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    Matrim got a reaction from macdaddy123d4 in Can L5R be the LCG that introduces a common sense Core Set?   
    Lol, I will happily play this lcg and probably buy 3 core sets. I'm happy, pity you don't seem to be
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    Matrim reacted to Toqtamish in Can L5R be the LCG that introduces a common sense Core Set?   
    Lose the condescending ass style of your posts. Don't like it don't buy it. More for the rest of us.
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    Matrim got a reaction from Moto Subodei in Can L5R be the LCG that introduces a common sense Core Set?   
    Lol, I will happily play this lcg and probably buy 3 core sets. I'm happy, pity you don't seem to be
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    Matrim got a reaction from macdaddy123d4 in Can L5R be the LCG that introduces a common sense Core Set?   
    I'm a bit of a stoic and obsessing about things out of your control is regarded as a waste of time. L5r I returning, in a format I like. What's not to be happy about.
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    Matrim got a reaction from macdaddy123d4 in Can L5R be the LCG that introduces a common sense Core Set?   
    I am looking forward to the LCG model. Being able to just concentrate on deck building and playing and not worrying about the cost of loads of wasted cards? win win.
    The CCG model is partially the reason L5R failed, along with those sometime poisonous forums. To commit to the game required a huge amount of cash and to shorten the cost lots of people went straight to the distributors (Potomac) to cut out the local shops. To get several 'competent' decks or each of the major factions also required a large collection (or placeholders) so of playing casually - the LCG model is better both for new players and casual players. if not playing casually then the LCG model is still cheaper as the cost of 6! of each core set would still be considerably less than the CCG cost to get the same.
    So looking forward to the eventual release...
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    Matrim reacted to Tetsuro in Why are they changing it?   
    There were many design aspects that couldn't be let go because it would have essentially invalidated every L5R card made up to that point, and we always tried to take into consideration that fact when deciding on any significant development changes.
    FFG  has stated they don't intend for their game to be mechanically compatible to Classic L5R in any way, so there are lots of things I am sure they will now have more freedom to address.
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    Matrim reacted to ericmackcarter in My Brief Letter to FFG   
    This post is entirely my opinion. I hope this is obvious. I consider myself an L5R purist, which doesn't really mean anything, especially because my "perfect" L5R could be different from yours. And I'll probably get some things wrong, too.
    Part 1: Nostalgia
    I was born in 1986, and L5R was my prominent hobby during my formative years. I played L5R from the beginning, and in nearly every form. The CCG, RPG, Clan War, Disk Wars, a dice game I can't remember the name of. I remember the Day of Thunder as it happened. I will never forget opening the Crane starter deck that had Togashi Yokuni, and knowing I would always play Dragon Clan, and then being completely amazed when I found out he was an ACTUAL DRAGON, and the heartbreak of his sacrifice. And of course the smell of opening the packs. As a youth, I dreamed of living in Rokugan and wondering if I would be a Mirumoto or a Togashi. And with the RPG, I didn't have to dream.
    Part 2: What L5R is to me (and why I stopped)
    L5R is a game about samurai conflict in a warring state. The key word there is samurai. Looking back at the origin of the game, the characters felt human. My interest began to fade right around the time riding sea dragons became a thing. Magic always was a part of Rokugan, but it became so high magic that the characters felt less human and the game felt less authentic (and I use that term loosely) to the samurai genre.
    The right amount of magic in Rokugan is this: you barely notice when it is there, and you barely notice when it is not there. Of course, powerful displays of magic have always been embedded within the rich history of Rokugan, as they should continue to be. But I'd rather "mystical" be the appropriate term, rather than "magical". Present, but subtle.
    Part 3: Redesigning (Thematically)
    It's time to write a new story. The origin of Rokugan, the great Kami and their Clans, is a great starting point. Keep that. Everything else can go. Find a way to tell a new story with completely new characters, but make the story about samurai drama. There are so many tales that could be told. Every battle has a unique story, every Winter Court, but the most memorable stories are those that are grounded in the human element. Draw from Japanase folklore and mythology. Make it personable, and show the struggle of balancing honor and duty, duty and self.
    "Everything else can go" is scary, but nobody is taking any memories or accomplishments away. A timeline where the Battle of Beiden Pass doesn't exist is weird to me, but quite frankly, it is also the only reason I am here and posting this: a completely fresh look at L5R and Rokugan. For me, wiping the slate clean is the most appealing for the future. The past will always be there as players of a game, but it doesn't have to be as characters within Rokugan.
    Simplify. Each Great Clan was originally based on a tenent of Bushido. Scale back to the original seven. I'm sure there is still room in the design to somehow include Minor Clans, mytical creatures, and ronin. But focus on making the Great Clans great. Focus on their conflicts.
    Part 4: Redesigning (Mechanically)
    Make L5R YOUR own game. Don't make it a re-hash of AEG's game. Start with an idea, or a set of ideals (samurai, honor, politiics, war, duels, etc) and make a game to fit them. Pretend you've never played the CCG or the RPG. Test your mechanics. And test them again and again, try to break them. Make the game simple enough to balance, but complex enough that SKILL is the prominent deciding factor for who wins. Never make a play style that doesn't let the other player or players play.
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    Matrim reacted to mlund in The Big Question - Which Clans Make The Cut?   
    Yeah, see this is the kind of attitude that FFG needs to work around, not pander to.
    L5R's residual player base is not sufficient to justify purchasing the IP and making a game to cater to them. It's a nice jumping off point to launch a new game from Rokugan that will attract new customers on its own merits.
    If it costs you 1 random grognard's clan-fanatic purchase on a particular arc ("What do you mean the Lion Clan isn't a Featured Clan for this Arc!?! I'm entitled and outraged! I'm taking my ball and going home!") to bring in 2 new players who love the game for what it is and will buy every arc ... well you make that trade all day long. People expected Naga, TA, Ninja, Brotherhood, YA, etc. to accept that the story had moved past their focus when they cycled out. People can accept when a conflict comes along that simply doesn't feature their Clan as a major player. If they can't accept that, that's too bad.
    L5R's been hostage to toxic levels of Clan Partisanship ("the sun rises and sets on my Clan") and legacy mechanics for far too long. It's time for a fresh start.
    Marty Lund
    Monkey Clan * Random Grognard
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    Matrim reacted to mlund in The Big Question - Which Clans Make The Cut?   
    They have a brand that has a small-but-fanatical following of people who've weathered some seriously terrible times in terms of game-support over the years. They need to create a game that will inspired as much enthusiasm as the brand itself, not simply be carried along as an ever-dwindling core of loyalists that love the property despite the game. So, yes, they should show no hesitation to kill sacred cows when it comes to game design decisions. If they can tell a better L5R Story via an awesome game without letting people play a "Lion Deck" or a "Shadowlands Deck" in a story-arc that doesn't prominently feature the Lion or the Shadowlands then God bless them. Do so fearlessly. I'll hold my nose and play some Lion cards in a Crab deck or something.
    Marty Lund
    Monkey Clan
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    Matrim reacted to mlund in The Big Question - Which Clans Make The Cut?   
    Not ever group in L5R (or even Great Clan) needs to be a playable Faction in every conflict. Toturi's Army's time came and went. I'll admit it, though it pains me.
    I think, at it's core, the L5R brand is about a core of the Great Clans resolving around the Emperor. Each clan with a distinct positive relationship with the Emperor that creates conflicts / rivalries for influence needs to be represented.

    These Inner Clans are as follows:
    - The Lion Clan
    - The Crane Clan
    - The Scorpion Clan
    These clans are the lifeblood of the military, social, and political culture that defines the core of Rokguan. They've been being played against one another by the Otomo Family for over 1,000 years.
    The Fixture Clans are as follows:
    - The Crab Clan
    - The Phoenix Clan
    These clans have been part of Rokugan for its entire history and perform functions within the society that are core to the brand's identity. Man's relationship with the Shadowlands and Magic are epitomized by the struggles of the Crab and Phoenix. They are always present in the conflicts and struggles of every age, even if they aren't usually directly interested in picking fights over the socio-political landscape themselves.

    The above "Core 5 Clans" represent the static internal conflicts of the mainland Empire in every age.
    All the other Factions in L5R have been vehicles to deliver specific dynamic conflicts into the story. Various flavors of Shadowlands / Spider have emerged as universal antagonists to tell various stories about Rokugan's relationship with Jigoku. Yoritomo's Alliance, Toturi's Army, the Naga, and the Brotherhood of Shinsei all mobilitized in response to Yogo Junzo's Army. The Mantis Clan and the Unicorn Clan have persisted as a way of assimilating alien elements into Rokugan - like Steepes culture, piracy, sea-monsters, etc. The Dragon Clan were known for being extremely removed from conflicts for most of Rokugan's history, descending from the mountains for mysterious purposes and then disappearing once again.
    You don't need all of these factions to be independently playable in a given story arc for L5R. Trying to cram everyone in and keep everyone balanced and happy with their own strongholds was a major draw-back of rolling out new strongholds as game expansions.
    Pick a conflict. Pick the major players in the conflict. Let everyone else show up within that context as appropriate. You don't need a Stronghold / Faction Deck / whatever to have storylines inside a conflict. Introduce a new conflict on a cyclical basis as well. I'm not going to pitch a fit because there's no Toturi's Army anymore or because the Lion Clan doesn't have a Faction Deck in a story-arc about fighting over the fate of the Imperial Colonies or something. Let it come naturally. Leave the "Every Faction Must Feature Equally At All Times!" shoe-horn behind when you pick up the IP.
    Just my 2 koku.
    Marty Lund
    Monkey Clan
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