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  1. Core, Pg 171, "A Jump Pack requires the Pilot (Personal) skill to operate effectively. An Astartes Jump Pack allows for a safe, guided fall from any height, and any number of short jumps. Such jumps allow the Battle-Brother to double his Base Movement and travel in any direction without regard for obstacles. For all other purposes, he counts as having taken the appropriate Movement action." Table 1-3 shows your base movement (pg 27). If you had a Space Marine with a base Agility of 41, he would have 5 Half Move, 10 Full Move, 15 Charge and 30 Run (Note that the Space Marine’s Power Armour improves his normal Agility Bonus for calculating movement rate by 1). Whenever a player chooses one of those actions, they double their movement. If your player chose to charge an enemy and has an Astartes Jump Pack equipped, he is able to charge 30 metres.
  2. I currently am running a variant of Final Sanction myself and have a comment to add and also a question regarding Hordes in melee (: Firstly, my commentary: My initial battle ran the same way, when they first encountered the Rebel Hordes. My Librarian single-handedly sliced away at a Rebel Leader who was wielding a Chainsword. Even though the Leader landed hits on him twice, the damage was totally unable to pierce his armor (even remotely). They mopped up the rest of the Rebels without too much of a fuss, but the Assault Marine took a few hits after engaging in melee with a 50 magnitude horde (that +2d10 damage adds up fast!). Nothing too bloody though. But honestly, throw your Hordes into melee… they'll become a bit more dangerous and will actually be able to inflict a decent amount of damage. "Great!" I thought… now they are getting overly confident and will begin to underestimate their enemies! In their second excursion, they did just that and the Librarian paid dearly for it, as he now has 2 critical damage and the party is without an Apothecary! But I'll be helping them out in that aspect next session (: Anyway, my point in case is that Hordes can be quite scary (even wielding "Crude Weapons") when you mass them against even a Space Marine. Their melee damage points can add up very quickly. If you're not against rolling in secret, then maybe allow them to roll the needed 25 or under Weapon Skill at least a few times so that you can add some tension in the battle. Yes, it's fun to decimate waves of enemies, but it is boring if there is not some sort of risk involved. Anywho, on Page 33 of The Final Sanction, it states that the PDF Base is under siege and that the Rebels have brought in "Siege Guns." I don't know what that quite refers to, but I decided to make them Autocannons >=D! The mistake my Librarian made was that there were 3 groups of men armed with Autocannons and not being entirely familiar with the game, he decided to charge towards one. He couldn't make it in one round, but would in two. Two of them shot at him with full-auto. The first one missed, but the second one hit (only once though, no degrees of success). The stats for an Autocannon are listed in the supplement, "Rites of Battle." They are: Range 300m, Heavy, S/2/5, 4d10+5 I, Pen 4, Clip 200. It isn't too surprising to think of Autocannons being used either, since they see a lot of use in Imperial Guard regiments (or so I've read). Anywho, you can imagine a 4d10+5 with Penetration 4 hurt him pretty dang badly. I rolled kinda average-ish but still managed to hit him for 16 damage in a single shot. Now, keep in mind, in retrospect, I may have gone just a little overboard (whoops! hahah!). But I taught my players a valuable lesson (myself a different one!) and one they will NEVER forget: NEVER underestimate an enemy, especially one with a heavy weapons emplacement meant for "sieging"! Any opponent can be dangerous, given the right rolls or opportunity! That being said, the next turn he completely obliterated the autocannon after pushing a force power and nearly one-shotted a nearby horde. Just keep in mind that your campaign should be about "attrition" (at least, that is how I am running mine). They may be able to get away from a few battles here and there with just a minor scratch or two, but those scratches will start to add up (especially with how fast-paced the campaign is--they can't afford to rest). Anywho, if all else fails, just wait until you're able to sneak in a Genestealer or two and just make sure (at least, as well as you can) that they get the jump on the Space Marines (+30 against unaware targets makes a massive difference!). You'd be amazed what a difference getting caught with your pants down can do to a party in a PnP game! Okay, now my questions about Hordes: Flamers/Grenades used vs Hordes in Melee - Would the "AoE" nature of the attack inflict damage upon the nearby Space Marine as well? Thematically and mechanically, how do you have a "swarm" of enemies all attacking a single target relentlessly? I'm currently using a few figurines placed on a black-painted cardboard circle (CD sized+shaped) to represent my hordes. But this question came up in our last session. I currently ruled that the AoE doesn't hit the Space Marine just for time-consumption sake. I'm actually trying to figure out how to make this work though in regards to friendly fire (which is always a possibility in my games). Should the (we use minis) Space Marine model be actually caught in the "center" of the circle, if he gets thrown into melee with the enemy horde? Being that flamers shoot in a cone shape, we're also wondering if we have two hordes engaged in melee with a nearby Space Marine, if it is possible to hit BOTH hordes in a single flamer shot? I would rule no, because I just can't realistically imagine a flamethrower having that kind of reach--the kind it would take to flame 20-40 chumps in a single spray (okay… maybe a heavy flamer?). Thanks, and good luck with your campaign!
  3. Uuuugh… the quote things are messed up… oh well -_-0. This be her! http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?prodId=prod1300026a - She is just a Sister Superior with a Chainsword and Plasma Pistol. I was actually tempted to get a Seraphim and have that be the character I was creating, but I just loved the way the Sister Superior looked with that bad-arse (and iconic!) Sabbat-pattern helmet! I'm still not sure what Order she should belong to… I was thinking about Order of the Ardent Shroud (there is a Blood Angel in the group and I was thinking of having her be a Veteran of the Third War Armageddon and have her take the Rival talent for 'Blood Angels' since she witnessed the atrocities they committed first hand; this way I could force him to RP!--he's usually the silent-killing type xD). My other thought was Sacred Rose (love the color scheme and Selena Agna!!!) or Order of Our Martyred Lady (my personal favorite Order and also has my favorite Saint--but honestly, I'm a little sick of painting black figurines, since we just colored our Deathwatch squad!). Lynata said: Ironically, as the Saint begins its crusade of holy terror, the struggle becomes more orderly and the once-fanatical masses begin to deprive the entity of the emotion it requires to sustain itself, until at some point in time it has to return to the Immaterium, either to be absorbed by other daemons (as we are told in Codex fluff happens constantly) or to reappear at a later time if the requirements for its appearance are met again. Ah! I've never read that, but it makes sense then since Saint Celestine appeared during a pivotal moment in The Promethean War to aid the Order of the Ebon Chalice, but disappeared almost as quickly as she came. That's good to know! Lynata said: On the other hand, given that the servo-skull was used by an Inquisitor, perhaps it could possess the necessary knowledge after all - or at the very least is somewhat more likely to do so than a Sister Hospitaller, who would be forced to improvise. I would probably still assign a penalty to the skull simply to represent the lack of proper tools and drugs to care for Astartes, but it's better than not having any healer at all! My thoughts exactly! I was definitely going to impart a penalty to the servo-skull and also (probably) not allow him to heal critical injuries. Would it just be Servo-Skull stats as listed, with a +20 Medicae modifier? Lynata said: Don't feel compelled to have the Sister Superior there at any cost, though. The character needs a purpose or at least a justification for her presence, lest it may seem strange. Given that she was in the Inquisitor's retinue, however, I suppose it makes sense for her to try to track him down - and in doing so team up with the Marines. No, no! I've DM'd/GM'd for awhile, I know not to pull such silliness! And her tracking down the Inquisitor is exactly why she would be with the group (momentarily). I'll have her leave them after the mission is accomplished and they shall meet her again during the Rising Tempest campaign, where she may be a valuable spokesperson for the squad or a terrible hindrance to them (depending on how they RP with her!). Lynata said: …or a normal Sister Superior with a boltgun and chainsword (not actively seeking out close combat, but not shying back from it either, and switching to the blade once enemies attempt to charge your ranged fighters). Still being an adept in All-Things-Sister-Related, what exactly is the role of a Sister Superior (besides a Sergeant equivalent)? I'm going to have her offer whatever insights she may have during tactical discussions (where appropriate), but naturally she can't control the Deathwatch party, nor do I want her to overshadow the current Ultramarine squad leader. I think we were discussing that she would be spec'd up as a Tactical Marine, so they might have a lot of overlapping skills (and she also won't start with the awesome Bolter w/ Fire Selector x_x). I'm just not entirely sure what her role should be within the group (ranged support, melee or just a mix, whenever either seems appropriate) since she isn't specialized like a Seraphim or Retributor. Additionally, the Ultramarine loves to carry around his flamer and light things up and I'm not sure the group needs another one, even though that is a common hallmark of the Sisters of Battle ! Though your last comment about the Combi-weapon is probably the way I'll go, now that you mention it! Thanks again for the help! I'm going to introduce her in the groups third session, so I'll let you know how things go!
  4. Thanks Wonder Lemming, that thorough description really enlightened me! Not sure why I didn't think of using a plasma grenade instead of a Frag/Krak (probably because it requires renown and it didn't occur to me to give renown-required weapons to my minions; but now I shall!). Thematic wise, it makes a lot more sense when you lay everything out on the table like that. And actually, I'm laying out the setup for an Eldar/Tau ambush up ahead using the haywire grenade and I'm interested to see how my players handle it . If the Horde system becomes so broken when using Elites, I'm not sure why they would allow you to do so in the first place, but I'll keep your rule of thumb in mind as it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for all the help! @ Lynata: No, no, I definitely meant the RAW! I have glazed over the thread, but haven't had enough free time to sit down and give it a thorough in-depth read. But I plan to do so before the next meet so I can see how a hammered-out squad of CSM's would play like. I'll keep you posted (:
  5. Well, I'm still not entirely happy with the system, but I guess I'll just "roll with it," even though it doesn't quite make sense in my head… xD Thanks for all the replies and insight (:
  6. herichimo said: First I will begin by stating: 1 Horde Magnitude does NOT equal 1 enemy character. For instance, 10 average human soldiers should represent a 20 or 30 magnitude horde. More powerful characters would represent a larger magnitude per character. As the characters in the horde are injured they become less able to fight through injury AND death, not just death. Check, that is why I said, "Well not technically, but it will reduce the Horde's Magnitude by 6." Honestly though, my qualm remains the same (and I think I'll just have to learn to deal with it or try house-ruling something due to the way hordes are played). herichimo said: Q1: Using medicae is not "healing on its own". Medicae is a doctor putting coagulant sealant, artifical skin, stitches, etc. onto a wound to stop it bleeding and keep it from killing you, possibly giving you some mobility back (such as reseting a broken bone or reseating a dislocated shoulder, both injuries which rarely heal all on their own). Natural healing and medical attention are seperate. WITHOUT medical attention it takes 1 week to heal 1 point of critical damage (pretty sure SM have a talent which shortens this). WITH medical attention this damage can be healed much quicker, including the use of first aid. Using current rules for medicae treatment a character can be injured enough times where first aid can no longer heal his damage, therfore necesitating rest+extended care treatment. The wording in the book is a bit contradictory, but your explanation makes sense. I have to ask these silly questions due to some major rule-lawyers in my party, so thank you! herichimo said: Q2: As stated on page 360 of the core rulebook, hordes never gain bonuses for ganging up. I have no idea how I missed that… smh… herichimo said: When a grenade misses (unless it jams, then you gotta roll to see if its a dud or if it blows up in your hand), it scatters from the intended target and definately NOT the thrower. That is what logic would dictate, but I couldn't find it specifically stating that in the rulebook. No worries though, I'm not terribly interested in a page number, as you seem to always be right on the money, herichimo! Thanks again for your clarifications! @ Lynata: Since I've been playing a lot of Dawn of War, I was actually considering having the squad face off against a few "smaller" hordes (but really enemy squads) of 4-8 CSM's. Given the Horde rules though, that wouldn't really fit the bill… so I'm actually very interested in hearing your take on "squad hordes(?)"! Thematic wise, I'm still a bit confused how an Astartes Fragmentation Grenade suddenly turned into a "horde-only-killer." You can't really use it to flush out enemies from cover (a primary usage of a grenade) OR deal lethal damage to a singular target. I was factoring in the Armor+TB in my original post, but it still goes to say that if I roll 17 points of damage on my frag, 16 points of that damage being absorbed by CSM modifiers and then 1 damage being left over, but suddenly reducing a horde's magnitude by 6, doesn't really make a whole lot of sense… Does this mean frags are only really useable versus hordes and Krak grenades should be saved for high-armored opponents? It seems to me that suddenly Krak grenades are the only viable grenade (for damaging purposes), but I'm not sure they are intended to be used in such a way. The rules seem to repeatedly iterate, "The powerful detonations do not produce a blast effect however, making them impractical for use against most infantry or moving targets." Really? Impractical against infantry and moving targets? Um… why? It says you can throw them, so I don't understand how its any different than a regular Fragmentation grenade, with an insanely better damage and penetration in exchange for a blast radius… sounds like a great trade to me (in any instance when you're not fighting a horde)! From the 40k wiki, which is quoting the Warhammer 40k: 6th Edition Rulebook: "Typically they [Krak Grenades] are attached directly onto vehicles or fortifications with magnetic, adhesive or physical clamps, maximising their effect on the target. They can also be used against monstrous creatures (such as the larger Tyranid bioforms), attaching them to the creature's carapace before detonation." So… why can my players throw them around all willy-nilly? Isn't that what they are supposed to do with fragmentation grenades? Also, from the First Founding supplement, under "Tyrannic War Veteran, Pg 70": Grenadier: Amongst the best-known of the stratagems devised by the Tyrannic War Veterans, the use of Krak Grenades to slay monstrous foes in melee is a risky but rewarding tactic. The Battle-Brother may use a Krak Grenade as his chosen weapon for any Charge Attack, Standard Attack or All-Out Attack action, suffering a –20 penalty to hit due to the difficulty of the attack. However, if the attack roll succeeds, the Battle-Brother deals the normal damage of an Astartes Krak Grenade (with its associated Pen value), adding +1 to the Pen for every Degree of Success on the attack roll (to represent the grenade being thrust into vulnerable points in the creature’s carapace. Doesn't this imply that Krak Grenades cannot be thrown? How is a -20 penalty melee charge into a "monstrous foe" more advantageous than just throwing the fraking grenade?! Yes, yes, I get that he gets the pen, but my point remains >_> … My apologies if I sound like I am being difficult; I suppose the entire grenade system is just a bit mind-boggling (thematic-wise) to me…
  7. Sorry for the lack of responses, as I've had some unfortunate incidents x_x … The main incident is that one of the players interested in playing a Sister of Battle bailed (for whatever reason) and the second individual decided that, this being his first time playing (everyones first time playing, to be honest), he erred on the side of caution and decided to roll up a standard Space Marine, but is wanting to re-roll a Sister of Battle when his character retires or takes a dirt nap (fair enough!). That being said, I'm still very interested in creating some Sister of Battle characters on my own (NPC's with PC sheets that are every bit the equivalent of a PC), so that is probably how I will be proceeding. At least until I manage to get the one person left comfortable enough with the game that I can kill off his Marine so I can force him roll an SoB . I remember reading the "Miraculous Survival" ability and to be honest, I loved it! It reminded me a lot of Saint Celestine. That being said, what is your understanding of Living Saints? They seem almost… beyond mortal at times (to me). This is however, most likely due to the Dawn of War franchise tinting my view of them (though I have read the Warwiki entries on them as well). Well, I bought a Sister Superior model to use in our game, but honestly my team is lacking in Medicae. However, I was really hoping to portray my Sister of Battle as a, "mortal badass" rather than toting around a Hospitaller… I'm considering (since she was part of my missing Inquisitor's retinue) letting her have the Inquisitor's floating Medicae Servo-Skull float around and follow her to do the healing (until they find the Inquisitor; if they do!), thus allowing her to fulfill her desired role and the party also getting a decent healer-type. At this time, we have a Tac, Lib, Assault, and Tech (with my NPC Devastator who may be pulling off a Heroic Sacrifice in the final encounter of the module to make room for my Sister Superior )… that being said, I'm not entirely sure what specialization she should be. As much as I would love to have her be a Repentia, it doesn't really fit (no worries, I'll throw some of them in when we do the Rising Tempest module!). Suggestions? As always, looking forward to your response!
  8. Iff the Battle-Brother is in SOLO MODE, he automatically takes a penalty to all Willpower tests (excluding Psychic Power Tests), there is no roll to negate this, the penalty is automatic and lasts until the creature is destroyed or retreats. The penalty amount is found on Table 9-6 of pg 277. If the Battle-Brother is in SQUAD MODE, then the kill-team suffers a point of Cohesion Damage for every Degree of Fear the creature possesses unless the Kill-Team Leader passes a Willpower Test. It also says it only occurs once per encounter. If (for some crazy reason) your players have split up, then I would say that the second group must have a "Second in Command," (much like the Second-in-Command Deed in Rites of Battle). Then, roll the tests for them separately. However, they should both (obviously) still be using points from the same Cohesion pool. "The maximum total bonus that can be applied to a test is +60. Conversely, the maximum total penalty that can be applied to a test is –60." (pg 244) A 96-100 roll without any modifications, always results in a weapon jam. On the other hand, I can't find anything saying that it is an automatic miss in melee (which is where the house rule part probably comes in). I would employ that house rule just to keep melee and range on even terms.
  9. Lynata has it right xD. While it is true that the grenade would have to bypass the Chaos Space Marine's TB+Armor, if it even did so by 1, it would kill SIX of them (well, not technically, but it would reduce the horde's magnitude by 6. Is this right? {1 for dealing damage, 4 for Blast and 1 for being an Explosive?}). That's ridiculous… @ Lynata: I've actually contemplated having my horde prep a "Grenade Volley" at my players, but I'm thinking I'll save that ace in the hole for another excursion >:3. Could I have had the Champion use a Krak Grenade (3d10+4 X, Pen 6)? Initially I thought they could only be used against vehicles or bunkers, per pg 150, "… punch holes in armoured targets such as vehicles or bunkers… impractical for use against most infantry or moving targets." I misread that and assumed it could only be used against those types of targets, but you can use them against infantry, right? Would that have affected the Librarian though? I know it says it doesn't have a blast radius, but if the Librarian is towering over him, he is less than a foot away and might be caught in the resulting detonation… So when a unit fails their BS check for throwing a grenade, does it travel 1d10 for direction, then 1d5 metres in rolled direction from the originating unit? It isn't really clear when I read it in the Core book, but that is what you guys seem to be implying and if that is the case, then this alone answers my question! Q #2) I should clarify that, "Outnumbered" should be referred to as, "Ganging Up." My apologies (per page 248). Still need answers to the initial two questions, but I appreciate all the responses thus far!
  10. Hey everyone, just had my first combat-heavy session with Deathwatch, and although we spent a lot of time (too much, really!) as a group looking over some rules, I think we learned a lot and next session will go a lot better. That being said, naturally I have some questions that need clarification! Some are technical and others are thematic, so bear with me. Q #1) On page 102 of the Core rulebook, under the Medicae test, it says, "A successful Medicate test removes… 1 damage from heavily or critically damaged characters," as a full round action. Doesn't this contradict the Critically Damaged section of page 262 where it reads, "Critical damage does not heal on its own--it requires medical attention. With rest AND medical attention, a character removes 1 point of Critical Damage PER WEEK? Q #2) I can't seem to find clarification for this: When a horde engages a Space Marine in melee, is the Space Marine considered to be "outnumbered" (3-to-1 bonus), thus giving the horde a +20 on their weapon skill tests to hit the Space Marine? Thematic Questions: Q #3) My characters were fighting a squad of Chaos Cultists and their Lesser Aspiring Champion (a buffed Chaos Cultist). The Librarian managed to make quick handy work of the Champion (much to my chagrin) in 1v1 melee combat without taking a scratch. However, the Librarian knocked him down to 2 wounds and I decided he would rather attempt to take down his enemy with him, than leave the killing blow to the Astartes. He pulled out a Astartes Frag Grenade and screamed some profane curse and then committed suicided. Afterwards, however, I realized that the damage of a frag is a measly 2d10 (which naturally did nothing to the Librarian, since I only rolled a 15, which is still an impressive roll!). My qualm is that this made me realize that the frags are nigh useless versus anything that isn't a horde. Simultaneously, what if I had a horde of Chaos Space Marines (example) that had almost the same TB+Armour as the Space Marines? Why would they suddenly take massive amounts of casualties, when a single grenade does basically zero damage to them individually? I'm just a bit confused as to the mechanics of this grenade… Note: I would never throw an Elite horde against my SM's… unless I'm having a particular bad day (: Q #3a) Throwing Grenades and missing. Is there a better system to account for drift? Would doubling the distance numbers be sufficient? Tripling? I think I remember seeing a topic about this, but the FFG Search hasn't been working for me for the last few days…
  11. The irony that I started up Dawn of War: Soulstorm (for the 5th time) earlier this week due to this thread and how we're tying in mechanics from it is not lost upon me xD! "… for example, Marine bolters and everyone elses, even going so far as calling any and all non-Marine bolters "civilian". It felt like an insult." In the Campaign Supplement I mentioned, they list the Sisters as wielding, "Godwyn De'Az Pattern Bolters" with the following stats: (90m; S/2/-; 1d10+7 X; Pen 4; Clip 30; Rld Full; Reliable, Tearing). So I guess the question is, is the "Reliable" trait worth -2 damage, a lower RoF and a 10 meter range penalty? I think I might give my Sisters this 'De'Az' variant, just because the Sister-NPC's seem to wield them, but it seems like they are (as you say) pushing away the Sororitas from their proximity to the Astartes. And I don't think the stats are a good trade off either… In regards to power armour, an NPC "Palatine Ariel" is listed as having Legs, Arms, Head 10; Body 11; so I can easily see how (with adding the Crusader pieces) a Sister's Angel-Pattern Armour catch up to the Adeptes' Variant or exceed it. Now that I'm thinking about it though, I think my Sisters might fall off really hard when/if any of the KT members gain Terminator-Honors (or Crux Terminatus). How can they hope to keep up with Terminator stats or weaponry? I'm loving the armoury table that you made (and, oh look, the De'Az pattern bolter)!! Not sure what statistics you have labeled for the Sarissa, but they have listed (1d10+6 R; Pen 0; Unbalanced). If you ever get that totally fleshed out, I would love to see more of it! Also curious to know what the Sisters version is of an "Astartes Combat Knife" (since the Sarissa is more akin to a bayonet, as I understand it)? @ Fate Points and "Faith" Points: Perfect! I'll definitely be doing that then. And as much as I could implement my own spin of things, you really seem to have a daunting, intimate knowledge of the Ecclesiarchy and the Sisters of Battle! I am more than happy to bow to your superior wisdom in such manners as this! I'm also not entirely familiar with the DWRPG mechanics, as this is my first campaign (I've been wanting to purchase and play DW since release, but no one else has wanted to fork out the money… naturally ). Speaking of Faith Points, someone wanted to take the "Soul Storm" Faith Talent and I haven't quite decided how to rule on it yet (out of the Blood of Martyr's handbook)… frankly, the skill itself sounds awesome and might even impress the Librarian the first time they use it, but the ability also sounds really… "warpy"? (Not a word!) So far, I'm really enjoying the book and I'm looking forward to reading, "Hammer and Anvil" (which I have heard is even better). I've always been a pretty big fan of the Sororitas ever since I played them in Soulstorm. Between them and the Necrons, if I was ever serious about starting up an army for 40k: TT, they would definitely be my first or second choice (I'd probably have to toss a coin!). A few more notes on, "Rising Tempest": They list the Sororitas Power Armour as adding +10 to Strength, and +5 to BS. Does not increase Size. Heavy Weapons count as Braced. I can't remember if yours adds the BS or not (or if you even want it to, I just thought you might be interested in knowing). Frankly, the campaign looks like a lot of fun with a lot of political intrigue regarding the Inquisition and the Palatine Ariel. I'm probably going to want to run this campaign after the free ones they gave out for RPG Day (: Oh, a few quick random questions: I'm curious to see if you've made some stats for something similar to the, "Cloak of St. Apira" that Cannoness Selena Agna wore during the Kaurava Campaign. Also, just curious if you play the 40k:TT Sisters of Battle at all?
  12. So I was reading the Witch Hunters Codex and came upon this: "The power armour worn by the Battle Sisters of the Orders Militant is based upon the same archaic systems as that worn by the brethren of the Adeptus Astartes. It provides the same degree of armoured protection, yet must forego the more advanced lifesupport systems and strength enhancing abilities used by the Space Marines, as the Sisters of Battle are not implanted with the Black Carapace that allows the Astartes to interface fully with their own armour." However, in the, "Rising Tempest" Supplement, they give the stats for a few Sisters of Battle as only having (Head, Arms, Legs, 7; Chest 8 - like what you suggested earlier). But the Codex specifically says it provides the same degree of armoured protection as an Adeptes Astartes Power Armour? Interestingly enough, it also gives a few new perviews on, "Pure Faith" and some other Faith Powers. I'm completely unfamiliar with the "saves" in the tabletop, but how much do they differ (Astartes Armour vs Angel-Pattern Armour)? Your information on the Sister Repentias is more than enough to work with, thank you! Once I'm able to get the Sisters in a few sessions and play-test them out, I'll definitely post some feedback on how everything went! As far as, "Faith Points" I was meaning to say what if the Sister rolled for "Fate Points" as normal (per Table 1-2 of Core) in addition to receiving the "Faith Points" you mentioned earlier to replace any sort of "Solo/Squad Mode Abilities." Or, should they receive just the "Faith Points" and should I try to craft Squad/Solo mode abilities that are specific to the Sororitas (I think Rites of Battle discuss how to do this)? Once again, I'm running out of questions, but I'm already starting to create some NPC Sisters of Battle! Lastly, if I had an Inquisitor with a personal retinue of Sisters, what is the maximum rank any of them would be? I'm assuming a Cannoness would be out of their reach, but how about a Sister Superior? Or would they only have average-ranking Sisters?
  13. Sorry for the late response… It's been crazy x_x. Okay, two quick Sisters related questions: 1) I've looked through a few of the supplements, but I don't see any stats for an Eviscerator. Canon-wise, are they Repentia-squad specific? That may be why I can't find one! I ask because my Assault Marine was wondering if there was a version of the Chainsword that was two-handed. I knew there was lore-wise, but didn't think there was in DW. 2) Somehwat related… What do you think of the Repentia being in DW? They have absolutely no armor… so not sure if someone could play one in a DW squad (NPC or otherwise). But I'm currently reading, "Faith and Fire", so the thought just came up! I'm definitely going to incorporate these Acts of Faith into the game for my Sisters! Thanks for all the work and info. Seriously, FFG should hire you to write a Deathwatch Supplement for the Sisters of Battle! Oh, last question. I'm considering (since I'm giving the Sisters access to Acts of Faith and Fate Points), of giving them a Solo and Chapter mode abilities (using squad cohesion, but only helpful to other Sisters of Battle or those who have the "Purity of Faith" talent). I have the, "Honour the Chapter" supplement, but given your extensive (and at times overwhelming! haha) knowledge of the universe, perhaps you have a few ideas on whether they should: A) get one and an idea of what I can give them ability wise or B) If the Acts of Faith and Fate Points constitute enough power to make-up for not having the Solo/Squad modes. Thanks once again!
  14. Thanks for spelling all of that out herichimo! I'm sure at times it can get tiring spelling things out step by step (like you did in that 'Sniping' topic), but it definitely helped me explain things clearly to our Raven Guard Sniper! Once again, thanks for all the help everyone. Those are all the questions I have now. Looking forward to my groups first combat session and I should be good to go after all the answers I received on this topic. Now I just have to decide how many 'charges' a Narcthecium should have if the Marines are stranded on a planet for a week or so without any supplies available… Thanks for your patience!
  15. Captain Ventris said: Yeah, after 20 minutes you can't edit your post anymore. Alright, good to know! A Narthecium is a medical suite, saws and needles and bandage wraps and such. Rules as Written does not limit the number of times it can be used to patch up wounds, but if any drugs are to be purchased for use with it, the Narthecium can hold 10 doses of each. Yeah, I remember reading that. But I'm also somewhat referencing the errata clarification on ammo limit: "As a general rule, the GM may opt to use the “rule of three,” meaning that each Space Marine has three reloads for each ranged weapon unless otherwise noted." I'm opting to put a limitaton on the narthecium quantity due to extenuating circumstances, but the errata didn't really answer anything regarding Narthecium quantity. Anyone have a good idea for what the limit should be? 10, 20, 30 uses? Overwatch only has the penalties or bonuses of the attack type used. Full Auto gets +20, Semi-Auto gets +10, etc. A Suppressive Fire action can be used as part of an Overwatch action. Thanks, that helps a lot. Pretty clear now! The conditions of making the attack in Overwatch are player specified. I suppose how specific you can get is up to the GM, but things like "I'll fire when that Howling Banshee leaves cover" or "First thing to move past here gets shot" or whatever would be your conditions. Suppressing Fire always gets a -20 to hit since it's just spraying bullets to get the enemy pinned rather than attacking them directly. Q: Just to make sure… when they say, "I'll fire when anything moves past my kill zone," (ie, their 45° overwatch zone) they can shoot at an enemy anytime they move past that area, correct? Is this limited by the number of shots their weapon can make? (Such as 6 shots, with a Heavy Bolter or 3 times with a Bolter?). As for Fire Support, I think it means that if you use Suppressing Fire as your Overwatch attack (since you can choose Single, Semi Auto, Full Auto, or Suppressing Fire limited by the capabilities of your weapon), that you do not recieve the penalty for that, so that no penalty is incurred for Suppressing Fire as its own action, or Suppressing Fire as part of an Overwatch action. Since it's worded the way it is, I would say that any bonuses or penalties for Single, Semi-Auto, or Full-Auto Overwatch attacks still apply as normal. Great, makes sense! Somewhere I can't remember, it's stated that some tables have duplicate items of skills and talents Space Marines already possess as a 'just in case' for GMs or future Deathwatch supplements, or as a reference point for how much something would cost if you didn't already have it. Stil doesn't explain why True Grit is in the Crimson Fists' table in Honour the Chapter… That's as I thought, thank you! Luckily no one has wanted to create a Crimson Fist (yet), but I do have the supplement so I'll keep that in mind next time it comes up! Thanks for clearing up a lot of that, Captain Ventris! Just had our Character Creation Session, and I have a few more newbie questions. #1) I can't seem to find the difference between, "Basic" and "Trained" in the Core. I must just not be looking in the right place. At the moment, I'm assuming that "Trained" is just a filler for the gap between "Basic" and the +10 version of X skill, but that doesn't seem right. Untrained allows you to use a non-Advanced skill at half your modifier, correct? I may just be getting my terminology mixed up… #2) In order to purchase a Trait, you need to have it available on the corresponding Rank table, correct? For instance, "Sharpshooter". I would need to be a Rank 5 Devastator or a Rank 6 Tactical Marine, AND have a Ballistics Skill of 40 AND have the "Deadeye" Talent purchased before I could acquire it, correct? If I was not a Devastator or Tactical Marine of the appropriate Rank, then this Talent is basically unattainable for me, check? #3) Squad Modes: What is to prevent a glory-hog SM from just emptying the pool of Cohesion for personal use? An unsaid agreement? Or is there an actual guideline for this spelt out somewhere? A "Squad" ability can be activated even though it is going to be used for only one person right? (Black Templar using his 'Holy Vengeance'. It uses "Squad Cohesion", even though no one in the squad really gains the benefits from it besides him? Isn't this non-conducive despite it being a "Squad" ability?). Once again, thank you in advance!
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