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  1. The game auto-saves after each turn. You can exit the game, and wehn you come back to it it should give you the option to rejoin the current game. Try it out with a new game to verify it works for you.
  2. I think Omens is worthy of buying if you don't own the board game, but I would suggest you download and read the board game rulebook. That will give you a better understanding (or at least more examples) of how the system works. Then you will have an easier time figuring out your strategy.
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    One thing you might try before giving up. Play with one investigator only…Amanda. I have beaten each ancient one with her alone, the first time through on each try. Her ability to resolve more than one task per roll is priceless.
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    Sounds like you had a good chance of success, but just had terrible luck. I would have taken that chance too.
  5. Good evening, I bought a copy of Elder Sign Omens for Android yesterday morning, I am running it on a Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S). Just thought I'd share my experiences so far. The game runs fine on my phone, but I did experience a couple of crashes after I downloaded and was playing the Cthulhu expansion. Both crashes occured when I was attempting to start up my in-progress Cthulhu game. Once I got it started, I was able to finish it with no more problems. Please note that I own and have played the board game a few times, so I went in knowing the basic strategy. I played my first 2 games against Yig. I lost the first one, won the second one. Then I tackled Azathoth. Talk about maddening. It doesn't last long when your midnights go like this: +3 doom, +3 doom, +2 doom, +3 doom. After the 5th or 6th game like that, I finally got lucky and the game went a bit easier on the doom tokens. I put Azathoth back where he belongs and called it a night. This morning I downloaded the Cthulhu expansion. It gave me a timeout error while downloading, but upon exiting, reloading and hitting "Restore Purchase", it was good to go. At lunch time, I started up my first game vs. Cthulhu. It lasted all of about 3 full turns. All of the encounters were very difficult ones, and the game was back to handing out doom tokens like candy. I think I had one sign at the point Cthulhu's doom track filled up. After picking myself up off the floor from the swift butt-kicking, I thought that I had figured out what the other posts mean when they talk about Cthulhu being very hard to win against. Given my difficulty with Azathoth, I figured I was in for a long series of games. So I started game #2 vs. Cthulhu and played for about 30 minutes before going back to work. Since I figured I was hosed before I even started, I picked 3 of my power-team of investigators (Harvey, Amanda and Mike) and one new guy (Mark Harrigan). I finished the game after I got home this evening. While Mark was pretty much useless after we got to part 2 due to never having enough items on hand, the others made Cthulhu look like a pushover. Apparently the game forgot that doom tokens even existed this time around. I ended up finishing the museum with the required 7 signs and one doom token. I had one other come out, but it was later removed by completing one of the encounters. Fortunately for the sake of fun, the game started remembering the doom tokens once I got to part 2. Even so, I ended the game with only 8 doom tokens on the track, and all 4 investigators still alive and kicking. Harvey was the one to sink R'lyeh back into the sea, but if he failed Amanda was ready with a stack of clues and the Sword of Glory. If I remember correctly, she ended the game with nearly 20 trophies. I just didn't need to spend them other than a couple of healing turns. My impressions of the game so far is that it is a pretty good version of the board game. I like the 2-part Cthulhu campaign, I'd love to see something like that as an expansion for the original. Only a couple regrets, the big one being that there are only 3 Ancient Ones, I hope that FFG enables the rest of them at some point. I would also like to see an option to play Cthulhu in normal-mode (museum only) instead of the 2-parter. In summary, I think this is well woth the money, and I think I'll be playing it for a good while to come. I'll be wathcing for more updates/expansions. Thanks, James
  6. Complete sets are listed again, I fnally got mine. They look great!
  7. I'd like to know as well. Didn't think they would sell out that quickly.
  8. I am amazed no one has posted about this yet. FF brought all 48 minis to GenCon and they were for sale. I held them in my hands, they look very nice. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to purchase them at the con. Had to contribute all my cash to our driver, who's car broke down on Saturday, to get the car fixed. So Fantasy Flight, WHEN can I buy them, and WHERE do I order them? I want all 48, and am happy to give you $4 each for them. The guy working the booth that I talked to said that they would not be available for general sale for a few months yet, but they had this lot to sell at the con. Thanks, James
  9. As far as new boards, I think they have about hit the limit. But small expansions...I'd like to see a few more. Specifically, they could design some around the old Call of Cthulhu RPG mega-campaigns. Or at least a couple for the other major Old Ones, like Yog Sothoth, Azathoth and Cthulhu itself. Thanks, James
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. The main reason that I was asking is due to the flavor text on the rules and on the game box. It implies that the Investigators should try to infiltrate the cult so that they can discover info to fight it. Since there obviously isn't any requirement to do so, then I would expect that joining the cult would give you access to some sort of power or ability that would be tempting to players. The moral choices involved and the potential tragic outcomes are what make things like this worth having in the game. If there is no need to use it, and no special power or benefit to tempt players, who's going to do it other than for purely RP reasons? As for the "I'll get beat up and lose some Stamina if I dont join" replies, I guess you guys don't do much monster-slaying eh? Thanks, James
  11. Good afternoon, I just picked up the BGOTW expansion, and looked through the cards. After reviewing the Cult Encounter cards, I have a serious question. Why would anyone choose to join the Cult? It seems to me that the few beneficial cult encounter results (at the cost of Corruption cards) in no way equals the drawback of introducing corruption cards into the game. Am I missing something? Thanks, James
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