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  1. I'd say no. I assume it is a forced revelation effect on a mythos card? A forced ability is identified by a bold "Forced – " command. Forced abilities initiate and interact with the game state automatically at a specified timing point. Such a timing point is usually indicated by words such as: "when," "after," "if," or "at." If a forced ability does not have the potential to change the game state, the ability does not initiate. As I read it if that forced ability is not able to initiate it is not possible to choose it.
  2. As far as I read the rules, "Ownership and Control", you still own the card while it is in your discard pile. A card’s owner is the player whose deck (or game area) held the card at the start of the game. A player controls the cards located in his or her out-of-play game areas (such as the hand, deck, discard pile). Thus even if the statue is in your discard pile it is still a card you own and the reaction to the effect could trigger.
  3. Wouldn't that Eldritch Inspiration make Recharge loose all risk? Then again as the card is written, you wouldn't get the charges if a symbol was revealed, right? Or is it written in a way that tells you to add charges if you do not discard the asset?
  4. Ah, my bad on cheap shot but thank you for the clarification. Not that I am sure when it would apply since Finn have an extra evade only action but good to know regardless.
  5. Especially about Finns weapon. If I use that weapon and Cheap Shot or Stunning Blow. When do I check if the enemy is engaged with me? At the start of the test or before I apply damage? When I read the card I somehow get the feeling it is at the start of the test but I would like to know from more experienced players.
  6. I'd love to see Wilson Richards, the Handyman. Probably a survivor with access to tricks of some kind. Insight 0-2 and Trick 0-2. Just have to balance it. I really have no reason for it except I just like that character (from the other games)
  7. I have not had the opportunity to play yet (I try not to start another LCG but I am really interested in this game) though I am rather familiar with the mechanics and the game over all. This new mechanic where you can seal away certain chaos tokens combined with cards like Dark Prophesy and Olive the witch seem to make Jim rather good. Seal away one or two "bad chaos tokens", you don't really have to worry about the skulls and if you really need to pass, user the prophecy. Consistent draw if not extraordinary, which,if I understand the game right, is what you want. Will this make Jim too good or just good enough?
  8. Greetings fellow investigators. As the title says I have a queston regarding those cards (1 common item and 1 unique item) and the SoA mode. Can I apply those to an Arkham Adventure with a gate on it and in that case what happen. I can argue for three solutions. a) No you can not apply it on an Arkham Adventure with a gate since it in extension will make the card affect an other world, wich is explicitly forbidden. b) You can change the Arkham Adventure and move the gate to the new Arkham Adventure that replace the discarded. c)You discard the Arkham Adventure, monsters, gate marker and discard the Other World Adventure an the other end of the gate and draw a new Arkham Adventure in place of the discarded. Atm I play according to a), b) I don't like at all and c) would make the cards even more powerful than they already are. Btw, the Gate Box and Find Gate still confuse me but I play them like in the thread here, i.e. the Other World is placed face up so that I know what I face and can prepare before I go there. Hope I make sense
  9. Do you have the 'buy in app' option diabled? If you have you will get that message. Try to enable the ability to buy in application, download it all and if you still are worried about it, apply the security setting again.
  10. I at least interpret the rule the way that if a Dreamer only choose Imagining as Iconic Trait the dreamer will generate double the amount of imagining per expended point of imagination. 1 point imagination expended can be used to 'fuel' up to a 2nd level imagining effect 2 points imagination expended can 'fuel' up to a 4th level imagining effect ... and so on. It is powerful but it is THE thing of the dreamer to be more in touch with the Grimm Lands, or at least have an easier time moulding the Grimm Lands.
  11. Well.... that show the shortcoming of not owning the game (yet).
  12. I've read this thread with interest. Though I don't yet have the game so I don't know exactly how things work I have the feeling that a character like 'Long John' Silver out of treasure island could fit in perfectly. As an evil character that pretend the children that he know this or that and set them down the path toward Babylon to further his own ends. (Pirate setting of course) I would also avoid using any Arthurian settings since it is a bit too high and shining though I do not see any problems in mixing in certain aspects of that hodgepodge of ballands. I also think that you should be able to mix in characters from say Kipling's Jungle Book, Moby **** (face it, a white sperm whale have to be magic in some way) and quite a few other books written in the mid to late 19th century. They contain enough tall tales to be useful. And, folklore could fit in rather well. How to avoid the barghest and the bloody moore before the wild hunt catch up. I here make the the assumption that the Rotten King could be assumed to 'absorb litterature' and weld it to his own kingdom as soon as a child read it and dream about participating in the adventures presented.... and the he naturally twist it in his own way.
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