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  1. The other problem with Art of Peace (for me so far!) is that in test games I usually find it is the province my opponent avoids hitting. The first time he hits it he usually bounces ( so it does nothing and then they don't go near it. So that might mean it is 'super strong' but something so avoidable that does nothing unless it is broken loses some potency.. If I am losing provinces so easily that its almost a guarenteed break on first 'attack' then I have different problems and if I don't then it is not as useful as the others. In the same manner that if I have an opponent that bounces of Night Raid then they usually hit that one repeatedly as there is no advantage to me after the first conflict has occurred. I suppose you could get all meta and say 'well if they were avoiding AOP then they are hitting your other three so as long as they are potent then it does not matter' but that's too much 'i know you know that I know that you know' for me....
  2. I like your choices though I will perhaps choose an 'air' ring as being Crane I dont have much to do with 'wind' (seems more a crab campfire thing) hohohohoh Ahem sorry. Back on point I think I prefer Meditations to the Night Raid. Night Raid fires once and the opponent gets to choose which cards he drops. Meditations keeps on firing (allowing you hold the province). Equally our own provinve is a single action whereas Manicured and Fertile consistently fire. I expect to hold these provinces every now and then so multi use is useful.
  3. Thanks Tabris! (and others for answering)
  4. Not quite certain I get the following you can discard any cards in provinces anyway so what is this saying? I must be missing something obvious which isn't particularly surprising
  5. I would agree, you need someone 'good' at getting clues and someone good at fighting. As a combo they have the best chance to beat the agenda deck. It's natrually not impossible if you want to pick other characters (I first did the campaign with Roland and Agnes) but we did stutter at some points due to lack of natural clue ability (I wont say how it ended but lets just assume bad things happened), just re-completing with Roland, Wendy and Skids and it has gone extremely well so far (cant say how without spoilers)
  6. someones past browsing history might be helping them out to different content
  7. if a card does not state 'once per conflict' or 'once per round' can you play multiple copies of that card if you have multiple copies in your hand. I presume the once per round rule is to prevent people auto playing the same action on a char multiple times.
  8. Which splash is an interesting choice I am leaning towards Crab for my Crane as I like pressurising their honour and Watch Commander just rocks in that department. There probably aren't enough of that specific card to make it worthwhile in a single core tournament though..
  9. I suppose they intended people to read the entire learn to play document. Even if you read just enough to carry out the next phase that particular issue would not occur until the following turn and by that point you would have read Which seems clear enough to me. Sometimes you can overthink these things. The learn to play is to help provide an easier to read guide to playing the basic game. As long as it does this it does its job. It is not supposed to either the repository of all rules or the font of all knowledge. Though it is pretty amusing it covers the iinitial point quite nicely.
  10. That is an excellent point, considering what you get I would be surprised if they get much profit at all out of a core box. They want people to dip their toes in and not be scared by the price. For the avids and those who like it they can increased their collection in stages. They could probably push out a core box with more in for 60-70 pounds but that would scare of casual players entirely..
  11. I would prefer 'helps ensure the game makes enough profit to be viable' but sure, go for 'obnoxious' if thats what you desire.
  12. Seems sensible, honour does drop very fast if you go over board on bidding and in the first turn lots of cards wont help you enormously due to a relatively low amount of spare fate/peeps. Once you get to low honor against Scorpion or Crane then they can often keep you there and from that point onwards it is very hard to climb out of the hole plus they almost have to chase the honour gaining rings through dired or peeps leaving as opposed to potentially more useful rings for the rounds they are actually in. Sometimes when I have someone at 3-4 honour I will deliberately go for a 5 myself (knowing they are likely to one) because in later rounds the card advantage can help win if timed correctly.
  13. You are not allowed to attack a broken province. If a province is face up and not destroyed then it is active until it is destroyed (through potentially multiple rounds)
  14. Plenty of people with full sets but as I haven;t you can guess the relevant contents from the clan deck lists they suggest for the single box tournament
  15. it is what it is, I am buying 4 cores mainly because I am giving my son a box in the vain hope he will play and not just collect Pokemon but I have the cash and the yearly cost is fine. the fact you can get every card for around 15-20 quid a month (including a deluxe a year) seems better to me than the 60-70 I used to spend on the ccg