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    I sold my copy (1core + 2 expansions) due to what i think there is no future of this game, but after that i feel so regret and at last I buy 2set back!
    This is a great game , hope FFG or anyone who involved can listen : DON'T LET THIS GAME END !
    For some one who may interest in this game, buy it now, you won't be regret!
    WHDW had changed to be a causal game , yes ,  and this is why I love this game , without complicate rules, not much to setup , takes few mins to start ,
    reasonable game time , decent price for what you got , great art work , different battlefield in every game , high quality , especially the disk ,
    I was worried about will it be damage after the flipping during the game,  although they are cardboard, but still very hard and not easy to be damaged.
    The game give you a great combat feel, free , fast , deadly and tactical .
    More than above , you can build your army for every wars , offering 4-10 totally different races(4 in Core set, 3 / expansion ) of your choice without spending too much . 
    I can't believe such a great game could be end like this !  I think the bright future will finally come. Have Faith Comrade !
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