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  1. So is going from OG Roll and Keep to this trash.
  2. I know for a fact that from Gold onward each clan started with two strongholds in the box. For example, Unicorn had the Northern Provinces of the Moto and the Utaku Palaces in the Gold edition starter.
  3. Crossbows, along with Ring Swords and few other miscellaneous weapons used to a Yobanjin thing. Though the Crab are mentioned to have Ballista style siege engines called Oyumi a few times.
  4. Well my standard dice are perfectly usable for a myriad of games, a d10 is a d10 it doesn't care if it used for Great Sword damage in D&D, a dice pool in WoD, or as half of a percentage set in Derp Hurresy. FFG's fetish for snowflake dice means I would have a bunch of specialist dice for single games. So far they are making three different sets of snowflake dice (Star Wars, Genesys, and L5R) and it feeds into the DRM/Cash Grab sentiment that many get from it.
  5. I am sure we can all agree that good dental hygiene is important and that the samurai of Rokugan should stand as shining examples for our impressionable youth. With that in mind I propose the following MRP to the highly offensive "Banzai!" card.
  6. haha, I forgot about the Banzai show. It was terrible guilty pleasure. I still laugh at the "Vertically Challenged Vertical Challenge" where they had two little people have a race to climb a basketball player and plant a flag on top of his head.
  7. I've made total of 40 posts with this post. I currently own about a dozen FFG games. There is no correlation between post count and game purchases. You attacked his opinion solely based on his post count.
  8. Crap like this is why I normally eschew forums. Attack the ideas not the poster. The Cult of the Post Count and the Quest for Upboats is cancerous to real discussion.
  9. Maybe we should edit all the spears and stuff to toothbrushes and call it "Brush Your Teeth!"
  10. I think the protest should be yelling "BANZAI!" at the top your lungs every time the card is played.
  11. I'd be all over it if I could play a deck base around braid tugging and dress straightening.
  12. May I be brave enough to suggest that, given prior FFG games, the decking of your opponent (opponent running out of cards in their deck/decks) would be another manner of 'victory?' There was a way to do exactly that. There was event Doom of the Dark Lord that destroyed provinces if you had to draw a fate card, but could not due to deck depletion. And Abandoning the Fortunes killed stuff if you could not refill provinces due to a depleted dynasty deck. I had a buddy who ran a Ninja deck in Jade whose win con was those two cards. Doom of the Dark Lord http://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=2191,#hashid=f8c1e69cc97ad9431e611192f6479277,#cardcount=4 Abandoning the Fortunes http://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=105,#hashid=88801275059e5be43fbf1a381fb741f0,#cardcount=2
  13. That is pretty much exactly it. That is one of the reason why many gods stay in Tengoku, by entering Ningen-do they are very much putting themselves (and their divinity) at risk. It is why the Kami were trapped in Ningen-do until they died, they caught Ningen-do's taint, aka Mortality. To continue this line of thought, it is also why the Undead exist. They are so heavily tainted by Jigoku that it overrides Ningen-do's taint and they "live" despite being dead.
  14. Shouldn't be then there also a Tengoku taint that makes people less tolerant and less flexible towards ideas that fall outside the box? the Shadowlands taint is not about being evil, why is it then important to be nevertheless seen as threat and thus being contagious? I would say your argument leads exactly to the opposite conclusion, that taint should be not contagious and it should be no threat, since it is not about evil, but about chaos. There isn't a "Tengoku taint" on Ningen-do because Tengoku is a significantly less Jealous realm. If one were to travel to Tengoku, yes, you would be effected by Tengoku's control, which fills a person with the lawful nature of the realm and moves them closer to the virtues of Bushido. Very little has been said about it because Tengoku doesn't try to expand into other realms like Jigoku. The reason the Shadowlands Taint exists is because it is Jigoku itself insinuating itself into another realm in an effort to transform that realm into more Jigoku. The reason it focuses so much on Ningen-do is because Ningen-do is spiritually close to many realms, in essence it gives Jigoku a gateway to more realms than any other.
  15. But I actually spelled "etiquette" right for once. Also the old art on Breach was so funny. You practically hear the guy knocking over the tea cups saying "D'oh!" I remember one time we for some reason ended up playing at Denny's really late one night and a guy knocked over his drink leading to a mad scramble to save cards for the wetness. After everything was cleaned up, I look over at the guy who knocked over glass and said, "Breach of Etiquette, Lose 5 Honor." http://imperialassembly.com/oracle/#cardid=1128,#hashid=13494e661c48fa2d0b54306cdba90568,#cardcount=0
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