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  1. Horton's ability and pilot skill make deadeye a lot less important.
  2. They aren't so much duds as much as they are upgrades with a very narrow use, you need to have a squad built to accommodate them rather than just slapping them on, and against certain lists certain torpedoes and missiles will be much worse. Most of the more competitive gamers avoid specialization when they can. I of course am the farthest thing from a competitive gamer and half my lists would probably be laughed out of any major tournament on sight . Torps are fun! Especially on Horton
  3. I tend to just carry my X-wing dice in the same oversized art box as my fleet, but if any of my RPs were local instead of over skype I might pick them up for novelty's sake. Especially for an EotE or AoR game.
  4. But with decent shields and an evade action they might be able to avoid soaking up too many.
  5. I really hope that y-wing title they mentioned can be put on rebel ones...
  6. Ok I understand you know the role will be important, But I feel it will be just as exciting, involved and nerve racking as any of the others. "Will I roll well enough to boost our fighters in time to stop that raid? and if I do will I have doomed our ground teams with sub-par weaponry?" You are effectively the party buff bot and as a player of supports resource management in those roles can be intense and exciting.
  7. I just can't wait to try arvel with the ept giving tile and intimidation. That will be fun.
  8. The article does point out that ships can't use their main weapons on squadrons and have to rely on generally weaker point defenses. Which is present in the x-wing game if you think about it, the Corvette's primary attack and single turbo lasers have trouble landing consistently solid hits compared to the close in quad cannons.
  9. It seems to make sense to me, it the Corvette's come at the star destroyer one at a time they'd be smashed most likely, but by pairing up they can both take up the same arcs to prevent it bringing it's full power to bear, or if there is some shield facing mechanic they can split up to weaken its defenses. Ultimately numbers are a big deal in any fight, Teamwork, splitting focus to accomplish more things, so I think a 3 point difference seems fair, especially since we don't know the "standard" point total of a match ;though it seems far higher than X-wing, assuming the corvette is one of the smaller, cheaper ships it's still just under half its X-wing price where it is the largest ship available atm. A high point total would mean one or two points is far less important.
  10. Of course straight xp won't help that much either, you'd need to look at how much has been spent on things that are combat relevant. A 10 xp Commando is still going to wipe the floor with a 200 xp Diplomat who never bought any combat skills and still has his species base brawn and agility. And if that Diplomat is in a team with another 200 xp commando then a good challenge for the latter will murder the former. That's the thing with classless and class light systems, the freedom is wonderful as a player but it can be a tricky balancing act as a GM.
  11. I have to agree, any classless system, or semi,classless in this case, will reach a point when the pcs are maxed on over half the available skills and the squishy skill monkey can solo something that could wipe out a party of low level combot characters. Though: Move is a a lot less op then it appears, one point to activate at all, one to lift a silhouette one object, the xp cost for the attack upgrade,which uses uses a harder to get skill, one to reach medium range. So you need a minimum of two force dice for a less than 75 percent chance to attempt an attack that's only slightly stronger than a common blaster carbine. It's even harder to get the force points needed to activate the extra range and power upgrades you'd need to do anything truly impressive. The utility applications are great but I doubt that's what most people mean when they say OP.
  12. Maybe they are hutts, which if I recall my canon correctly can change genders more or less at will.
  13. Thank you. This whole "issue" is completely irrelevant. Tell you what, since FFG apparently can't decide, why don't you decide for them? Pick one. Accept that some people may have a different opinion and move on. It has no influence on the game whatsoever It's not an issue, but some people enjoy knowing the fluff, I know I've spent a fair bit of time reading about pilots I only learned of from this game on Wookipedia, some people like to write out their games as in character fight scenes and so on. In these cases while knowing the genders of these pilots isn't "vital" it is somewhat useful. In the end there will be no definite answer unless either Disney decides to mention them in something or FFG includes them in an adventure for the roleplaying games, until then flip a coin.
  14. Honestly I'd like to see searchable pdfs more. Or any pdfs really.
  15. (Also remember that the Force Emergent and Force Exile trees DO NOT HAVE SPECIALIZATION SKILLS, meaning you would be losing out on 2 free ranks, up to 20 possible XP worth by choosing it (and will generally have less career skills)). You don't get any extra ranks from choosing another specialization. However, you're right that they don't have any bonus career skills. The two skillranks you're talking about is only for your first spec. He's talking about a house rule to allow universal specs to be chosen as starting specs.
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