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  1. when travelling all previous terrain cards are removed,(page 26). so a lone marine who travels will only start with two terrain UNLESS during terrain placement you can put BOTH left and right side terrain cards on him. when SHIFTING FORMATION it states that its possible a SM can have more than one terrain card on each side. but is this different to SETTING UP terrain cards ? mike
  2. thankyou tim. i found the die answer after reading an example... glad we were playing correctly..
  3. hi guys. my copy arrived yesterday from IGUK,,we were playing Gorkamorka at the time so after his mob bottled out we got stuck into Death Angel,mmmm new packaging . a couple of silly things came up.. firstly is the 0 on the die a zero or a square !? if the marines roll it while defending if a zero they die right for less than the number of stealers... if its a square is it a way of a huge swarm 6+ of stealers missing..? my brother leon rolled this "0" 5 times in the game ! next question ,swarm movement,..if one stealer in a swarm has the movement icon,ALL the swarm moves with him correct ?.my mate hated that idea because a swarm of 9 moved to his guy although only two stealers had that icon. so far so good ... mike
  4. can the union player pick up a core token from there original postion,to prevent the matriarchy player from collecting it.? from the rules core tokens cannot be placed in inventory slots and are treated as flags in capture the flag mode. for each core token placed in its resonance circuit the union player suffers a 1 point penalty to their characteristics. - the union player may remove core tokens from there resonance circuit,but the associated penalty is not eliminated until the core token is returned to its original position.
  5. hi folks does a flying monster IN a location with NO investigator in or adjacent in street ,move to the sky? according to the flying monster diagram page 11 i dont think so. mike
  6. hi folks. recently played first game of Arkham Horror,had a blast querie-i have the revised edition, are the expansions the same style ? or will they be revised too in the future ? mike
  7. thankyou corbon for your excellent explanation,,
  8. thankyou anistone for your quick reply. we're still getting into this and lots of fun..4 hero's failed quest two when one opened a mimic chest and died and having there best fighter kill another hero with dark charm was priceless.
  9. when a hero declares a "battle" action..it states there are no movement points.. but one skill card states that when that hero declares battle action he gets half his movement as movement points to move (cant recall skill at mo) and can you spend fatigure to move with battle.? or are said movement points for spending on drinking potions and the like.? cheers.
  10. can a hero with "acrobat" avoid falling into a pit/spiked pit trap that she sets off by moving into a new space...? or only avoid pits already seen on the board ? can they move thru water/rubble ?
  11. can a hero spend a fatgue point during the overloads turn to drink a healing potion between being attacked ? or are fatigues points only during hero's turn ?
  12. hi folks just to say i picked a copy and all the expansions up recently and look forward to posting in this forum regards. mike
  13. mixykym

    frags ..

    when two or more marines in play are the 6 frag rules per marine ? or total frag kills ? yes rules say 6 frags,but if two marines thats each die 3 times,short game !!!!!!!!
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