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  1. Hi, I wanted to register some demand for prepainted miniatures along the lines of the ones provided for Cadwallon: CIty of Thieves. I have no idea how to propose such a thing, but maybe an FFG official will take notice. A further idea: why not make characters from one boardgame availabe in others, so having gone to the trouble of painitng Talisman minitures them might be used in Runebound, and vice versa? I know that this is now being made available across games set in the Runebound world (eg DungeonQuest), but why not across all boardgames made by FFG with the same scale miniatures? As a merger of these two ideas - wouldn't prepainted figures provided with character cards for a variety of FFG games be a great way to advertise and sell other games that FFG produce? If all of my Talisaman characters would be used in other FFG games I would be much keener to buy them all!
  2. Hi, in my case, the original figures were a bit distorted and had trouble staying on the bases. The prepainted figures however were much better and had hardly any distortion at all. I used a blob of bluetac to keep them on the bases and after they are pushed int the look great. I also have the Duke and he is not distorted at all. Personally, I am very happy with the prepainted minitures. I have spent many hours painting all my Talisman minitures and the ones for Drakon and I only wish that FFG provided more prepaints!
  3. Hi, some questions about the Militia: 1. Serial fights - say I beat a militiaman, and 3 spaces away is an enemy character, could I move him 3 spaces to the enemy character who would then have to fight him? If so, presumably if the enemy character won, they could move it back onto my character, essentially sending the militiaman back and forth until he eventually beats one character? (I would say yes as this is very much in the spirit of the game, but is this what the designers intended?) 2. When a militiaman is defeated by a character, can they be moved fewer than 3 spaces? For example, in point 1 above, could I send the militiaman to attack an enemy character 2 spaces away? Similarly could I send him to block a character 2 spaces away even if a legal 3-space move exists? 3. Does a militiaman count as a character? (What about the "incarnates"?). In some places in the rules it seems so, in others not (the term "another character" is used in a leading way in the militia section of the rules to suggest they are characters, but earlier the characters are described as being in one of the four ganags - which would rule them out). You might ask why this should matter: the key place issue is whether you can use arcana cards to affect tgem, e.g. to hinder their movement with a "niggling injury". Many thanks!
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