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  1. If it ends up just being online and just related to the Discord league then I probably will switch the title . The one thing about the discord league is that it is truly international in a way that only the big koteis/worlds actually get to be bar those rich enough to globe trot to competitions. Though by global I suppose US/ South America perhaps, Europe so western global..Must not get to western centric about this..
  2. Is it just me or does anyone else see a wall of 'Shiba Jamiai' text and just ignore it only to read the responses of those brave enough to actually argue? I started reading them but learned through bitter experience that the pain was not worth it.
  3. It doesn't matter whether they use 'in house software', Jousting, Challonge or whatever as long as I can access full results I could conceivably add the competition. My bigger problem would be tracking users between the various applications.. Strangely my first every professional computer program was a java competition organiser for Fencing tournaments so I am familiar with how they operate (wow that brought back memories from a long time ago)
  4. lol, no need mate as I understand both what the site is doing and how it is doing it. I understand I could just grab results of it and get all the data I need for the rankings if everyone used that software to control their competitions. That's a different fight I'm not qualified to carry out. Let's say if major l5r games are reported there (or on a similar site) and I am told where they are I can skim the relevant results for these ratings. I am unsure though whether all major tourneys would get tracked in such a fashion.
  5. Nice site Mark, be even better if they adjust to L5R (which should not be hard), though it is doing something very different to ELO type ratings. The idea behind this is not to track tournaments in real time or function as a match maker but pure rankings. Plus from looking at that site it also seems targeted at mini-tournaments and most majors will run their own tournament software so may be less keen to double enter results. No site can track every result through every game and there are also some issues with random entry tourneys allowing results to be gamed on a list tracking global skill ranges as opposed to local skill ranges. I would like these ratings to only show the larger tournaments where judging, participation and interest are high, got to get those tourneys to send the results though which may be too high a bar.
  6. I have put on a simple blog some of the current unofficial player world rankings here (rankings as at after swiss, full results will come when all relevant top cut games complete) for those who are interested in such things. Currently while the application slowly gets into shape these relate just to the discord league though if anyone wants to include their own competition in the world rankings then as long as I get the results they can be added in. A minimum of players and rounds would probably be needed though (say 40 players min and 6 rounds). These stats are intended to adjust dynamically as time passes and post each rated competition they will be posted up on that site. If anyone has suggestions on tracking players between competitions or any other relevant comment then please say...
  7. wasn't a lot of that people who couldn't win if their clan was top tier using that as an excuse as to why they were not winning? Saying that if you start believing such things then that might cause players to quit thus reinforcing the basic premise...
  8. does anyone have the win loss reports sitting on a spreadsheet, I can enter the results into the ranking app as there is enough people to make it statistically significant
  9. mcd makes an interesting point on clan loyalty. Relevant for ultra competitive players only I think. for me I was ccg crane and am enjoying lcg crane. I may dabble in crab occasionally. In casual I will probably play sub optimal test decks of all the others. Competitions we'll see how it runs..
  10. Amusingly (for me) in your verbal duelling with Zesu you have gained little honor (likes) whereas Zesu has gained much honor (likes). I also dont think you won the duel. Therefore in L5R terms you bid 5 and Zesu bid 1 and Zesu has won the duel with 4 honor (likes)! Strangely matches your warped perception of duelling and how you actually claim you duel. I am not going to bother addressing your continued incorrect assumptions. As a Crane I just cancelled your duel attempt as I have more honourable characters than you (this game relates to real life as well! it rocks!!!!)
  11. its true I like facilitating players enjoying playing whatever clan they want. If I had an issue with that then I would be the one with the problem. but I am sure your gaming group loves having someone as selfrighteous as your good self to ensure they play what you require.
  12. not quite sure how clan loyalty is 'selfish' , the only signal I am seeing is how you are getting arsey with someone for not playing the way you want. I don't have any problems with anyone deciding they don't want to play certain matchups but don't try and dress it up in phony righteousness and slur the player you don't want to play with....
  13. non-problem thread... the wording is not 'to 4 cards' to prevent anal rules lawyers claiming they can draw cards to make it 4 if they start with less and from some of the arguments on this thread you just know several people would do just that. when you play with me feel free to randomly discard fate cards whenever you fancy. Until a card exists that allows you to get a fate card from discard cheaper or easier than playing from hand then who cares?
  14. a- why is this 'bad' , seems your interpretation and considering you don't produce games for a living you don't actually have a clue. b - so you could slag the game off prior to release and claim you'll never play due to 'a' logic and 'not the center of the universe' and 'first world problem' lessons required
  15. the rules references is a living online document here you go but as the version may change go to the product page on the ffg website and expand the rules section. Both documents 'live' there.