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  1. I'm confused. Why is he drawing four cards everytime he plays Logos? I don't see what's happening at all.
  2. Ok. I think I see all that. Thank you.
  3. Haven't gotten to play yet and I'm trying to wrap my mind around Archiving. What's it for? What's the strategy? Why should I do it other than a card tells me to?
  4. I sort of hate T.I.M.E Stories, but so far Discovery seems to have some more replayability than I feared at first. Or at least, I've played the first scenario with 3 different groups and I haven't minded resolving the puzzle each time, even though I've discovered the flow. My first scenario is in the desert, and working out how to follow all the steps without dying of dehydration is an... ok puzzle so far. Considering how often I get to replay games, I think this might wear out only slightly before I would naturally not get to play it more, if that makes any sense. But weirdly, two of my friends have their own copies and I'm actually eager to play theirs to see what the differences in the sets are. So I guess FFG is doing something right.
  5. I won't lie, I'm not a collector at heart, but I see the attraction of owning a set of each possible combination of houses. I don't imagine I'd actually do it, but I might make a checklist to see how close I come before new houses are introduced.
  6. RARodger

    TTS Guide

    Thank you! I'm not that computer game savvy, and looking at the steam website confused the heck out of me. I look forward to seeing if this helps, but I alleviate it exists at all.
  7. I'm not sure what features the developers are planning for the app, of course, but one I would love to see supported is a tournament helper. Imagine this: you just scan the codes for each deck and select which format of tournament you want. The app assigns the matches for you. As the game completes you enter winner and (I'm presuming) number of keys/amber for tiebreakers and stuff, then the app spits out the next pairings. And then the results are sent on to each individual player's accounts if they're tracking their decks' performance as well. I think it would be great not just for organized play but for casual groups who want to do something interest too.
  8. I'm planning on getting a starter and a couple extra decks, so 4 + the trainers or whatever. I can imagine picking up extra ones here and there as time goes on. The plays I've seen make the game look good, but it really depends on if I can find people to play it with. But with 4/6 decks I can probably get it to hit at a game night even if no one else is buying in.
  9. RARodger


    I thought it was in the rule book.
  10. Has there been official word on "tournaments?" I only saw "organized play" which is not necessarily the same thing.
  11. So, I've been out of CCG for a long time. Is it really a thing that deck composition is what wins? There's no skill at the table? You could just hand your decks to a robot to see who wins and be as happy? That sounds... real un-fun to me.
  12. I call it the Glorius Month of Magic. I miss it too.
  13. I think what people don't get is the feeling, and forgive me if I'm wrong or putting words in someone's mouth, that this should be a game for competitive players but it might actually be for non-competitive and/or causal players. It reads to me a whole lot like what I hoped Magic would have been when it came first came out. I haven't played Magic since the '90s, but this has me interested.
  14. Because I won't have people I'm telling me I'm a moron for not including this or that in my build. Because I prefer the skill of working with a deck to play a game to the skill of building a deck. Because if you can't improve your deck, maybe you can improve how you play your deck. Because I don't believe the game is just two decks flipping cards until one wins, that players matter. Because I enjoy getting to go places and play people I don't know, but the Buy till you Win element of CCG made me un-competitive out of the gate. Maybe I can never improve or change a deck, but neither can they. And maybe this game will weed out a type of player that has ruined my experience at open gaming before. Maybe not, but a boy can hope.
  15. Or, it's marketed to players like me who loved the idea of Magic... everyone would have their own deck. You'd constantly be seeing new and wonderous combinations and then-- well, you didn't. The internet happened and deck lists happened. Blah. Who cares about that? Well, apparently someone does, but I don't. This feels to me like what Magic was supposed to be. Unique. I'm looking forward to trying the game and seeing what happens as they explore the design. And ****, without deckbuilding maybe I'll even try a tournament or two, since for every other game I've been interested in they have been horrible experiences for me. I'm not a fan of the blind buy aspect. I always prefer having control over my purchases and I almost always have factions I prefer in a game. But here it makes sense in a way that it's forgivable.
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