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  1. So, I noticed while playing a 4 player game, that Highgarden DOES NOT have a neutral forces token. Why is that? Is it to balance the map (especially between Lannister and Baratheon)? Or am I missing something? Pyke has on both sides of its neutral token a "3" for a 3-player game. Highgarden also has only a "3" for a 3-player game. Am I understanding this correctly?
  2. The game we played earlier (first actaul game and it took 4 players to play 7 hours). I attacked the Ghosts of Creuss player. He had the Dimensional Splicer Racial Tech. He hits me with that racial tech, damages my flagship, then immediately plays Direct Hit to destroy my flagship. That is the correct way to play that, right? He COULD use the Dimensional Splicer to damage my flagship, then play the Direct Hit AC to destroy it? Also, what about his flagship? There was no wormhole in the system, other than his flagship. Does that count as a Wormhole for the purpose of the Dimensional Splicer tech? Thanks Chris
  3. I am in Coldwater, MI about 50 minutes north of Ft. Wayne, IN and 45 minutes south of Battle Creek, MI
  4. Thought about posting this in the GM section, but, I think it actually fits here better due to it being a rule question. Anyways, here is my question: Using the scenario in the Tome of Adventure, the first encounter (vs. the Beastmen outside the gates), there are 2 "groups" of Beastmen. The Beastmen that attack the PCs, and then the Beastmen walking towards the fight. Now, my question is this....would the A/C/E budgets be for the group of Beastmen firghting the PCs (the Ungor and the Gor combined) and another group for the Beastmen making their way to the fight (again, a group of Ungor & a Gor)? Or....would the first Ungors have their own A/C/E and then the first Gor have his own A/C/E, and then the 2nd group of Ungors have their, and the 2nd Gor have his own? Hopefully, this makes sense as to what I am asking.... Thanks, Chris
  5. I am all messed up then....I was thinking that the weapon's CR was the number of critical wounds for some reason. Don't ask me how I thought that...I have no idea how I made that leap of mis-knowledge. Thanks for the answer...cleared up my thinking. Chris
  6. In the faq, if I am reading correctly, 2 boons can trigger a weapon's critical damage. I understand that a sigmar's comet can also, but I cannot find in the rule book itself about the boons. Also, what about a monster triggering critical damage? Is it still possible for a monster to use a sigmar's comet to cause critical damage? And if so, what would be the critical weapon rating? Thanks Chris
  7. I have all the cards and stuff like that in a big binder. I have been thinking of getting another binder and dividing the stuff between the two, but not sure. There is just too much for one binder, really. I got all the action cards alphabetized. But I am thinking about re-doing it, breaking it all down by how it was mentioned above: Melee/Ranged, social/misc., blessings/spells Chris
  8. my copy should be arriving Monday. I ordered through coolstuffinc. I got the 3 day (through UPS), so, should have had it tomorrow, but since UPS doesn't deliver on Saturdays, it will take 5 days. Oh how I hate UPS.
  9. i see it now!! Honestly, I didn't doubt you. I figured it was just me being blind....but thanks for finding it. Chris
  10. thanks!! I was figuring it was that way. I looked through the faq, but couldn't seem to find any info. But, I am known to be blind at different times... Chris
  11. Do characters start out with their "typical trappings"? In other words, does a waywatcher start out with a longbow, or does he need to buy one? I couldn't really find anything in the forum search.... Thanks, Chris
  12. that is the one major thing I seem to want. An expanded bestiary would be great. Hopefully, once (not really a matter of "if" I would think) announce it, it won't take very long for it to show up. Chris
  13. The Warhorse reads: Add your Craft valur to your Strength during battle. Now, what exactly is the "Craft Value"? Is it simply the number on the character card? or is it the number on the character card + whatever blue tokens that player has gotten? or, is it those two things + everything that adds to the Craft Value? Thanks Chris
  14. ok...my question: Can the Overlord spawn monsters in previously explored areas? Ex: The Heroes have gone through Area 1, cleared out the monsters, and moved on to Area 2. Can the Overlord now spawn monsters in Area 1 (since the heroes are deep in Area 2, no line of sight into the previous area)? Thanks Chris
  15. something I think that could be added somehow, and would fit, would be each Power having a "Champion", with each champion having a special ability....would cost alot, but once killed, would be gone for the rest of the game.... Chris
  16. this kind of stuff is so interesting to me....not sure why, but I enjoy reading about this type of stuff. Chris
  17. I have two questions concerning the setting/background of the 40k universe. Just to let you all know, I really have no experience from 40k, other than the two Dawn of War pc games. I just recently started buying the Dark Heresy books, though (but I have read ZERO 40k novels). 1. Is there any info out about the Emperor? How he ascended, how he is still "alive"? What exactly is the Golden Throne? 2. Is there any connection between 40k and Warhammer Fantasy's The Old World? I read somewhere that it may have been assumed that the Old World was, or could be, a lost planet from the Imperium. How true is that? I am assuming not at all, but I would like to read up on that kind of stuff, if possible. Thanks Chris
  18. Just bought Talisman and the Reaper expansion today. Played a trial run, and I had 2 questions to kick things off: 1. When trying to open the Portal of Power, you use either your strength or craft skill. Is that the basic skill? Or do you add the modifiers from weapons and stuff? 2. Also, the different cards that you add 4 craft/strength to the card on the board, and if someone visits, they get one of the tokens (strength or craft). The player that drew the card, does he get one automatically when the card and tokens are first played? (Fountain of Wisdom and Pool of Fortune are the two that I know of) So far, that is it... Thanks Chris
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