. But the rest are great. Same as the other guy, ios mini fully updated.
  11. I think so, i know it says you cannot move units OUT of a system that contains a leader.
  12. You think? I think they have a pretty good balance. My group really enjoys the campaigns, and is only just now getting into skirmish tournaments in the area that are popping up.
  13. Weird? You show up as member to me. oh well. Yeah i could tell you put time into that. Seems pretty good to me, maybe i'll see if my group wants to try it. Does this game have an adventure/mission builder like Descent? If so you should submit that one.
  14. jonboyjon i agree with you. If you make a game too "realistic" the game suffers, if it is too unrealistic it suffers. The balance is the hard part. I prefer options. If they leave it open, in my opinion then the individual groups can be as flavorful or in cannon as each group wishes. and member (great name, im suprised that wasn't already taken) that seems like perfect design for an emperor mission.
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