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  1. Vorkuta

    One too Many

    Indeed, while a Band of Brothers theme may work, I think the Deathwatch actually better encapsulates it. To me, the Imperial Guard is all about human assault waves, meat grinder campaigns, and teeming millions. Death World Veterans and Stormtroopers (already in Ascension) are the major exceptions, and of course Gaunt's Ghosts will be a major influence. I would rather role play guardsmen on a 4' x 6' miniature battlefield. FFG should have released this as a hefty add-on to DH, much like Ascension was a sort of stand-alone-able add-on. They then could have concentrated their creativity and marketing on the existing five 40K RPGs (let alone the other non-40K RPGs).
  2. I love the medieval/conquistador aspects of the Rogue Trader and Battle Fleet Gothic, so I would design a ship based on the layouts of European cathedrals and galleons and ships-of-the-line from 1450-1850. Based on the look of the generic Imperial cruisers, I'd have a bridge the size and shape of an actual cathedral, but also like the bridge of the Star Wars' Star Destroyers. The main ship would be all engine in the stern (Ambulatory in a cathedral), and all guns in the fore, port and starboard. I envision each macro cannon being housed in the side of the ship (Aisle) like the cannon of ships of the line, while lances are in massive turrets like Dreadnought battleships, with most of the gun system below the exposed part of the turret as well. Crew would sleep where they could, the gun crews likely in their compartementalized area around their cannon in hammocks and mess tables, or if better living conditions are made available ("voidsmen accommodations"?), then in bunks in large mess decks below, above and between the gun compartments. Crew and maintenance facilities and workshops are spread around hither and yon. All this would fit nicely in the basic layout of a cathedral, just compartementalize the large main areas like the Nave and Choir, with guns filling the Aisles. I just picture lots of large open areas filled to the brim with machine and humanity, while lots of small compartments and passageways. Perhaps the Naive/Choir is where the main cargo is stored, if it's been converted to be a Rogue Trader vessel rather than a ship of war.
  3. Vorkuta

    OP Adepts

    This brokeness in the game is exactly why our game master disallowed our local Power Gamer from playing either the Adept, Assassin, Psyker, Tech-priest, Arbitrator, Cleric, Guardsman, or Scum. In fact, our GM told him that he can't play DH with us at all. He does his own thing on Sundays now, which is alright with me 'cause he would never chip in for pizza but then mooch us each for a slice.
  4. A little too late to chime in perhaps, but I'll give my two cents. (Like I recently posted on another thread) I would use the example of the 16th century explorers/privateers as an example of a crew. A Rogue Trader would attract those that want to make a name for themselves, see parts of the Galaxy no one has seen before, those that think they'll get rich exploring and trading... People would likely indenture themselves to get onboard, leave chartist vessles if they're young and bored, quite/leave the Navy (which could be risky). I think a RT seeking a crew would get a lot of applicants, and he could take his pick of the litter. On the other hand, a Naval Captain or Hive Govenor won't want to see his most skilled and talented people leave their domain, so that would counterbalance the high number of people wanting to leave their menial jobs. It could actually be quite a mini-adventure to get the local sources of labour to loosen their grip. As well, I like TK-4117's idea that you'd have to negotiate for the higher "officer" professionals like Navigators, Astropaths, Tech Priests. As for crew proportions, I would play with 1% officer types, 9% warrant/petty officer types (senior skilled spacefarers and voidsmen), and 90% Able-Voidsmen, Landsmen, servitors, etc... To me, servitors are fit only for extremely menial and repetive tasks that must be constantly conducted. They're good for only one task, while a crewman is more versatile (can lift cargo AND shoot a macro-cannon AND put out a fire). As servitors are essentially cyborg-zombies, they'd be in need of maintainence and would slowly rot away, then replaced. A specialist Tech Priest would likely be required to create them, or a PC Tech Priest (since PC's tend to be multi-talented; that's why they're the heroes after all!). I'd think that servitors are not too common, they're just not versatile enough. They'd make up maybe 5-20% of the crew, depending on the relationship the RT has with the Mechanicum.
  5. Based on my experience and study of history, I'd liken the difference to be similar to that between the Royal Navy and the East India Company (18th century), or the NAvy and the great shipping lines of the late 19th century (Cunnard, White Star). The crew of the Navy are mostly volunteers, although a significant number are impressed. Discipline is high, officers are professional, things are by the book, pay is low (but likely better than the PDF, and you can see the galaxy and learn a trade!), crew are bored. On a Rogue Trader the crew are better paid, almost entirely volunteer, and better experienced since they mostly hail from the navy or chartist vessels(they're the ones that quite the navy not to settle down, but to keep adventuring with better pay). The chance of booty and fame is there, even for the lowliest rating. Similar ot the explorers/privateers of the late 16th/early 17th cent. Highly motivated and professional, but lacking in discipline, like swashbucklers. Crews on Chartist vessels would be smaller than naval crews and pirate crews, to keep costs low. The Navy needs large crews to man guns and board ships, same with pirates. RT crews would be somewhere in between, probably closer to pirates/navy.
  6. I also noticed that Last Man Standing is available for Missionaries, but there is no mention of the prerequisite Nerves of Steel.
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