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  1. Take PC's character sheet. Copy it. Change species modifiers to the modifiers of the Rival's species. Change their gender. Make their pod red instead of blue. Viola! Yes, have them play the viola (nature's most sinister instrument).
  2. Star Wars is a team game and though I try to build the character I want to play, I do build them so they'll contribute to the team and not step on anyone's toes. (If that's meta then so be it. ) With that in mind, I think less about essential specialisations and more about essential skills. Stuff that almost every group in almost every RPG has to roll at some point. Noticing trouble - Perception, Vigilance Avoiding trouble once you've found it - Stealth Talking your way out of trouble once it's found you - Deception, Charm Running away when that doesn't work - Athletics, Coordination Getting out of the secure location where trouble is occurring - Skulduggery, Computers, Mechanic Getting the first shot in when that isn't possible (or only shot, if you're Han) - Cool, Vigilance Getting back on your feets when that didn't work so well - Medicine (or Mechanic, for the synthetics among us), Resilience (This last one I find less vital in FFG's Star Wars games. Most of the time things are either moving so quickly that we don't have time to stop and patch each other up or, between adventures, the GM tells us we've had time to heal up - it's adventure fiction after all, so the nitty gritty doesn't matter so much.) If a group has most of these covered there aren't many situations they can't get themselves out of. I say "most" because lacking some of them can force some interesting improvisation (so perhaps a completely balanced party isn't always preferred).
  3. Check out Doc, the Weasel's excellent talent trees: http://beggingforxp....-talent-sheets/ Ace (vehicle specialist) [Agl] Driver - planetary stuff (speeders, swoops and walkers) Gunner - shooty-shooty (also makes a fair heavy weapons trooper when not in a vehicle [bra]) Pilot - space stuff (starfighters, shuttles, etc.) Commander (leaders) [Pre / Int] Commodore - leads starship battles (good if you're set up on a ship with multiple crew) Squadron Leader - leads starship battles (good if you've got a group of starfighters (poor bastards)) [Agl] Tactician - ground forces leader [bra] Diplomat (the group's face) [Pre / Cun] Ambassador - charming/inspiring face (talents also makes this one good as a more "talky" spy) Agitator - snarky-troublemaker face (gets the locals rowdy) [Will] Quartermaster - money-making face (keeps the cell funded) Engineer (tech guy) [int] Mechanic - keeps your stuff (vehicles) workin' (can be a bit of a bruiser, too) [bra] Saboteur! - blows **** up (do not underestimate the power of blowing **** up) [Agl] Scientist - improves gear / builds new stuff (could be a bit of a MacGuyver... bit iffy, though) Soldier (master of fightology) [Agl / Bra] Commando - straight-up fighter rather than the sneaky git the name conjures (good at range and up close) Medic - Really good doctorin' when you need it most (when you're holding your intestines in) [int] Sharpshooter - where Commando is a good all-round fighter this one's an amazing ranged damage-dealer Spy (intelligence operatives) [Agl / Cun] Infiltrator - splinter cell / assassin's creed types [bra] Scout - ranger / recon guy Slicer - computer hacker / electronic security [int] Universal (costed as if they were in-career specs) Recruit - makes any of the above more fighty. Force-Sensitive Emergent - space-magic-guy with some nice talents to help conceal the fact (or at least hide afterwards) [Will] I've included the characteristics that I think are useful to each career and spec. Personally, I'd try to get these to 3 during character creation.
  4. I imagine SolkaTruesilver just wants to recreate a full, balanced party with only two players. Your Han and Chewy example is a good one - each has a broader skill set than individual starting characters would normally have. That said, some of our most memorable sessions have been when we've had to improvise our way out of situations because the "tech guy" (or whoever) didn't show up that week.
  5. Discipline sounds fine, too. Like, one Jedi throws well because they have good spatial sense, the other because they have good control over their powers.
  6. Ranged: Light for sil.0, Ranged: Heavy for larger, I'd have thought.
  7. I agree with 2Pirate51 - a little post-creation starting XP will round anyone out. You may also want to suggest they look at specialisations that have the Well Rounded talent in them. Recruit - the Universal specialisation from Age of Rebellion - has a bunch of talents that make skills into career skills, too. Doc, the Weasel's talent trees may help: http://beggingforxp.com/2014/star-wars-talent-sheets/
  8. I wouldn't have thought so. Otherwise pretty much every time you're rolling Charm you can just say "Oh, my duster's on now so they can't see my armour." Embrace the fact that you look like you've just walked off the set of Krull.
  9. That's a great place to start then. Otherwise you can probably petition your GM. I don't think they should have a problem with it - it's a neat little concept that can't give you an unfair advantage (the GM is deciding what it can and can't and does and doesn't do, after all) and it provides them with another way to feed information and/or plot hooks to a PC (Luke wouldn't have gotten to go on any adventures had R2 not shown up, after all).
  10. If it's nothing but comic relief, just let them have it. If it's useful either charge them the credits (look at what it's "as useful as" as a guide) or a small amount of XP (FaD introduced the Animal Bond talent at 15xp for a sil.0 animal companion - I see no reason why it'd have to be an aminal).
  11. I think the core books discourage leaving dice committed indefinitely (GM can inflict strain or reduce strain threshold or something). If leaving stuff "on" isn't causing trouble for your group you should keep doing it, of course.
  12. You're right, of course. My query had me searching the developer answered questions. (Hence my radical re-edit of my original post.) Committing multiple dice: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/108101-ffg-developer-answered-questions/?p=1797258 Sam's response makes it sound like you can commit as many dice as you like for 1 Action. I'm sure it usually is an Action to commit... (****. I can't find where it says so.)
  13. I'm sure loranknight mistyped is all (30xp gets you to the point where you can increase Brawn, after all). The only disadvantage I can see with Enhance compared to Force Protection is that committing a Force Die to Enhance is an Action, whereas doing the same for FP is a manoeuvre (so you could still attack afterwards). Of course if you do it when you see combat is coming (rather than after things have kicked off) this means nothing.
  14. Really good thread - nicely done, everyone! Nanny Droid is going to give me nightmares, though.
  15. As long as your GM agrees, yes. All three games are completely compatible (Han [EotE Scoundrel], Leia [AoR Ambassador] and Luke [FaD Starfighter Ace] on one team, for instance) he just needs to decide how to handle Obligation and Duty (there's sufficient guidance that this shouldn't be a massive problem).
  16. Are you asking for traits to make the PCs like her? Make her useful. She's a bounty hunter, so that probably takes care of that - but make sure she respects the skills of PC fighter-types. She brings them a tip or two about employment or money-making endeavours (for a tiny cut) or news about their enemies (for free). Make her independent. If she has other things to do the time she spends with the PCs is a valuable resource she's giving them. If she needs help with problems of her own it may help the PCs to see her as one of the gang rather than just hired help (if they turn her down she can still laugh it off and agree that she should really take care of it herself). Make her a friend. She teases them for setbacks instead of nagging. She puts herself at risk, but doesn't steal the spotlight. She listens to their problems and empathises (camaraderie, not sympathy). Hmm, the end result still sounds very difficult - at least without providing one Player OOC information on what you're trying to achieve. I'd go the other way. Instead of hoping one of the PCs will take a shine to her, have her take a shine to one of the PCs. Engineer situations where she can ask about the character's taste in women (Vess trying to covertly gather information on what an attractive human looks like - something that may seem incredibly arbitrary to a synthetic). "You hesitated back there." [teasing] "Did the pretty bodyguard remind you of someone special?" If asked about the helmet she may grow cool and agitated muttering something about an accident before making excuses to leave for a while. If she grows to trust one of the group, she may confide that she's saving up for "surgery". When she finally gets enough money she reveals her "post-surgery" face and she's a collection of the PC's most appealing traits. Okay, there's a few minor surgical scars, but they add character. Certainly she shouldn't be as self conscious as she has been. (Perhaps a different PC makes a difficult Perception or Intelligence test - she looks vaguely like that bodyguard from weeks ago...) Let things simmer then reveal the truth in a dramatic way. Vess taking a bad hit that had been intended for a PC and requiring "medical" help is a convention, I believe.
  17. Pash: "This reminds me of that time when..." [adventure is played that actually would have occurred much earlier in the campaign (ignore the fact XP is out of sync - memory playing tricks!)] Oskara: "Pash, that story doesn't help at all with our current problem. All you've done is waste our time reminding us about something almost all of us were all present for." [shakes her head] "Idiot."
  18. Let them pick their fleeing skill of choice. "I try to lose them by going to high ground - I run across the rooftops, jumping the gaps between buildings!" opposed Athletics rolls, each success increasing range band "I try to lose them by heading for a busy area and blending into the crowd as soon as possible." Deception vs. Perception "They're wearing bulky armour - I jump over stalls, scramble through narrow passages between buildings, run across the tops of walls!" Coordination
  19. Difficult to say. Short answer (without any sarcasm) is as long as they need to. I don't think you need an XP-based limit (unless you're thinkin' the PCs may be too powerful by the end of the campaign?). Our Edge of the Empire ran for 34 sessions for about +510xp (an estimate based on our average of 15xp a week). Characters felt badass by the end but probably not overpowered (if we'd been powergaming it may have been, but even the Marauder branched out into non-combat stuff (Slicer, in his case)). Everything else we've done in this system is still on-going.
  20. I second Mr. 6's suggestion. Left column of the Sense power turns enemies into the keystone cops.
  21. Spy: Infiltrator does this solidly (Dodge, Frenzied Attack, Soft Spot... heck, all of it). BRA 3, AGL 3, CUN 3 (90xp, depending on your species). Scout (for Stalker and Quick Strike) becomes a good 2nd specialisation, when you've got 20xp to spare (never during character creation, though).
  22. I wouldn't convert the career, I'd just let the player buy the specialisation (number of specs afterwards x 10xp, +10xp for out-of-career). You could ask the GM to waive the +10 out-of-career cost as having the Holocron would make the spec easier to pick up than not having one, I'd imagine. You guys paid for the game, nobody can force you to play Rules As Writtened.
  23. It's something you take in college when you dont want to take a real course load and want a career asking people if they''d like fries with that. Or teaching Liberal Arts?
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