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  1. Decided to randomly insult most of the player base. See if you recognise your self! Bonus points if anyone can think up any categories I have missed as there will be some.
  2. I agree. I really dont like cards that lets your opponent 'see' your fate hand let alone to discard from it. Along with 'Feast or famine' which I also really dislike..
  3. Put up a week one report noticing some minor trends and focusing on pods 6,12, 18 and 20. If anyone notices any incorrect data then please message..
  4. As the successfull L5R Discord league starts off its second season leading to a duel winners/promotion league I have made some predictions as to results on the blog Feel free to put forward your own candidates or explain why your own chances are better than appear to have predicted!!
  5. Nice to see
  6. I liked it
  7. Perhaps add Too late: realise you've missed an obvious play that would have really helped ,three seconds after you can no longer do it. . I have epic level points at that
  8. Yeah I also heard that the Unicorn champ was heavily restricted (and was described by one Playtester as Chagatai on steroids). This new char (if true) will help bring them back to parity with the other clans. it will be good to see more Unicorns decks around.
  9. Not saying it wasn't just that I don't remember it.It did occur at the first patriot competition. In Sheffield in New l5r (which occurred after the uproar)
  10. I also don't remember it at koteis but do at Uk gencon and the euros
  11. Excellent nice to see another thread helpfully focusing on banzai, would read again... I agree you are flogging a dead donkey if you are trying to get it back not helped by the over reaction to the new chant. Being from the UK myself and a historian by training I can say that though the UK is still over focused on ww2 most people here would not associate the new chart with the ss. In Germany there might be eyebrows raised at a group of people shouting 'for honor' but Germany has moved well on from the war (for obvious reasons) and both the UK and Germany have enough issues with real fascists that a shout at a card game competition is unlikely to make much impact. I don't know personally if I would do the new chant mainly as being British we tend to be reserved and shouting in public is a little embarrassing though happily joined in with the banzai shout.. Ffg have done the best they could with a bad situation. Incidentally has the ssasd people been told of the change and asked to add an amendment to the review? As it is still one of the few major games site reviews of the game out there...
  12. It helps if you can find a clan that you enjoy playing regardless as to result. I am losing a lot at the mo but as I am enjoying the games and i still get to do my thing it does not matter.
  13. Unsurprisingly perhaps Mantis appear to be making a play to be a great clan (expansion box anyone). What I have really liked (so far) is how the fictions are intertwining nicely. Kachiko to further her clans names makes Yoshi have the meating with the crab knowing he would be unamenable thus creating more tensions between clans with the Crane, as yet, not realising they are being manipulated. The Crab meantime look to help the Mantis to fulfill war aims when the mantis piracy is one of the reasons the Crane could refuse to help in the first place.
  14. Focusing more on Crab and Mantis clans (oh dear) , follows on from dynasty box 2 fiction