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  1. Ah ha! I knew if I asked silly questions long enough someone would link me to the FAQ. Seriously though thanks again Marius and yes I am that lazy.
  2. And I wanted to get a ruling on how we played it out. Blind Submission - Event: Action - choose a character with skill of 2 or lower. Until the end of the phase, take control of that character. She played this against my Sleepwalker on my active turn when I assigned the Sleepwalker to a story. We left the card committed to the story in her control and she chose not to ready the character after the Arcane struggle to leave the Sleepwalker exhausted at her turn. We were assuming that even though the character changed control to the non-active player, the character remained committed to the story since it was committed before the transfer of control. I hope I am being clear cause it definitely confused us. Any help whether we played that right or not would be great.
  3. chicklewis said: "like a Ninja Space Marine on Stim" - - good one - - very emotive. Chick Indeed an awesome image! Tell your daughter to spread the word on coolness of CCGs to her friends. Geeks need love too. Seriously though enjoy the time with the offspring. They grow so fast!
  4. Found that early one and thanks for the heads up! You think that countmarius may be among us?
  5. I found the Game of Thrones training/introduction video on youtube and that was more than ample to scare me away from that game . Are there any homemade or professional versions for the CoC LCG yet?
  6. link is here: http://www.chris-long.com/cthulhu/
  7. There is a symbol for each AP in the middle of the card at the right side with the card number if I am not mistaken and you could also check the deck building software listed elsewhere on the forums. The little deckbuilding program is great and all the card pictures are in there once you load up the image packs at his site. Sorry but I don't have the site link in front of me but will edit post with it asap.
  8. Great questions and I have the same ones except for living in Atlanta, Ga area. Oh and bump.
  9. Checking my undersanding of these cards and those that are similar like "Sleepwaker". Stealthy Byakhee x3. Cost 2. 1x Combat. 1x Arcane. 2 Skill. Servitor. Response: After Stealthy Byakhee commits to a story, choose an opponent’s character without an Arcane icon. That character cannot commit to the same story as Stealthy Byakhee. Does the portion I have noted only take place if a character of your opponent's is not already committed to a story? If so that would mean the response has to be used before the opponent commits characters to the stories and cannot be used to remove committed characters, correct?
  10. johnny shoes said: Otherwise, to determine if you want to play any card, the following equation must apply: CCC + white border = 1 over LCG + black border Basically, if Cthulhu travels at the speed of light, it's the same as if the necronomicon fell in the woods. Thanks for making me think today. Now my brain hurts.
  11. This looked like a good place to put two questions related to the Investigation Story Struggle so here they are. 1)If a player wins the Story card with the needed 5 success tokens via the Investigation Struggle, does the Story Effect always take place or is it still optional for the winner to activate it? The Eldritch rulebook makes it sound like the story effect has to take place in this instance . 2)When the Story is won and replaced in the Investigative phase, are skill points still compared for a success token on the new Story brought into play?
  12. So we saw and as always thanks Marius.
  13. The wife won a story that said we each draw ten cards into our hands and after holding 15 cards for a few hands, I was wondering if there is a maximum number of cards your are allowed in hand at one time and when your would discard extras if there is a limit. Hope my question is clear.
  14. Cribbed this from Marius and wanted to repost it for others. The italics sets are all black border so know what you are getting before you do as I have done and get black borders because you are too excited about new cards. No complaints, however, cause I do love the Guardian Dogs from Denizens of Dunwitch. Are they reprinting these older series cards or are we just wanting them to be allowed in Tournament play in the future. Seems a waste of some great material to not use these Black Borders in Tournament play of some kind. First there was Arkham Block (Large set: Arkham Edition, small sets: Unspeakable Tales and Forbidden Relics) Then came Eldritch Block (Large set: Eldritch Edition, small sets: Masks of Nyarlathothep and Forgotten Cities) These where followed by 4 AP's: Spawn of Madness, Kingsport Dreams, Conspiracies of Chaos, Dunwitch Denizens. After that, the game moved to the new white border LCG format: Mountains of Madness AP, Ancient Horrors AP. Then Core, then the new cycle of AP's.
  15. And if so is there a way to have the site in english?
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