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  1. Matrim

    Varients & Game Formats

    I did a blog post on this. Be interesting to see if I was on the money or wide of the mark https://sardonicrejoinder.blogspot.com/2018/09/competitive-formats.html
  2. Matrim

    Doomwind analysis

    I did an analysis on the strengths of 'the guild keeper of doomwind' on the blog at https://sardonicrejoinder.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-guild-keeper-of-doomwind.html comments agreeing or disagreeing (or correcting mistkaes for that matter) are welcome...
  3. Matrim

    What's the point in to buy a Core Set?

    I think the point of this thread is to troll FFG by a poster has done little else but troll FFG (what 1 of your posts was not a moan about FFG and your last 6-7 are all on this same moan) You might be more readable if you posted something constructive and not negative occassionally. Don't let the door bang you on the backside on your way out.
  4. Only just noticed that Quixo 'the Adventuer' art is obviously based on Brad himself. Much better use of it than the rather horrible Kakita Kaezin in L5R...
  5. Matrim

    Gambling Loot Box - FFG is the new EA

    People do like cheese-paring and arguing over definitions don't they? The op was probably referring to extensive research that was related to loot boxes and showed that they fired the same areas of the brain as gambling and that a random content structure encouraged people to spend more money and time in the game 'in the hope' of getting some rare object. This is the same approach as CCG's with their boosters (somewhat diluted later by the increased dominance of singles markets). The unique deck box idea is hitting exactly the same desire so under those definitions is akin to both though under literal is akin too neither. To be frank though, who cares? it is how companies make money and with keyforge the cost is so low that this desire can be easily covered. The op could easily have renamed his post 'unique deck box game - the new way to spend money on stuff'
  6. Matrim

    Quick Rules Question.

    So there are no problems with asking then is there.
  7. Matrim

    Quick Rules Question.

    So you have never seen FFG rule a different way before on a clear rules issue? They probably will support it (as I have also seen rules incorrectly written against how cards were playtested suddenly becoming lore) but I like things that prevent mass changes to board state. Doomwind can easily gain 18 aember two to three times a game off of this and though this would restrict it to 6 that is still 'a lot' . If it argues your way then I suspect the first decks to get chains will be decks with that specific Doomwind combo...
  8. Matrim

    Quick Rules Question.

    Looks deliberate but I will ask the devs anyway.
  9. Matrim

    Quick Rules Question.

    Next up, does the rule of 6 apply to cards like the hunting witch. It looks to me as if using its permenant ability is a 'use' of the card so the rule would apply but some on facebook say that these dont count...
  10. Matrim

    Quick Rules Question.

    Another quick rules query. If you do damage via a card to a creature with armour does the armour soak it up or does the armour only count when fighting?
  11. Matrim

    TTS Guide

    Most will not need it but I added a guide to TTS play onto my blog. (windows operating system) https://sardonicrejoinder.blogspot.com/2018/08/pre-release-play.html
  12. Matrim

    Early Favourites

    Yes, from my limited play it tends to be enormous turns when either the hand has been populated the turn before by a 'return all creatures from a house to your hand' has been used allowing a splurge or lots of archives (archives also allow some of the specific situation cards to be stored and not just chucked as 'he doesnt have any martians out so thats useless) - the storing also prevents the card cycling back wasting a draw if it is truly useless as well. I am getting impressed with purge as well, Had a test game against a horseman deck and managed to purge around 5 of his characters (including 2 of the horseman). At the end of the game he was desperately cycling for a character and not getting one so the reduction is also useful as a way of reducing the decks potency moving forward as well as preventing return or 'get a creature from discard' plays..
  13. Matrim

    Another blog

    I have seen plenty of players in the past (in Magic and Pokemon especially) who were no good as players but were willing to spend huge amounts of money to build the latest and best deck. Then get irritated because they dont win with it because they cannot pilot it properly. Of the TCG problems someone trying to 'buy' success is possibly, most usually, the least problematic.
  14. Matrim

    Can you heal a creature that hasn't been damaged?

    I can only give an opinion but I agree that to 'heal' requires something to heal. Just an opinion though..
  15. Matrim

    Another blog

    I think my issue with people who have the means to purchase and test loads of decks is the second bit. For the sake of the argument let us pretend that any provided deck has a power level of between 60% and 40% (if the balance algorythm is worth its salt) and that if you learn an individual deck by practice and play that you can increase that power level by 10%. Now take player A who buys 3 decks at 30, 40 and 60. She rapidly realises that she has the most success with C and starts practicing with that a lot. Her end deck strength is 70% with the 10% from practice Now take player B who buys 100 decks at 30,45,33,45,40,33,36,38,39,40,46,34,34,36,67,49,40,45,34,45,42,41 (and on) you can assume that the worse 10% can be not tested but how will he then work out which of the above is the 'best'. Will he have time to even test 'every' deck and if he does not test every deck adequately then he might miss a 60 thinking it only a 52 when he has found elsewhere a 54. Then he does not get all the practice the other player gets so does not get to add the 10% practice bonus. I agree that time and player skill will still provide a big advantage just that I dont see even the most time rich of players having the time to to work through all the combinations IF they are money bagging lots of decks. Finally a lot of good existing tcg players need two different skill sets for a major tourney. They need to beat other elite decks in the top cut but also need to mash their way through the swiss where they will meet all manner of weird stuff. A deck honed to beat the elite might get tripped up by some random unexpected weirdness. That factor is also vastly enhanced here as you wont know what you will be facing (and if you do then something will have failed). Then end result is that the cream will rise to the top but that the factors generated by player skill are vastly increased over ability to purchase,time and research. Who knows though. I could be very wrong indeed...