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  1. Art still great and I also like the fate for passing first and the duplicate uinique discard to add fate to a unique. Makes deck building with uniques far more useful and both provide extra little ways to gain small advantages when you might be behind..
  2. indeed, even ignoring the lcg model companies can save money (and thus produce a cheaper base product) by restricting 'lines'. It is one of the reason discount superstores are so much cheaper than standard. perhaps the key thing is that no one is forcing you to buy anything. If you are a completist who wants a full play set then feel happy that this playset is considerably cheaper than a ccg equivelant would be..
  3. I think unicorn will be closer to the harrier movement decks (if it is I might clan jump!). Crane I doubt are going to be static honor runners as the political attack will be their strength and the designers want the players trading blows in the attacks... phoenix might be the closest to the old 'go away' crane honor style strangely enough. naturally this is all utter guesswork..
  4. imo the game looks gorgeous. I hope this impression continues when we see all the cards.
  5. playtesters can be taken from the general community though ndas are usually required. I playtested on sabertooths 'horus heresy' which was a good game but needed more than marine vs marine
  6. Well at least no one will get offended by an off the cuff comment. Plus someones job might have been put at risk. It truly is magnificent what people are prepared to do to back up their own prejudices.
  7. Re-read the argument post that was not an 'ad hominem' attack (arguable on the wishing harm and even then if you think thats wishing harm then your internet forum use is low). Indeed technically you just issued a strawman by attempting to claim he had carried out an 'ad hominem' attack. Plus you appear to have no sense of humour as the respondee was funny as oDesg does appear really bitter about the game generally and imaging teeth grinding in anger at not being listened to is amusing. Anyone else think that argument thread would cause more problems than it solved, plus!, no doubt, my own response can be torn to pieces on some weird fallacy. C'est la vie
  8. The product page says ' 2 players' which seems definitive to me... Not that you cant make up your own multiple player rules though...
  9. You've seen a few cards? you don't know the rules. Your psychic abilities indeed know no bounds. It's going to really suck to be you when the game is a success. You'll probably still be round giving sage advice on how everything is horrible, so that will be fun!
  10. I started just before diamond and eventually stopped when I was made redundant the day before I was due to fly out to the worlds (in Europe). Stopped for around a year but kept up with fictions. Restarted but could not get over the destruction of my beloved harriers (scouts are so bland compared to them) and the store I was playing it (mikes away) kept closing for the night and not telling anyone so the wasted journeys and the increased awareness of cost stopped me restarting. I did look again later but the aeg forums seemed to have turned into a hate filled cess pit. ffg and the lcg model came at a good time for me.
  11. Other angles are that this thread is a first post OR someone set up a second account so they could post. Plus the title is a deliberate attempt to hide the contents, what's l5r banned cards got to do with it? A suspicious person would think it was an attempt to get a bigger audience. if someone was seriously offended then they complain to ffg directly and not attempt to generate uproar. Ffg recognised it was inappropriate and took it down. As far as I can tell they should do the same to this thread.
  12. Until we know how those cards are split there is little point in guessing (though that wont stop anyone). I suspect a single box will be fine for play with 2 boxes making it more the relevant deck more consistent. They have stated that three boxes would be required for a full playset. Beyond that who knows? I am going to order 4 boxes 3 for me and 1 for my eldest son just so he has some cards of his own when hes not nicking mine..
  13. That was fascinating, thanks for posting. Plus it gave a good insight into why things were done in the way they were done.
  14. the fate system allows them to reduce the cost of uniques so I don't expect any high cost characters.
  15. lol, I don't think reasoning is his strongpoint though. Hanging round forums moaning about a game whose just been slightly previewed seems to be though. someone with a lot of time on their hands no doubt...