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  1. I have a slightly different question. New to the game, Just played the foul stench scenario. we (2 players) reached the end of the quest track, having also dispatched the Nemesis, all 3 times. We still had 2 locations to enter. As we progress through them, does the Nemesis come back every turn, repeating the 3rd Nemesis effect on the quest card? Does the nemesis also heal all of his wounds each time? We played it that the Nemesis keeps coming back after being killed, so that we were forced to just heal and Explore until we completed the last locations, at which point, having gotten 6 of the 10 progress points on it, then killing the Nemesis the final time, and obtaining the last 4 progress points the end the game. It took over 2 hours to play. Did we play it right? Bill
  2. wag4803055

    Unofficial App Development

    Bruce; I don't think you have to worry too much about Licensing. The main reason is the copyright on written material only exists when it is submitted to a media; a file. Any liability only occurs if you use images and/or sounds from the original. A play concept is not covered, as shown by the legal precedent of PacMan vs one competitor that used a worm chasing and eating your avatar through a maze. PacMan owners lost that case. In fact, I think it would be better to not include any reference to the game at all. Even eBay flags mentions of manufactures names in auctions, even when it a disclaimer that says the item is NOT <company> product. It is too easy to misdirect viewers when they don't look at every thing. Simply say " an App for your favorite SciFi boardgame. Aside from that, if you give it away, no one would have a leg to stand on. I am currently designing a Miniatures game based on the play of the XCOM video games. I already have miniatures made for it, though I am using the FFG XCOM soldiers. You can see photos on my FB page "William Greenwald". I have found miniatures that are already in production, and made some from parts of other game company's figures, Genestealers and Hormagaunts (GW). Others are 3D printings. I'll publish the rules, while customers will have to make their own terrain. But, the combat rules will be based on the same combat mechanisms in the video game, percentiles. I'll have to license the name, however if I want to market it. I any event, I would like to playtest your work if you decided to write the code. What would you write it in? Bill PS: I did figure out why I was having so much trouble with the dice. I was playing it very wrong.
  3. wag4803055

    Unofficial App Development

    I would be very interested in an App for the PC which would have no timing for the Timed events phase. I have ADHD and find it very difficult to keep up with the events. My guess is that trying to figure out the randomness of the events and duplicating them in this new App would be difficult at best. Personally, I think the game is too hard when it come to the number of UFO's that show up each turn. It's bad enough that the success rate for all resolutions is 33%. It has made the game not fun for me. Having a selection for the range of possible UFO numbers would be a nice addition.