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  1. This ridiculous! The people at Gencin got it first; I'm fine with that. But that it's still not released? Utter BS...
  2. The reason it's even an issue is that a player wants his slicer to have one built into a cybernetic arm, which I'd allow. Add in a brain implant and you've got one helluva slicer!
  3. Meaning, can my slicer us just the databreaker to slice, or do they also need "slicer gear" itself? If only because of the whole bit about gaining more Boost dice, I'm assuming a databreaker could be used alone.
  4. I'm not sure I agree that Agility would be used for a lightsaber. You use melee for a knife and that's not much heavier. Is that an official stance?
  5. Han was also referred to as a scoundrel. In the end it doesn't matter, it's just odd.
  6. Ah! The increased difficulties slipped my mind. Thanks, everyone!
  7. I would think the career would be "Scoundrel" and the Smuggler would be a Specialization. The Thief is a type of scoundrel as is the smuggler and the pilot could be considered "scoundrelish" (the whole arrogant flyboy thing). Not a big deal at all, but it seemed weird to me.
  8. OK, I get the having the right tools for the job and boost dice. The medpac gives a boost die. So, I was wondering why the emergency medpac wouldn't grant a boost die and the medpac would grant two. Why? Well, you can perform first aid and the like without anything other than ripped clothing, belts, etc. That wouldn't grant a boost die, which is fine. The emergency medpac would grant one boost die and the medpac would, as it's a solid, complete medical kit, would grant two. Any thoughts?
  9. Skulduggery mentions that you might have to use Skulduggery, Computers or both, but when? I can get how a mechanical lock would require Skulduggery and a mainly electronic one would use Computers, but when would it require both? Also, would you make two rolls or use the lower skill pool?
  10. It's supposed to apply to brass knuckles as well, so I'm hoping there's an errata soon. I have a punchy-kicky melee guy in my game.
  11. On page 111, top left for the Discipline skill it reads, "Discipline is often used to oppose another's actions-where there is no roll-so it may not always be possible to generate an extra success. In situations where an extra success can be earned, one may be spent to downgrade a *Challenge Die* to a *Difficulty Die* on the character's next turn." This confuses me. Could anyone give an example? Thanks!
  12. The "Weighted Head" attachment for bludgeoning weapons takes 2 HP but none of those weapons have HP in order to modify them. Am I missing something here? Kooky.
  13. The "Weighted Head" mod for bludgeoning weapons takes 2 HP but none of those weapons have HP in order to modify them. Kooky.
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