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  1. I just hope they get back to regular monthly releases. People churn always occurs especially in today's quick fix society.
  2. If you are attacking a province containing iron mine and win the conflict by 5 if you played fallen in battle then could the defending crab player use that iron mine to save the character fib is trying to kill?
  3. L5R Discord League

    Yet another stat based blogpost. This one looks at what winning/losing means to the cup players ratings, clan participation and strength rates plus other stuff.
  4. New Lore - Toshi Ranbo stuff

    I am really hoping for the first Uji card now. I dont care how inefficient that deck might be it will be played!
  5. L5R Discord League

    Meta post looking at top used cards and general meta deck percentages from the top 32 players is up on Court Games retains its dominance as most used card..
  6. L5R Discord League

    Season Four has now started so the infamous Preview post is up listing all the pods. Read while I gradually run out of things to say concerning twenty f'ing two pods.
  7. If you are just playing with a single other person then one core is fine to have fun and enjoy the game. Like Conquest the large number of neutrals that appear in all decks increase card knowledge but still provide difference and playability plus each faction still has a very distinct play type. Cost for a single core is cheap so I would recommend buying one and just trying some of the example decks. It is easy to play and learn if you are both learning together. If you intend to start playing outside a limited play group then complextiy ramps up and card knowledge becomes more important. It is not the be all and end all..... Finally if you want to try it out and I am happy to teach you the basics on Jigoku so you have an idea of how things work before teaching the game to your friend. Just send me a PM..
  8. L5R Discord League

    Some of the pods have completed for Season 3. See the results for pods 5,6 and 10 at For a more global look at those players who have managed to get through to the winners cup for season 3 see the league blog post here
  9. L5R Discord League

    Top 32 Discord cup card meta post up for stats fanatics out there. They do exist apparently. See if you can guess the most popular card prior to visiting the blog. It seems obvious once known but would be in a pack of others prior..
  10. L5R Discord League

    Winners cup top 32 report. With stats and pretty charts and all... Don't say I don't treat you..
  11. Best L5R forum?

    Lots of activity on the discord channels
  12. L5R Discord League

    A recap of the 64 is now up as the winners cup starts to heat up.
  13. Jigoku Toxicity

    I am not a big fan of cards that reveal your hand to your opponent but I don't think it is particularly broken, irritating perhaps but that is different. A lot of people use it badly anyway. The most elegant use is prior to an expected combo so a crane drops sol, opponents immediately plays of pd to try and remove the for shame. Or ujaki fires and you go looking for fgg. Most players just run it immediately for hand knowledge and card advantage
  14. L5R Discord League

    Top 64 or the season 2 winners cup has now been posted. Allowing I see them I will add any casts of the games when they occur for those who otherwise cant access the games.
  15. L5R Discord League

    Pod lists for Season three are now up and I make my usual predictions and comments on pod setup/standards.