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  1. The deck-building aspect is the most elusive detail yet. It seems to me that deck-building consists of leveling up (by spending exp) the cards that are part of your originally constructed deck. It's not clear at what point, if ever, a person integrates entirely new cards. There's not been mention of how/when a player acquires new cards. I also wonder how replacing cards with entirely different ones works with regard to earned exp--is it just a simple one-to-one swap? The chaos tokens are the only mechanic I dislike. It reminds me of the dice-rolling that PACG required, and I really hated that... leaving everything to chance and hedging a bet. The chaos tokens seem like a slightly clumsy mechanic every time you need to make a check.
  2. I'm curious, does anyone know what the painting process is for these minis? My friend thinks they are hand-painted, but I've seen hand-painted miniatures before many times on a mass scale and they are never this good, not at this price range. There has to be some other process. Does anyone know how they pull it off?
  3. Artist: Kevin Macleod
  4. Your best bet is to probably visit a local graphics printing studio (a small firm/business) and see what they can do for you. Provide them a PDF file with correct dimensions of the map and their printing equipment could fabricate something on a thick cardboard.
  5. From a rules and mechanics perspective, it makes more sense for it to apply to adjacent enemies at range, not at Barry's base.
  6. I was just about to post a thread asking this. I just love the music. It's soooo good. I can't seem to find it anywhere on itunes though. Is it under the artist name? Can you link me?
  7. Touche! You raise an excellent point. If, for instance, a tauntaun has the capability of *potentially* getting the killing blow on a Death Squadron Star Destroyer, then I suppose I'd allow Maul and Vader to fight side-by-side.
  8. Well I made the mistake of clogging the forum with yet another "should i buy so and so packs." Though it did just get bumped after I created the thread. Regardless consider this post yet another bump and a thank you for the clarification regarding how data packs work. I was entering my decision to purchase the Star Wars LCG with mild trepidation, but now I'm left relieved knowing I won't have to double up on force packs.
  9. I see that now. :/ Thanks for your input.
  10. Would this be the first LCG by FFG that behooves a player to actually buy multiple force packs due to a deck being able to have more than one of a particular objective set? I ask out of ignorance, as I don't play the game, but I'm considering getting into it. With all the other FFG's I've played--such as LoTR and Netrunner--it's completely pointless to buy more than one Adventure/Data Pack. So has FFG marketed their newest LCG in a rather devious way, enticing the player to buy multiple copies of particular ones, when that wasn't viable/feasible with past LCGs? Thanks for the constructive replies!
  11. I've also questioned where this game will ultimately go. I think it has the same problem that the miniatures games does. If you start including the different eras of the Star Wars universe, you get really weird time line discrepancies. It would just be odd to see both Darth Vader and Darth Maul on the board at the same time, or an N-1 Starfighter and an X-wing (as just two examples). So if they do use the expanded universe, how does that fit thematically? That's more a rhetorical question... Curious though!
  12. I live just outside of Knoxville in Oak Ridge. I collected NR for awhile but sold what i had because i didn't know anyone who played. With that said, I'd be willing to get back in. The game is absolutely brilliant. It's easily one of the best competitive card games out there.
  13. @ SOGra: I was making that same mistake during my first several games. It made a huge difference, and thus made the game more manaeable when I played the step of engagment… correctly. @Spleen: Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Based on your experience, and I'm assuming you have several expansion for the game, what percentage of "deck-building" cards would you say are generally useful? That is to say, how many are considered for decks you build versus those that are automatically discarded due to being comparatively bad?
  14. Hey SOGra, Thanks for replying to my thread, I'm honoredthat I inspired you to do so! I went ahead and bought the core set, and so far I'm loving it. Unlike a lot of FFG's other LCGs, LoTR card game seems to have a much better value, not just in its solo capability but in how unrestricted you are in building decks (to a degree). That's not to say it was smooth sailing. The rulebook--while adequate in teaching the basics--left me scratching my head on a lot of the finer points of the game. I found a pdf file on BGG that showed rulings each card in all the sets save for Heirs, and that was a godsend. If it weren't for that, I would have been really frustrated with figuring out certain timing aspects among other things. With a card like "Guard of the Citadel" I have to wonder why you would ever use it. It's arguably the worst ally in the base set. At a cost of 2 resources, it has 1 willpower, 1 attack, 0 defense and 2 health with no abilities. Then compare it to the Erebor Hammersmith which also has a cost of 2, with 1 willpower, 1 attack, 1 defense, 3 health AND a discard pile fetch ability. Now i realize these belong to two different spheres, but that doesn't change the fact that the hammersmith is better not just in one category, but three! The only redeeming quality to the Guards would possibly be it's "Gondor" trait, but I can't imagine that its usefulness warrants it's gimped (by comparison) stats. I digress… The game is fantastic and I'll be looking forward to more expansions, I just wish the rulebook had been more thorough as well as the card ability descriptions.
  15. Thank you CJMatos for your individual answers and thanks GrandSpleen for the online resources which will be quite handy!
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