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  1. Since TI4 is so similar to TI3 could you give more specific examples of what you mean by missing the "grandness of ti3 strategy-side"? I like the idea of race specific sculpts but they would make the game extremely confusing to look at. We already have people complaining about mixing up influence and resources. Mixing up ships is deadly.
  2. My second iteration brainstorming of a full redesign. The themes I am trying to push are: Lazax clout - planets remember the Lazax and the Winnu and easily fall under their control. Relatives - the Custodians are biased to them for taking Mecatol Lazax inherited technology - they have some distinct tech advange Mecatol - taking Mecatol early is an option but not forced on you I'm also trying to gameplay wise, play up taking Mecatol (or choosing not to) and maintaining control of planets in general. I also like the idea of threatening with their flagship. And I wanted one really unique ability with the Entanglement. The one problem is I have no idea how good not having to land ground forces on some planets is. It is great for taking Mecatol and early expansion should be fast. But later it would be weak without something like Light Wave Deflector where it suddenly will get much stronger. Tech: You start with any 1 technology ignoring up to two two prerequisites. Racial: Blood Ties: You do not have to spend influence to remove the custodians token form Mecatol Rex. Focused Research: After another player discards the custodian token from Mecatol Rex: gain one technology ignoring all prerequisites. Lazax Legacy: Invasion: you do not need to commit ground forces to take control of an empty non hazardous planet. Racial Techs (2 of the following brainstorming example. Might think up more of them).: Lazax Temporal Entanglement YR - Exhaust this card after an opponent resolves any ability that targets one of your components or planets: resolve the same ability targeting a component of that player. Lazax Sentient Exosphere R - Enemy ships in systems with planets you control lose Bombardment. Every planet you control has SPACE CANNON 9. Lazax Transwarp Catapult BB - Exhaust this card after an opponent has activated a system containing one of your ships; move one of your ships from any unactivated system to that system. Regardless of what people think power wise I'm trying to come up with fun distinctive abilities.
  3. The Lazax have a lot to answer for!
  4. @Ipklevine: I completely agree.
  5. I am currently only brainstorming ideas on how to make the Winnu more fun and viable. Because on paper they look boring and weak. I am doing this from the position of not having played the game yet though. It's possible their design is fine as is. But brainstorming helps pass the time while I wait 🙂 I do not think it is possible to pass judgement on any other faction so early. None stand out to me like the Winnu. Enough of the game has changed that it requires actually playing. As to your specific points, I do not see the Winnu homeworld influence as much of a factor. Resources are critically more important in my opinion for jump starting a faction's economy. Politics is also subjective and determined more by the will of the table. But more importantly changes to system tiles is strictly not possible. I do not want to change any printed components if it can be avoided but system tiles or planets - never.
  6. After a lot of thought, I now believe the Winnu abilities just need reworking. There is no easy fix to their current 'Mecatol or bust!' design which is fragile and not fun. As much as I dislike having to change printed material, I am thus brainstorming changes. Here is the first iteration. And yes this is also partly to keep busy killing time until I get my copy!!!!!!! Additional ability: Lazax Heritage: While you DO NOT control Mecatol Rex; you do not need to commit ground forces to take control of an empty planet. Replacement ability for Reclamation: Abandoned Lazax Outposts: When you spend a command token to resolve the secondary ability of the "Construction" strategy card, you may resolve the primary ability instead. The first ability is intended to give an incentive and open the possibility of the strategic decision to not rush Mecatol (faster expansion). However if they do decide to rush it, it will almost guarantee they can take Mecatol on round 2 before any other race like the JolNar (just a cruiser). One side effect is the increased chance the Winnu could take Mecatol on round one. But it would require them being able to select Warfare or Tech (for Gravity Drive). This is a significant increase from their current highly unlikely perfect start of getting to select Warfare and then hoping for: Trade->move carrier+ begging transaction with neighbor for1TG->Tech(buy Gravity Drive)->Warfare ->Mecatol. Importantly though, they would be unable to select Imperial and take Mecatol first turn (unlike starting with Cruiser II) significantly slowing their early VP rush. And deliberately delaying or completely ignoring taking Mecatol should be a wiser choice to quickly expand their economy or snipe planets off neighbours who do not garrison space or the planet with ground forces. The second ability change is intended to make Reclamation less specific to Mecatol. This is again, an incentive to make the decision of when/if going to Mecatol possible. If they ignore Mecatol they will still have a strong ability to back up their miserable starting position. The one side effect is they may stock pile PDS like no other race can. If they do decide to go to Mecatol the PDS will help defend the homeland. Both their racial techs I think would remain as is to avoid changing any other components. Both these changes might be too good. But whatever just having a thought about how to make them better and more fun
  7. I am eager to read the game reports to help guide the discussion. But I have been disappointed with previous balancing done by FFG. And I will be severally let down that any race is not fun and amazing. After twelve years of the community playtesting the game in all sorts of incarnations (and it is fundamentally the same game) I expect mind blowing exciting game play from every race. Anyway, I restate my points until we have more game data to discuss: they can already possibly take Mecatol first turn. Cruiser II only makes this much more likely. until they win you the game VPs are worthless to your economy and military. Imperial will be taken to claim 2 public objectives in mid to late game. Lazax Gate Folding is fragile and expensive. There are better ways to guarantee a second round landing. choosing your own basic tech is not really a choice when you must get to Mecatol as fast as possible. It will be Antimass Deflectors every time. finally the Winnu are the weakness faction in the game by any objective means Note that their ability to build a free space dock (Reclamation) cannot be used in the same tactical action to build on Mecatol. If it could it would be substantially better. Assuming a round two landing, it will most likely be used on round 3 without Warfare -- again assuming the mighty JolNar don't land on Mecatol first: Reclamation: After you resolve a tactical action during which you gain control of Mecatol Rex, you may place 1 PDS and 1 space dock from your reinforcements on Mecatol Rex.
  8. I would obviously prefer a race redesign. And this is indeed the problem. I faced it when trying to make the Lazax playable from Mecatol in 5 player. They were either too good or too bad. And not fun. Aything that improves the chance of them actually benefiting from their abilities improves their early lead. I am less concerned with this early lead. First it is already possible just less likely. And second they seldom result in long term victory. Especially with the Winnu being so weak in every other way. After the 3rd round Imperial will be a sought after choice as a catch up mechanism for claiming two public objectives per round. I expect a Winnu victory to still be difficult once the table stop them in their tracks. However I am open to more suggestions.
  9. I personally would have limited the tech depth to 3 instead of 4 to avoid making different colors so incompatible. But I'm hoping tech specially planets reduce it in a meaningful way. I'm concerned about their choice to add colored prerequisites to racial tech. Racial tech is one of the fun highlights of playing a faction and should be encouraged to hit the table. Some of them will never see play now due to the way they unduly force a specific tech path to acquire. If I thought FFG had made some smart decisions regarding which colors to pick I would be less concerned. But the colors appear pretty much dictated by the theme of the ability. Some like the Mentak have them both on the same path making it easy to grab both even. The one saving grace is the possibility of tech specially planets again.
  10. Although the Creuss are also a weak faction (the lowest value starting units in the game [12] for example) they at least have some decisions in regards to strategy and are not part of nearly so many loser clubs. The Winnu are unique in that they must be played using a very specific strategy of rushing and holding Mecatol Rex. And if they fail to do so, they are essentially without abilities or racial tech. Even if they do take that strategy but fail to get the MR first one of their abilities is nullified. I believe they needed a complete rework to make them more versatile and less prone to either being too strong or too weak. Add on top of that, they are the only faction in almost all the 'starting loser clubs': only 1 unit with capacity, only 1 tech or less, only 2 ground forces, and lowest home system resources (3). On top of this they have the second lowest resources of starting units in the game (13). It is a universal **** show. I am waiting for a playtester to come forward and explain why they were nerfed so badly. At the moment, the least that can be done to help them is to permit them to pick any tech regardless of requirements. They can then pick Cruiser II and be *almost* guaranteed to take Mecatol first round. Otherwise they will be a large coaster on my coffee table as no one will play them. As to your question about 'Reclamation'. It only triggers after you resolve the tactical action. By which time you cannot build. Reclamation: After you resolve a tactical action during which you gaind control of Mecatol Rex, you may place 1 PDS and 1 space dock from your reinforcements on Mecatol Rex.
  11. Thanks for the detailed review! I look forward to your next one. If possible please have someone play in your next game as the Winnu. They are the only faction that looks completely useless to me; weak on every front. I can't see how playtesters thought they were balanced. I'm hoping to be convinced otherwise.
  12. I'm having difficulty determining if the following promissory notes have a "cost" that must be met. Going by the reference manual, since there is no "to" or semi-colon, there is no cost to these. They are simply effects you attempt to resolve. For example: it is not necessary for the Letnev playet to possess 2 trade goods for someone to utilize their War Funding note. However the card "Military Support" specifically mentions 'if able' making the others appear to be costs in comparison. Is anyone else unsure or is it just me? The reasonable interpretation is that they cannot be costs otherwise the promissory note could be nullified by the giver. NOTE: The Muatt one reduces their fleet pool by 1. Ouch! Promissory Note: War Funding - At the start of a round of space combat: The Letnev player loses 2 trade goods. During this combat round, reroll any number of your dice. Then, return this card to the Letnev player. Promissory Note: Military Support - At the start of the Sol player's turn: Remove 1 token from the Sol player's strategy pool, if able, and return it to his reinforcements. Then, you may place 2 infantry from your reinforcements on any planet your control. Then, return this card to the Sol player. Promissory Note: Political Favor - After an agenda is revealed: Remove 1 token from the Xxcha player's strategy pool and return it to his reinforcments. Then, discard the revealed agenda and reveal 1 agenda from the top of the deck. Player vote on this agenda instead. Then return this card to the Xxcha player. Promissory Note: Fires of the Gashlai - Action: Remove 1 token from the Muaat player's fleet pool and return it to his reinforcements. Then, gain your war sun unit upgrade technology card. Then return this card to the Muaat player. Promissory Note: Cybernetic Enhancements - At the start of your turn - Remove 1 token from the L1Z1X player's strategy pool and return it to his reinforcements. Then, place 1 command token from your reinforcements in your strategy pool. Then, return This card to the L1Z1X player.
  13. The learn to play book states: Players always place ground forces on the planet that contains the space dock that produced them. The rules reference states: When a player produces ground forces, he must place those unit on planets that contain a unit that used its “Production” ability. The difference is very subtle and situational but the learn to play book should read like the rules reference.
  14. You're missing the second Muaat racial tech: Magmus ReactorR: Req: RR Your ships can move into Supernovas. After 1 or more of your units use PRODUCTION in a system that either contains a war sun or is adjacent to a supernova, gain 1 trade good.
  15. Could someone please just post pictures all the juicy racial details to BGG? I'm dying here.