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  1. The Con Artist should definitely be named Mitch Connor. Just sayin'.
  2. I've just been using the top of the Arkham Horror box as my "cup". I was mostly wondering because I was wanting to upgrade to an over-sized dice bag of some sort, but I haven't found any that are up to snuff yet. I'm debating just buying a bottle of Crown Royal and using that. I imagine that would fit all of the monsters. Any suggestions to keep me from buying liquor I won't ever drink(I'm a 7&7 drinker exclusively) would be greatly appreciated.
  3. With Byatis, the intention was that the stamina tokens from his attack would wake him up sooner, and once awake would essentially be generating an additional doom token a turn. Alright, that's the (hopefully) final edit I'll have to do.
  4. Alright, revised once more(and hopefully last time).
  5. Thanks for the happy birthday! I'll work on the changes tomorrow. My brain is reeling in horror from the amount of booze I consumed on my birthday, so today will be spent repeating the mantra of "I'm never drinking again" and wishing that it was true.
  6. Avi_dreader said: Veet said: Quick note on Captain Cutlers Ghost. The spell deck does not have tomes in it. Is anyone else a little disturbed about the particular shape of the yin-yangish thing on the Kool-Aid man when mixed with the proximity of where it is? Oh, so you figured out why the bug-egged girl is running from the poison filled wall smasher? I seriously almost fell out of my chair laughing once I scrolled up and looked at the Kool-Aid man.
  7. Phew. Here's all the reworking I've done on the previously posted Ancient Ones. Working on Cynothoglys right now. Kind of stuck. I'm slowly realizing the futility of trying to stay true to the fiction while designing these GOOs.
  8. Here's the rework of Kthanid
  9. Is there some sort of primer on the proper jargon to be used for Arkham Horror? I tend to just use the official ancient ones as a reference point and go from there. Then again, I was writing those around 3am central time so I suppose I'm not surprised there was some issues.
  10. So, scale it down a bit? 2 Doom Tokens?
  11. Oh sweet insomnia..you give me so much time to play around with Strange Eons. Here's Ubbo-Sathla.
  12. Presenting the just finished Byatis.
  13. Here's the rework of Zoth-Ommog and Bugg-Shash.
  14. I just had a thought on Baoht while I was outside smoking, what if I make him Physically Immune, and give him a -X modifier where X=the number of madness cards that investigator has. And add the kicker that if you're unable to draw an Injury card you lose 2 stamina instead?
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