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  1. I’m starting a new game of Star Wars with my usual players. Working through session 0 they dropped the bomb on me: they want to track wealth. For the first time my players don’t want wealth tracked with a hand wave. I’m usually terrible at remembering to hand out money (gold, credits, mushrooms) and my players have expressed an interest in keeping better track of it. I have a couple of questions that I hope your experience can help answer. What is a good rate (frequency and amount) for credit accumulation? They want to plan acquiring upgrades to gear, ships, investments, bribes and such. As a follow on question how do you handle ship upkeep? Fuel, rations, docking, medical supplies, general maintenance, etc. As a third, phantom question, is there a good way to track wealth that isn’t bean counting? Some kind of resource management that is tracked with dice, rolling, and depletion? Any advice would be useful!
  2. GoblynByte said: GoblynByte said: That mismatching of characteristics and skills isn't forbidden in a system like EotE. In fact, it is discussed explicitly in a few places. I think that is awesome as it can encourage players to be creative and has the potential for added depth in the narrative. I used to run my D&D games like this. I would like to see a sidebar in the "Conflict and Combat" chapter that explains using mismatched characteristics in combat, presenting guidelines for incorporating them and potential pitfalls. While a reasonable group could do this anyway, using the "Cool or Vigilance" sidebar as a template but having something substantial in the book itself goes a long way. Maybe if there were special expenditures for advantage, triumph, threat and despair based on what characteristic was used? That would be a great way to emulate different Lightsaber forms, military training, fringer gunslinger techniques and exotic combat styles.
  3. GoblynByte said: Donovan Morningfire said: Oddly enough, West End Games' also had brawling under Strength, but put melee weapon usage under Dexterity. This was not without some logic since Brawling in D6 included more brute force tactics like wrestling and grappling. I would like to see an option where someone can use Brawn, Agility or Cunning to resolve attacks. Everyone goes round about strength versus agility but the poor cunning combatant gets left out. You know the archetypes: the old warrior past his prime who relies on years of experience, the overmatched underdog who must use dirty tricks and the schemer who beats his opponent before they even cross blades (or Lightsabers, or draw blasters, etc). I rarely see this type of fighter represented in games, which is weird considering their prevalence in literature and movies.
  4. Personally, I like the idea of impactful and deadly Lightsabers. Popping a Lightsaber, especially in the EotE time, should mean “This s@%t just got real”. It is very reminiscent of old samurai movies. Having mechanical “oomph” that supports the deadly imagery portrayed in the movies and most of the expanded universe is very welcome. In d20 Saga characters had to hyper specialize in Lightaber combat to stay competitive with blasters and it never really felt right. So far my big worry with Lightsabers is the static 2 difficulty dice for melee defense. I would like to see a non-talent all-out defense option for characters who really don’t want to get hit.
  5. I picked up my Monster Vault last night and after some ooing and aahing noticed I was missing some creature cards. Five actually, which includes missing one basic NPC and two expert NPCs. I have no idea what the other two monsters are. Has anyone else had this issue yet? I counted all the other bits and they seem good although without a comprehensive list of what is supposed to be in there I can't say for certain but the number of other bits seems fine. How can I resolve this? Anyone have any luck messaging FFG and having missing components provided?
  6. WOW....thanks for that compelation!! I had to decide between the Creature Vault and the Creature guide and had to go with the Vault (I REALLY like these cards) and I appreciate the handy guide seeing the Vault didn't really come with any documentation. Quick question about the symbols on the right of the cards that correspond with action cards? The Wargor has one melee symbol, the Cult Leader has a magic and a fellowship symbol, etc. The Guide likely explains what to do with them but I won't be able to get that for a bit. Is it a suggestion for adding player cards? I am assuming you can give monsters monster cards based on their type but these symbols mean I should add extras?
  7. I just picked up the game last week and it looks great. I ran a quick test drive session and a question about criticals came up. Is a critical delivered automatically when there are boons equal to the weapon’s critical rating or must boons be spent to activate the critical, similar to spending boons on an Action Card. For example, when attacking with a sword that has a CR of 3 and using Final Stroke of the Master, I roll four boons. Do I: 1. Get a critical because I have three or more boons, use two boons to invoke the two boon line on the action card adding +1 damage and critical (for a total of two critical wounds) and use the other two boons to recover a fatigue. 2. Spend three boons to invoke a critical on my sword and stare sadly at the unused boon. 3. Spend two boons to invoke the two boon line on the action card adding +1 damage and critical (converting one wound into a critical) and use the other two boons to recover a fatigue. 4. Spend two boons to invoke the two boon line on the action card adding +1 damage, wasting the +1 critical because I didn’t get a critical to begin with (making option 3 invalid) and use the other two boons to recover a fatigue. I appologize for being long winded but this is one of the last niggling little things I need to clear up before I start running this for my regular group. And any other advice would be most appreciated.
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