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    Matrim got a reaction from Bayushi Tsubaki in I played a lot of Jigoku over the holidays and now the game is pretty dead to me.   
    A break might help. If you are attacking blind into dragon with 10 cards in hand then you are gambling with your chances of winning. If hit restoration then you may well be screwed but it isn't the game causing that it's the choices made to get to that point...
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    Matrim reacted to Hinomura in I played a lot of Jigoku over the holidays and now the game is pretty dead to me.   
    It's a shame that you're leaving, man. I've run into similar situations as the one you've described, learned from them, got better as a player. Ultimately practice games are nothing but a means to gathering data, and bad play is just as important as good - hopefully I don't replicate the same mistakes in competitive play, but I certainly make my share of bone-headed plays, especially during long draining events.

    Taking part in competitive play is part challenging yourself, part gaining experience and getting better as a player, and part just socializing and making new friends. I think you're missing out on a lot by giving that up, and I hope you eventually return to the game.
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    Matrim reacted to Seawhale in I played a lot of Jigoku over the holidays and now the game is pretty dead to me.   
    So, you draw 5, plus destroy an Imperial Storehouse for a card, before hitting any province against Dragon and the issue is the game?

    I think the game might just not be for you. I love the game. Having to plan around provinces is part of the game. I agree that some provinces are too strong (Feast). I hardly think Restoration is that province. It usually ends up being a discard 0 card, sometimes discard 1-2. Sure, I've hit my friend with a -10 cards once, but he hasn't played like an idiot since.

    Maybe the game just ain't for you though, and that's fine. I just don't understand people's desire to state as such. I win most of my game, and I often can point to big mistakes my opponents are making and why they lose. I'm kind of surprise people still bid 5 on the first turn anyways. You can do better by having a lower bid I think. I've always been a proponent of 3 (unless I play honor pressure).
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    Matrim reacted to TheItsyBitsySpider in Court Games vs Above Question   
    I see that now. I always assumed that the opponent was the target but reading over the rulings again.

    I've been playing that wrong for a while lol.
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    Matrim reacted to Evilgm in Court Games vs Above Question   
    A character with Above Question cannot be chosen as a target for your opponent's Court Games, because they cannot be cannot be chosen as the target of an opponent's event, regardless of whom is making the choice.
    "If an opponent's event instructs a player to *choose* a target, the character with Above Question cannot be chosen. This also applies to events that instruct another player to choose targets"
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    Matrim reacted to Khudzlin in Court Games vs Above Question   
    Yes, it does. The word "choose" always indicates a target.
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    Matrim reacted to LuceLineGames in Court Games vs Above Question   
    The developers made it easy for us by indicating all targets with "choose".   Choose/Targets within an effect can be either before the dash or after the dash, but are still targets.
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    Matrim reacted to JJ48 in Player types explained   
    Oh, don't be so suspicious!  Just sit down next to this oddly-angled mirror, enjoy all the distractions surrounding you, and have a nice, casual, friendly game.  Say, $20 a province?
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    Matrim reacted to Joe From Cincinnati in Player types explained   
    I did the exact same thing! Man, what an afternoon spent reading 2 year old drama :P.
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    Matrim reacted to Tabris2k in Player types explained   
    Well, your post made me go and read the whole 30-pages-thread about Pierson cheating (a.k.a. Drawgate, a.k.a. This is from him), which incidentally took me to another page with the whole story about that blind OL5R player that was also a cheater (I only knew he existed, but not the whole deal).
    So, yeah, great... now I’m extremely paranoid about anybody I play with...
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    Matrim reacted to JJ48 in Player types explained   
    I'm definitely a casual player, even though I don't play DOOM.
    ...or Destiny.
    ...or WOW.
    Though it's true that I don't play L5R online in part because most of my time at home is spent playing Lord of the Rings Online.
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    Matrim got a reaction from JJ48 in Player types explained   
    Decided to randomly insult most of the player base. See if you recognise your self! Bonus points if anyone can think up any categories I have missed as there will be some.
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    Matrim reacted to Doji Kao in Madrid Kotei   
    First 2 packs are legal. No decklists yet.
    Elimination rounds are being posted here:
    In the first round the Dragon, Crab, Crane and Phoenix challengers were eliminated.
    TOP 16:
    Scorp 5
    Lion 4
    Dragon 3
    Crab 2
    Crane 1
    Phoenix 1
    TOP 8:
    Lion 4
    Scorp 2
    Dragon 2
    Crab 1
    TOP 4:
    Lion 2
    Dragon 1
    Crab 1
    Finals: Crab vs Lion
    Crab wins!
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    Matrim reacted to franzvong in Madrid Kotei   
    I’ll use this post to keep you guys updated on participants and results.
    In the meantime...

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    Matrim reacted to Ersatz Nihilist in I am really bad at this...   
    I lost a game miserably today. Generally I play Scorpion and try to be all unpredictable in terms of bidding so my opponent never feels safe in what they're selecting.
    Sadly today the person I play against the most totally got inside of my OODA loop and in regard to this and I got rekt (son).
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    Matrim got a reaction from Shiba Gunichi in If L5R had Achievements...   
    Perhaps add
    Too late: realise you've missed an obvious play that would have really helped ,three seconds after you can no longer do it.
    I have epic level points at that
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    Matrim got a reaction from Kakita Shijin in If L5R had Achievements...   
    Perhaps add
    Too late: realise you've missed an obvious play that would have really helped ,three seconds after you can no longer do it.
    I have epic level points at that
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    Matrim reacted to TheItsyBitsySpider in Two Major Dissappointments from PAX Unplugged   
    This interpretation is completely wrong, it actually goes against the rules entirely as they are written and is not fully understanding where Step 6 actually ends.
    To break it down, Step 6 says you have one opportunity to look at each of the cards you placed first when you initially filled provinces, and mulligan any number of THEM. The rule only refers to those initial cards you look at for both your single opportunity to look and then your ability to mulligan. Once you mulligan you are immediately finished with Step 6 and progress to step 7.
    So the argument that the note at the end, informing the player that they cannot look at face down cards after step 6 somehow means that you can then, after mulligan, look at these new cards is simply unfounded. The definition of mulligan is:
    So this mean that you look at the first cards once, then mulligan them, replacing them with new cards face down. That is where step 6 ends, with a note to remind you that after you end step 6, finishing mulligan, that you cannot look at face down dynasty cards again.

    The note at the end is there to do the opposite of what your saying its doing, after you see these first cards, then mulligan which ever of those cards you want, you are not allowed to look.

    The developer was wrong based on the written rules, stretching Step 6 farther then the step allows and making large leaps of logic that cannot be argued when the easy and written answer is that no, you cant look at cards you mulliganed, because the rule saying you can look once ONLY is referring to the cards originally filled into the provinces.

    If the developer REALLY wants to make that a ruling, you would need an actual errata telling players that instead of ONCE you can look anytime. Because if you accept the idea that yes, you CAN look at anytime before the end of step 6 then the usage of telling the player they can look only once is meaningless and false. To accept that logic involves actively contradicting the rules as written to force an opportunity to look at cards that aren't in step 6 at all.

    Cascade upheld the rulebook on the subject because it actually IS the correct ruling based on both the written rules and the implicit meaning of the rule.
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    Matrim got a reaction from Mandalore525 in 'Flying Chariot Standing' new fiction up on main site   
    I liked it
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    Matrim got a reaction from Yogo Gohei in If L5R had Achievements...   
    Perhaps add
    Too late: realise you've missed an obvious play that would have really helped ,three seconds after you can no longer do it.
    I have epic level points at that
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    Matrim reacted to Kaito Kikaze in Translating to Japanese   
    And I thought Shinjo Altarleaver was funny...
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    Matrim reacted to baconspoon in Translating to Japanese   
    How will you translate the given name Altansarnai? I guess you could vaguely transliterate it with katakana.  Two of the syllables don't even exist in Japanese.
    寝所アルタンサレナイ?  You certainly couldn't use kanji... or hiragana, because I think "aru tan sa renai" (あるたんされない) already has a clear meaning, and it's definitely not a name.
    Anyway, the Crane name you mentioned is definitely Dōji, not Doji, and your kanji is accurate (堂路).  Some of the other ones you listed here are a bit shaky though:
    Asahina     朝比奈
    Daidōji      大道寺 (Close though.  Just the middle kanji was off)
    Kakita     垣田
    Kitsuki     杵築
    Hida     飛騨
    Hiruma     昼間 (Also close. 日 = ひ = day/sun.  昼 = ひる = daytime/noon.  The second kanji is correct.  You essentially had Hima instead of Hiruma.  日間 would actually be pronounced にっかん (niikan), ひあい (hiai), or かかん (kakan) depending on context.
    Kaiu    I'm not sure what the kanji for this would be, or if there really is one.  I'm not even sure it's a Japanese name.  For example the author of the manga "The Promised Neverland" is Shirai Kaiu, but his name just gets transliterated using  Katakana for the given name, and kanji for the family name (白井カイウ).  I suppose Kaiyū (回遊) could be a name.  Anyway, I think I'd want to ask someone who's first language is Japanese on this one.
    Kuni     久邇   Not 100% on this one.  The name is Kyu-Miyake (旧宮家), which are branches of the Japanese Imperial Family, so you will usually see it written as Kuni-no-miya (久邇宮).  Kuni (久邇 ) feels legit though.  Otherwise I guess it would just be 邦, which is also pronounced Kuni, but that just means "country".
    Yasuki     泰樹
    Kitsuki     杵築
    Mirumoto     未留本 or 未流基.  This name is nonsense.  Miyamoto (宮本) is a name and Kurumoto (久留本) is a name.  I would feel compelled to use the two kanji 留and 本.  留 using the On pronunciation ル, and 本 using the Kun pronunciation もと, just as in Kurumoto (久留本).  I really like the idea of 未留本, but I'm not 100% sure it would work.  The first On pronunciation of 未 is ミ, so I believe this would be pronounced Mirumoto.  It would essentially mean the essence of un-restraint. 未 = un-, not yet, hitherto... 留 = detain or stop, and 本 = book, present, main, origin, true, real.  I also think that 未流基 would be pronounced Mirumoto, and jisho.org agrees with me.  Based on the kanji, this would mean not flowing from the foundation or source.  Rebellious?  I guess that makes sense for Rokugani culture, since they use two swords (daishō).  It seems more reasonable to base it off of a real name though.  I guess they would both work.
    Tamori     田森  (eventually they will print a Tamori)
    Togashi     富樫  (You were close though.  藤樫 is not a word or name, so the kanji would be pronounced independantly as fuji and kashi.  トウ is the first On pronunciation for 藤 though, so とうがし(tōgashi) is not a stretch, but definitely not とがし(Togashi).
    Anyway, this is kind of a fun exercise.  When I have some time I'll run through the rest of the list.
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    Matrim reacted to Yoritomo Reiu in Translating to Japanese   
    The use of katakana to transcribe foreign words is a really modern practice. There are two other options used historically that I think would fit the setting better:
    Attributing kanji for the name based solely on their phonetic values (such as 加須底羅 for castela) Attributing kanji for the name based solely on their meanings (such as 煙草 for tobacco) In the case of Altansarnai, the length of the name in kana would make the first option unwieldy. But given that the name means "golden rose" in Mongolian, you could easily assign it kanji such as 金薔薇 or 金花.
    (Incidentally, there was a real Shinjo clan who wrote their name as 新庄.)
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    Matrim reacted to Yoritomo Kazuto in Translating to Japanese   
    So my wife and I have started for fun slowly beginning the process of translating the card game into Japanese (starting with names). Does anyone have access to an L5R card template I could use for seeing how the translated text fits. Still trying to decide weather to just do Hiragana for the names, or do Kanji with smaller hiragana above it. One of the names did have to be changed slightly so far, specifically the Doji (どじ) name as the name (and thus the Kanji) means clumsy. Our big change to it was lengthening the O sound so now in romajii it would be written as Douji (どうじ) . If anyone is willing to help with this fan project I greatly appreciate it as well.

    You will also find attached a picture of the names so far and how we have started to translate them.

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    Matrim reacted to Hinomura in Two Major Dissappointments from PAX Unplugged   
    Note I don't have a problem with this interpretation, and if that's how we're going to do things going forward, I'm fine with it...but go watch any recorded games of Brad Andres playing, and see if you can spot him ever doing this. It's something that once you're aware you can do it, you'll always do so (unless you don't send any cards back, of course), but I don't recall ever seeing Brad doing so, meaning that one designer thinks it's obvious and the other is unaware.
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