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  1. Matrim

    Uji and Harriers

    Thanks, there is an interesting view of how the harriers relate to law in 'The Last Province' episode 25 between 1:03 and 1:08 (3+ hr podcast....). Their opinion was that the Harriers needed to be kept secret as actual knowledge stops all the duelists etc who would otherwise be able to defend with a clear heart. They also make an interesting point on that the Harriers are generally internally aimed (i.e targetted at other clans) whereas the Scorpion similar units (Shinobi) can 'claim' they were told to protect the Empire against unseen threats. As far as I can tell those 'threats' tend to be internal and usually aimed at the Scorpion as well but that's just my opinion. Anyway it is an interesting counter argument whereas I think the world (both Rokugan and here) is more shades of grey and theirs seems to be more black and white. Pure good/evil never makes an interesting story as it just does not ring true. I think FFG's world and beliefs in proof etc are more forgiving thus making the world both more human, realistic and less rigid. In my opinion (and it is just that) if someone came to court and screamed that the Crane illegally used gunpowder to blow up a Lion supply depot when the Lion was attacking Crane then the easy response is 'were they Crane? do you have proof, are you not trying to blame incompetance on your own commanders on us? perhaps it was a successful raid and you are feebly attempting to lie to blacken our name'. At this point the duelists get involved. Then the accusor is cut down which automatically means (under Rokugan law) that he/she was lying As far as the Clan Champion is concerned success covers a lot of sins and details can be avoided. To my mind it is inherently more interesting to have a small subset of the Crane willing to go against everything most other Cranes respect most to ensure the Crane survives. The counter argument that all Crane are utterly honourable and would never do anything dishonourable seems something only a fake world would have especially as even in the old lore Crane's repeatedly did not behave in such a fashion for exactly the reasons I give. I also agree that we should have only the odd Harrier card and not the AEG splurge of almost all military cards being Harriers. Since FFG has only printed one so far I don't think that is a trap they are falling into. Finally I have adjusted the blog post slightly to include two quotes from 'The Crane' covering the Daidoji using these very methods along with Uji AND using black pepper. Therefore invalidating some of the incorrect opinions of other peeps above.
  2. Matrim

    Uji and Harriers

    Excellent, thank you for utterly validating everything I said in my post 😀
  3. Matrim

    Uji and Harriers

    Meh, the Crane players would be a lot less excited about the return of an exciting Scout archetype that every other clan had. Oh wait. Plus Domotai wants a word as the story disagrees with you as well.
  4. For those who haven't seen it and who don't dislike my particular brand of writing, I have placed a brief guide to Uji and the Harriers on the blog for those uncertain. https://shirodaidoji.blogspot.com/2019/01/daidoji-uji-and-harriers.html
  5. Matrim

    L5R Discord League

    Just for the **** of it I have put up a rambling mid-season report on the discord league Season 12. I'm not lying... https://shirodaidoji.blogspot.com/2019/01/discord-league-12-mid-season-report.html
  6. Matrim

    Clan Descriptions

    Curiously it has been more interesting seeing the reactions of the different media types. Facebook seems generally amused and getting in the spirit of the thing whereas here it seems to have been treated more like a bucket of cold sick. Horses for courses I suppose. I will just avoid posting cross links to the blog here as there is obviously little interest. (Shigure excepted) something the blog visit stats seem to show. As an aside the genesis of this was the old 'How to become a Shogun' (if anyone remembers that). That poster used to post up (admittedly much more humorous but perhaps much more insulting and concerning clan strength) 'state of the clans' where he would list where the clans were, what they thought they were doing and I why they absolutely weren't. C'est la vie
  7. In the best traditions of unbiased reporting I felt it would be useful to describe in a 'totally positive' way all the clans to clear away some of the smoke and mirrors the clans have these days. https://shirodaidoji.blogspot.com/2019/01/lcg-clan-descriptions.html
  8. I am just praying Uji has a useable ability. Probably something military and devious. Would prefer 4 but 5 is okay. Hmm FFG if you want to allow me to spoil him on my blog I will be happy to do so (as I think I have begged repeatedly)
  9. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/9/masters-of-the-court/ Uji!!!!
  10. Matrim

    Imperial Advisor

    I have plenty of podcasts I enjoy but your is my hands down favourite that I even listened to in my 4 month sabbatical from the new game...
  11. Matrim


    Looks like we are full, though if someone drops I will re-open
  12. Not even sure if this is the best place for this so will also cross post to the l5r discord. I am looking to start up a new campaign starting with the beginner game and then moving on. UK evening time weekday. Full info here RPG Info Thanks for reading..
  13. Matrim

    Restricted List Updated

    Wow so can you share all the new Unicorn cards in your clan pack and the next mass set as you could only make that comment with that extra knowledge!!!! 🤔
  14. Matrim

    Shadow self

    I would assume so as Shadow Self just shifts damage. Elusive prevents damage the first time attacked so zero would transfer. You may be better just attacking the Shadow Self twice in most cases though...