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  1. Im from Northern/Central California and we will be holding some tournaments up here. We also are thinking of trying to get a major tournament held at Downtown Disney or within the Disney park itself. So if anyone could tell me roughly how many players are in the So. Cal area it would be of a great help. Thanks.
  2. I live in California and both of our two Targets in Marina and Sand-City, as well as our Borders have starters and boosters of Kingdom Hearts.
  3. This is not a new tournament style, but since promotion seems to be a problem in some areas, maybe sending some cards to be signed by their artists or real life voices, would make good promos to give away at tournaments.
  4. I know as I have been reading these boards the question of what FFG has the license to print for the KH CCG. I have read different things on different posts, from FFG can only reprint (or from what wikipedia says "translate") what was in the Japanese KH sets, and others saying that it is possible for FFG to create new cards from the upcoming DS and PSP titles. If FFG can only reprint the Japanese sets I think there were only a couple more (I tried going back to the Japanese Tomy site but couldn't find their page anymore), which means the game would come to an end possibly next year if they printed all of the sets. (I could be wrong on the number I think maybe 3 more, correct me please if I am wrong). I love the card game and want to host two major tournaments one in Nor Cal and one either at Downtown Disney or within Disneyland in So Cal. But many of my local players are afraid they are investing in a card game that will be dead within a year and that won't print any of the new characters, enemies, keyblades, spells, or worlds that will be in the two new titles. I just want to make sure I am positioning the game correctly to them. Unlike many areas I have read on the boards all of our local Targets and Borders have been carrying Kingdom Hearts CCG non-stop so we have had a steady flow of product. If anyone has answers or ideas I would be very appreciative. Anyway hope to hear from some of you soon. The Man With No Name
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