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  1. Kinda basic question, i know, but I cant fins this anywhere in the books... How big is the Ordos Calixis? I have heard every answer from a couple of dozen up to a couple of thousand Inquisitors. All the arguments are logical, but i was just wondering if something concrete had been given? How many Inquisitor Lords, how many Inquisitors, how many non-Inquisitor Throne agents? What about the background staff that run the Tricorn Palace and the other holdings dotted about the sector? What do people think? What have other GM's said already? S.K.
  2. Thanks for the insight, guys. The GM has fixed the rival at -200, same as the other rivals on the advance lists. As for influence talents, being an ex-guardsman i think im gonna get the ones related to this background first, then maybe branch out - but to buy an acolyte network or not? hmmm... I do have to ask about one point however; Brother Praetus said: 1) Peer (Inquisition) is more generalized then Peer (Ordo XYZ). The specific Ordos are only rarely described as being their own Peer talents, generally separate from Peer (Inquisition). Unless the advance is for a specific Ordo... Although the talent is bought as Peer (Inquisition), the description of it on the table states the talent is "specific to a single Ordo or faction". So therefore Peer (Inquisition (all of it)) doesnt really exist in the way you postulate.. This appears to be in exactly the same way as many other peer talents work (Mechanicus, Titanicus, Sororitas, Astartes) where you pick a single element of a greater entity. This is how i thought it worked, or am i missing something? and if i am right, can i buy it again to gain influence with a different Ordo or faction? S.K.
  3. Hello Everyone, A few questions about Influence Talents I have the option to take for my Inquisitor (who was a Schola Progenium Guardsman/Warp Dabbler before he took up the seal). 1) I have the Peer (Inquisition) talent, which I chose to be relevant to the Ordo Malleus (from the table on pg111). Can I take it again from the Advancestable? If so how many times more can I take it? 2) Rival (Recidivist Organisation) COSTS me 700? Is this an error? Our Gm thinks it should give 200xp back, same as most of the other rival/enemy talents. 3) What exactly counts as a Recidivist Organisation? My most pertinent choice, the Beast House (we worked thru tattered fates), isn’t affiliated with the Imperium per se, although it is a shadowy organisation, and somewhat blurs the line into being treated as a Cult. Is this a valid choice? Which talent does it belong to? 4) Other than the Scum/Desperado (who doesn’t play that often and is only really interseted in the trade and underworld selections), none of the others in the group are really interested in/able to take Influence skills. Which Influence talents have other players found useful or pointless, and why? Anybody got any suggestions for me? Thanks in advance.. S.K.
  4. What weapon training skill do you need to use these? are they exotic weapons? S.K
  5. Thenger said: Well thats even if they make it, the Tech Preists on Mars may awaken the machine god... and I forgot what god that is exactly, but not terra friendly thats for sure. Isnt it the Necron star god known as "The Dragon"?... there are massive hints throughout the literature, just cant remember if its explicitly stated as canon, thats all.
  6. @ Revak : you need to the "-20 for keeping it" part, this thread (at least to start with) was about commissioning, not requisitioning. Also the quality of the weapon has no bearing on the roll, its just on simple rarity... @ Graver : Thanks for your comments, i did kinda think that population availability should come into it.. @ Luddite : You hit the nail on the head for me in your post. Even with all the extra accoutrements and cherubim and laud hailers of graver's example, the commissioned item is still only a BOLTGUN, admittedly a best quality one at that, but still something that by level 9 you would expect the characters to have aquired long ago if they had wanted to... And the difficulty level to order one in is ridiculous. Especially since you could ask the GM for 9000 thrones in expense money and go buy one... Looking at something more befitting an Inquisitor (incidentally this is what our Sororitas wanted) - a Combi Stormbolter/Meltagun with underbarrel grenade launcher, targeter, and all the trimmings... the Influence modifier was something like -70!!! So in summary, joining the much vaunted ranks of the inquisition, where wealth is no object and where mere mortals fear to even gaze upon you and your mighty weaponry and armour.. the best a starting inquisitor can get with an decent chance (70% or so) - a best quality lasgun... Am i missing something - especially since the book is filled with funky new equipment and stuff... S.K.
  7. Our GM asked each of our players to come up with something unique for thier first commissioned item, to mark out a fitting reward for being promoted to the ranks of Throne Agents. My guardsman has become the groups Inquisitor and being focussed on melee combat, with some forethought about needing to be able to dish out substantial damage, i have decided on a Power Claymore (hand and a half sword). Designed to be used one or two handed and incorporating a powerfield and a suspensor to offset much of the weight for ease of use. Eventually i plan on leaning how to inscribe hexagrammic wards to make it holy and giving it other abilites. One handed i was thinking it would have the same stats as a powersword but with the defensive qualiy instead of balanced (the suspensor). Two handed.... i have no clue. what do people think? Suggestions? S.K.
  8. Our group finally completed our Ascension last week, and all was great until the choosing of our commisionable items came up. Using the RAW, and with 40 Influence to start with, all thoughts of ordering combiweapons or advanced cybernetics went out the window (tests at about -20 or -30 leave very little chance of success and lots of chance to lose permanent Influence). Even ordering something as mundane as a best quality Boltgun was -10! So my question... should the rules for population availability apply to commisioning rolls? So in the Tricorn on Scintilla such things would be considerably easier to get hold of? S.K.
  9. Are there any of these weapons out there? Has anyone actaully taken this talent and made use of it? Anybody got any stats for weapons of this type? S.K.
  10. in our games the Gm has the Schola Progenium monks and drill abbots actively leading searches for young orphans who may be "lost" amidst society and in some cases forcibly taking them from unfit parents. Slightly creepy and orwellian but well in keeping with the Imperium i think. Of course one of our groups first investigations was kidnapping of children for use as chaos sacrifices which operated under a progenium cover.. it was ace because my guardsman is Schola raised and it immediately threw the groups suspicion at me... much good roleplaying abounded... S.K.
  11. guest469 said: In the title, I specifically mentioned "Power" because I vaguely recall from the DH codex there being multiple flavours of Nemesis Force Weapons. From the Daemonhunters codex, the only variations in the Nemesis weapons abilities came soley from the rank of the grey knight weilding it. All Grey knights had bonus strength, sergeants and terminators had bonus strength and power weapon and it was only the grand masters that got the force weapon effect for the chance to instant kill the opponent. Also these weapons were grey knights only - not even malleus inquisitor lords could take them... which kinda supports the arguments that they are not weapons for PC's in DH. Of course i think that although there probably wont be Grey Knights in Deathwatch (its the chamber militant of the Ordo Xenos), there will eventually be a supplement with them (we already have the Hereticus' Adeptus Sororitas so its only natural they would want to complete the trio buy adding the Malleus' grey knights). S.K
  12. Brother Praetus said: Solomon Kane said: The other weird thing about XP spends i have found out is that, having ascended my Guardsman to an Inquisitor, the costs for the 5th and 6th stat advances for some stats are now cheaper than my 3rd and 4th advances - mad! - im gonna ask the GM to allow the xp costs to be re-worked back into cost order instead. S.K. Wait... Are you complaining because the career you ascended to has characteristic advances that are not "logical" progressions for Guardsman? You're an Inquisitor now, Kane, some things are expected to come more naturally to you now then when you were just a Guardsman. Why change it? -=Brother Praetus=- I should have said that, especially in the case of willpower and fellowship, i havent actually bought any of the advances as yet.
  13. MILLANDSON said: And for that item, it just make the attack made by that weapon a Free Action, rather than it being an additional free attack (according to the devs). So does this mean that if you use a MIU interface to attack with (even though its a free action) you cant make any other attack type actions in a round? S.K.
  14. Chester said: Page 28 "Step One: Choosing your Path": It is important to remember that whilst choosing an ascended career path opens new doors for your character and gives him access to powerful new skills, talents, and traits, it does not prohibit him from taking advances from his old career path, reflecting the years of training and practice he already possesses in his chosen vocation. It would have been nice if they had added in a caveat that players could go back and buy skills/talents from the career path choices that they DIDNT take - especially as the section on making an ascended character from scratch effectively allows this to happen. I guess they left it out so people would have to buy the paragon talents in bulk rather than go back and cherry pick for the one or two individual talents they didnt get hold of. The other weird thing about XP spends i have found out is that, having ascended my Guardsman to an Inquisitor, the costs for the 5th and 6th stat advances for some stats are now cheaper than my 3rd and 4th advances - mad! - im gonna ask the GM to allow the xp costs to be re-worked back into cost order instead. S.K.
  15. Gregorius21778 said: @Inquisitor If you are not against it, TAKE IT! First and foremost, the Inquisition NEEDS more "hands down" guys like your guardsman to fill the ranks. Had you have a look on the scene recently? They are so overrun with psykers and clerics that they even starte to use literal SCUM just to get people with a less-esoteric/more-practical point of view! Second (and more serious) if the Sister-Player toyed with Interrogator and already played the part recently, leave it to her/him. Third, taking the =I= is caring for yourself. Since you will have an Vindicare with you AND a primaris psyker, their should not be to much need for ANOTHER combat-worthy type. So, shoulder the burden of duty the god-emporer manifested in your destiny and HEED THE CALL! You know what, I think i will... now theres persuasion for you! But now i have a decision to make - do i find some way into getting Psychic powers (i still want to stay away from nascent Psyker if i can) and spend my xp building this up, or do i bite the bullet and spend the horrendous XP to get my FEL up (argh - the guardsman needs to learn to talk politely!) and then start buying all the influence talents? Whats the best ascenscion package to take? S.K.
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