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  1. I think what Johan may be alluding to is: he doesn't want a universe where there is no magic, and any PC from a magic-rich world who travels there is suddenly and completely unable to use their powers... So what I take from Johan's response is that there may not be magic in a world, but the magic user PC who travels there is still able to use their abilities...
  2. I really like this, Johan, and it seems distinct from what Monte Cook is doing with The Strange. The Strange definitely has some similarities, and definitely some great ideas (especially in terms of methods of travel, and "translating" to a destination universe). So to that point, Monte Cook in The Strange has the concept that universes are like a living thing. They are born, and they can sometimes grow larger and more complex as they go on. I think this is an interesting idea-- and then you can have some fun meta ideas that the whole OmniSphere is like a living organism, the characters are like White Blood Cells trying to protect it. There can be other things to explore in this vein besides, such as universes collapsing together (more on that in a second). I'm sure you're familiar with Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles-- Zelazny had the concept of varying degrees of reality. So different shadows of Earth might be more real than others. I love the notion of limitless of parallel universes (a la Sliders), but I think I'm slightly less interested in investigating that in a roleplaying setting, and it's kind of a genre of its own (like a sort of "Fringe" the RPG). Which lead me to my own world creation ideas which more or less prevent two worlds from being too similar. I myself have been influenced a great deal by Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials series. We should share notes on multiverse creation sometime, if you're interested. So speaking of other settings that have a similar bent, have you heard of Wayfarer: Things Beyond Wonder? They're an Indie rpg developer and they have a print on demand version. Seems a bit crunchy in terms of rules, but I like much of the artwork. I haven't picked it up yet, but I'm keen to try all of these things in one way or another.
  3. I love this, too! I had just been wondering if Genesys might be easily used for a multiverse setting such as this. Some questions... do you plan to have mechanics to represent how things, beings and abilities transported from one universe to another interact? Such as magic and technology? Can different spheres have different “tones” (such as gritty vs cinematic “Last Action Hero” kind of things)? Does time flow at the same rate in every Sphere?
  4. Wow! I'd love to play in your campaign sounds like you have quite a good mix of characters and inspirations. I love that the world of Rogue Trader can accommodate all of these different angles. Harlock, are all or most of your players well-versed in the 40K-verse? Most of my group isn't but they're finding it relatively easy (and I hope interesting) to jump into. Dune is a big influence on the original fluff, isn't it? But it seems too obvious to crib from it, although I do like how Metabarons puts some weird twists on the genre.
  5. Nom nom nom! I've updated the edible sheet, the full print quality version is here and the Web Quality smaller version is here or on DarkReign40K. Jon
  6. Sorry about that I just noticed that as well. I think it's because the auto generated part of the form saw the word "Total" and ghosted an extra "total" number in there. I'll try and remove it and do a v3.
  7. Interesting topic! I hadn't remembered that quote from the designer diary, but it sounds like everyone is spot on. I see it as a mix of Age of Sail privateers (Mutiny on the Emperor's Bounty anyone?) mixed with the best romanticism about the Old West. I loved Firefly and Serenity, by the way (what geek worth his salt didn't?!), but I felt that some of the Western elements were a little too overt... although I suppose it would have been too similar to Star Wars if they had been more subtle. Whedon had some great ideas and as usual the characters were genuinely interesting. My players must have picked up on it, too. Our Arch-Militant was closely modelled after Tuco from the The Good, the Bad and The Ugly and his recent one-shot side story was heavily inspired by Treasure of the Sierra Madre. There is a whole heap of inspiration to draw from, really, from Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves to Beowulf (or perhaps Eaters of the Dead), which is why Rogue Trader has become my 40K RPG of choice above Deathwatch and Dark Heresy (although both great backdrops as well). After reading Andy Hoare's Rogue Star, it occurs to me that the self-contained City-Ships are a little like massive submarines the metaphor isn't as striking, but there's even a bit of Das Boot in there potentially as well. Although my group hasn't yet found the extra motif, there's also the potential for telling Call of Cthulhu style plots (a la Fading Suns) and, last but not least, Aliens is thrown in for good measure. What has been your best inspiration so far?
  8. You're most welcome! Sorry, due to an oversight with Acrobat I didn't realise the form was not savable. I have corrected this. The link again: javascript:void(0);/*1288790010313*/
  9. A friend of mine found the "fillable" character sheet for Rogue Trader over on DarkReign40K, and I decided to try and improve upon it. My version (web quality) is here: darkreign40k.com/drjoomla/index.php/component/docman/cat_view/38-character-sheets You may also find it here: dl.dropbox.com/u/3728831/Rogue%20Trader%20Character%20Sheet%20Official%20Editable%20Web%20Quality.pdf I also have a higher quality print version here: dl.dropbox.com/u/3728831/Rogue%20Trader%20Character%20Sheet%20Official%20Editable.pdf Thanks FFG for the great source material and I'm looking forward to Edge of the Abyss! JonSolo geekwordofmouth.blogspot.com
  10. Well, all this anxiety over release dates just goes to show how passionate people can be about FFG's game lines. In fact, I am continually impressed with the quality that FFG is able to put out. And I'm glad, despite having diversified quite a bit, they still support all of their 40K lines. They seem to be finding just the right balance between catering to the community and staying true to the license. Also in terms of web presence, I think they're one of the best and obviously have high production values in mind on the digital side as well as the print side. Basically I'm one of their biggest fans right now. Looking forward to the Autumn lineup!
  11. I agree with you, I like that ye olde timey version of the maps (there's one of the Calixis sector in the DH book, too). But unfortunately, the inside cover isn't in the official PDF that you might buy from Drive Thru or RPGNow. I bought it from Drive Thru and it's not in there.
  12. You're most welcome, guys. Thanks for the kudos.
  13. Yes? Does anyone know when it will actually be out? Is it shipping now? Amazon says October 12th or something silly.
  14. Hi everyone, I also posted this over on DarkReign40K.com, but I have made up some Endeavour Cards. Find them here. Any suggestions for changes or requests for other handouts/game aids, let me know. Jon
  15. I agree with Kennon, I would love to see a Guardians LCG, or something like it. Lots of other great suggestions here, too. But something akin to Guardians' wonderful art style and sense of humour would be awesome.
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