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  1. The app should have Asmodee account linked and have some cloud space to store campaign saves on it, so it will be share among other devices. MoM 2nd edition did not have that, which was ok... (not really) but since this one has a Campaign mode this function is a must. Also the same thing applies to DLCs, they should be linked to account so you don't have to buy them multiple times along different devices/platforms.
  2. Page 16, last page, of Learn to play: And the new instruction you always have to do it.
  3. Well, MoM 2nd edition does that, unless it does the same as JiME... and we were doing it wrong, didn't see anything on the rules saying that enemy movement works other way.
  4. That'll be 5 of the FFG green ones, standard American I reckon, saw that on here yesterday.
  5. So, when you "stun" you exhaust an enemy, the issue is probably because the app does not make distinction in between "stunned exhausted" and just "exhausted". In any case, you did right not triggering the counter-attack.
  6. @King_Balrog Alright, I did not realize that you were actually aiming to get 6 successes for the full power, thought you were doing that with just 3 of them and that would have been too easy, my misunderstanding, I totally get it now, cheers!
  7. From my point of view you can have equipped 2 weapons/items but you have to assign successes individually to 1 ability on 1 card. I think the dual wielding option is more like to give you more options at the time to spend successes like having stun and pierce for instance in the same attack. At the moment I don't see anything on the rules pointing that you can spend successes simultaneously on 2 weapons.
  8. Hummm, just wondered, are you using both daggers to attack at the same time? Is that allowed? If not, how is like you are getting so much hits with just 3 Wit?
  9. I have a smart TV and for MoM usually cast my mobile onto it so everybody can see the stuff.
  10. I won't say is amazing but looks like you haven't seen any of the other FFG manuals, they are always the same, not the best but you get use to them, nothing new to be honest.
  11. Rules Reference is sorted alphabetically, you are suppose to read the Learn to Play before your first game and only use the other as a reference while playing.
  12. I'm afraid that everything seems to be stored locally, as MoM did. There are no accounts or any kind of login at the moment, what makes me wonder.... is this going to be the case, again, of purchased DLC not shared between platforms? Everything points to it..... just hope they implement something in the future for this issue :S
  13. The Learn to Play & Rules Reference have been added to the product web page, https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/the-lord-of-the-rings-journeys-in-middle-earth/ Individual links: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ca/91/ca911a5d-a5c5-45cf-800f-351f41200c19/journeys_in_middle-earth_learn_to_play.pdf https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/01/a0/01a0c9f7-4427-4113-9406-f53d6bde2ff5/journeys_in_middle-earth_rules_reference.pdf
  14. Basically you have to shuffle after every round so you can get successes, as if you would reshuffle just when all cards in your deck are discarded you will run out of successes eventually failing like pretty much every skill test/combat.
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