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  1. It would be usefull also have rules to construct xeno-ships. We have the careers of the Dark Eldars, but if we want play an all-Dark Eldar party we must use Empire Ships.
  2. Sebashaw

    The End?

    But iis it confirmed a second edition of DH? Or is it just a rumor?
  3. Sebashaw

    The End?

    Lynata said: That being said, I also never quite understood why Black Industries opted for an Inquisitorial cell without an Inquisitor back then. Sure, it's one way to pull it off, but it doesn't exactly meet expectations when someone comes in having read about the Inquisition from all those other sources, does it? The "low start" always seemed a bit weird - it's like a game of Rogue Trader where the players start out as crewmen! Probably because an inquisitor has too much political and financial power, he could even declare the destruction of an entire planet in less than an hour. And I think that Dark Heresy, in the end, is the most clearly focused game of the line, the part written by the BI at least. For example, I think that the archetypal character of Rogue Trader is Han Solo, a wrong choice to me, the tipical character of Rogue Trader should be Sir Francis Drake, a man who commanded many sailors, not a man with only an hairy friend! And I think sometimes that FFG is too much bounded to the Codex, instead of Black Industries which were more "free".
  4. Sebashaw

    The End?

    I have FEAR to see Ascension as a core-book.
  5. Maybe we will see something new when Total War: Warhammer will come out. Probably in the 2016.
  6. Emirikol said: Sebashaw said: It would be interesting a returning to the 1° edition of the content. What content in particular? The character content for 1e was simply primordial in content. When I look back the main content that I would long for is maybe some of the chaos presentation and the "greasy-evilness" of the spells. jh Legal gods. Elemental mages. People from Kislev. Fimirs.
  7. It would be interesting a returning to the 1° edition of the content.
  8. Could have a wizard an Order talent AND the Dark Magic talent?
  9. In the 1° edition there was more type of magic, it was more "free". It would be awesome if they will make a box to use old stuff like type of magic as in 1° edition, not the specific spells, but the careers.
  10. I think 3°ed is more narrative, the system doesn't bore me with the physic of the world, it tells me only if an action fails or not. I can let describe to my players even the damage to the characters. I don't find anything of a board-game in WHFR. To me a good game is a game that work without "the rule 0" or "the golden rule": as master, I want play, not constantly fixing the game.
  11. I vote for Wood Elves, High Elves, Kislev and maybe another one for dwarfs.
  12. Another percentage system, I've already seen this, I'm tired. No more percentage games for me, I've already abandoned the others.
  13. A new game? I hope with the rules of WHFR. If not, I'll be satisfied with a book for Rogue Trader about Eldar and Dark Eldar.
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