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  1. The french version says "When…". But it's a response so it's obvious he doesn't take any damage when using it. It's not an action.
  2. I think he's quite amazing as Spirit can easily reduce the total threat. And he's quite cheap too. Far better than Eleanor for the same price in my opinion.
  3. - First you deal 1 shadow card to each enemy engaged with you. So the Beastmaster has his 1st one. - Then, when I decide that it's his turn to attack, I deal him another one. - Finally I resolve both during the step "Resolve shadow effect" That's how I play it and how it seems to make sense to me.
  4. Attacking is not comparing offense vs defense and dealing damage. This is the last step of the attacking phase. Attacking starts with Choose an enemy. From this moment the chosen enemy is considered as attacking. So I play everything that says "after X attacks" right after X's attack has been chosen to be resolved.
  5. I've already asked this, no consensus on this one. Need to wait for the FAQ, until then you just play it the way you prefer ^^
  6. Nothing official yet but there's one thread in these forums that gather most of the rules questions (check for the FAQ keyword ^^).
  7. Yes, it's amazing. A blast to watch and very intuitive to use. Thx ! Edit: I notice some mistakes though. Faramir & Guard of the Citadel are not displayed when sorting cards with the Gondor trait.
  8. You're not supposed to do this, but you play the way you like ^^
  9. That's absolutely correct. In the 3rd scenario, it's very bad to have an objective card shuffled back in the encounter deck.
  10. You can play actions after the shadow card is revealed / resolved and before the combat damage is determined. So in your example yes you can save your character. But if the Shadow card would have said "deal 1 damage to defending character", you wouldn't have been able to save him.
  11. Only a Response can make you react to something. An Action can be played only when an action window is open, and when no other Action (by another player or by the game) is resolving.
  12. I like him with Thalin too. You can kill right away any enemy with 2 HP or less.
  13. Well yes, in that case, you raise your threat by the amount of Hero you are playing. Not the worst card to start with in my opinion.
  14. I don't understand. Driven by Shadow does nothing in the set-up phase. It says that it raises the threat of the cards in the SA but there are no cards in the SA. And even if there were some, their threat isn't relevant until the Quest phase. You don't even apply the Surge keyword as it is only active during the Quest phase. Text : When Revealed: Each enemy and each location in the staging area gets +1 until the of the phase. If there are no cards in the staging area, Driven by Shadow gains surge.
  15. I like your thinking although you're elven, Elven Archer.
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