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  1. Giaus Novus Khan said: In our game the GM runs them as crystaline warp 'constructs' left behind by the Yu'Vath... Their only remaining purpose to complete their function until ruin - and that function is to kill. Somehow that's more scary than an alien race. I believe our GM was heavily influenced by the 'Inhibitors' and the 'Berserkers' that feature in popular sci fi books... (can't remember either of the **** author's names at this moment!) I like this, and agree the Whisper itself should be like this (a vast, cool and merciless intelligence). What troubled me was the thought that the Yu'Vath connection would come out, someone would attempt a FL: Xenos roll, get several degrees of success and then whine when I say, "Sorry, the Inquisition suppressed all knowledge about them." Now I've got some ideas that'll show them the sinister, even if it doesn't help them fix the problem ("Alas, how terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise"). Cheers, R.
  2. Ta, Gregorius. Certainly food for thought. May the Emperor's light always shine upon your path.
  3. My Players have just dipped their toes into the "Whispers on the Storm" adventure from the GM Kit. I'm struggling to work out what to tell them when they ask about the Yu'Vath though (a couple of them have Forbidden Lore: Xenos and one has Scholastic Lore: Occult - I'm led to believe the latter is necessary to know anything about the Yu'Vath though). So far I've read: They worship the warp (the warp itself, "monsters from the Id" or specific Ruinous Powers?) They were made extinct during the Avengin Crusade (though were not the focus of the campaign - it was a crusade against all xenos in Calyx, right?) They have some cool tech that manipulates the warp / dark energy, some of it semi-sapient and hell bent on revenge (looking at their ships, how did they lose?) They enslave other species I don't have access to Dark Heresy books though (another GM wants to run it, and I want to be surprised), which may or may not clear some of these queries up. I guess I'm wondering how to play out the adventure's penultimate scene. What are their motivations (beyond revenge)? What were they trying to accomplish before their extinction (universal destruction, dominion, eschaton)? Why do they hate (simple xenophobia, because chaos told them to, because humanity stopped them from doing X)? It may be that these answers don't exist yet, which is fine - I'll just make something up - but if they do exist, I don't want to have to contradict myself later. Thanks in advance, R.
  4. I think the problem I have with the table is that it just seems too short. If weird events happen every five days or so fine, they can dodge them, but I don't like the idea of help being just two days travel away. This is the frontier - they should feel like they're all alone. Once again, thanks for the advice guys. I've a feeling I'll be revising Warp travel on the sly with your suggestions in mind.
  5. Anyone else having trouble conveying just how dangerous warp-travel is? The group I run's navigator routinely beats the roll with multiple degrees of success (Warpsbane Hull + Foreshadowing + the Rogue Trader's inspiration (?) special ability), so that even trips that should be long and treacherous tack 2-3 days. Fair play to them and all, but it makes it hard to sell why people fear warp-travel...
  6. I get the Critical Hit is a standard 1d5 Critical Hit (goth-borg aside), but on the Plasma Drive can't this take a ship out in turn 1 (assuming you can get that close)? No power = no guns, shields, etc. Hope you have a good Explorator on board...
  7. If I've got it right (I can't have got this right), after a successful Hit and Run attack, you pick a component that you know about and score a critical hit on it. Does this include Essential Components? As in, the Plasma Drive? If so, short combat...
  8. Ah, I was assuming the Sound Constitution talent worked like skills - that just as trying to buy Dodge when you already had Dodge as a Trained Skill wouldn't get you Dodge +10, buying SC x1 when you already had SC x1 didn't get you two extra wounds. From what you guys are saying, it would. Interresting (I'm sure my players will be relieved).
  9. Hi all, Me and mine are new to the game (2nd session was yesterday), but there's already been a couple of interresting questions (and no Errata or FAQ to check). But for now, can anyone here tell me: Can you continue to buy Rank 1 stuff when you advance to Rank 2 (I told them I assumed they could). Voidmasters... Is there a misprint with their Sound Constitution, only it seems a little all over the place? Thanks, R.
  10. Ah, the Nemesis Force Weapon - a two handed weapon for psykers, with a built in bolter. (After having left 40K more'n a decade, now re-reading the old compendiums...)
  11. Mechwarrior Gothic. :-) (Or Meckton Gothic) (Or Cthulhutech Gothic)
  12. Hmm... There's nothing in the book to say you can't use circumstance to give advantages to certain weapons. Spearmen are supposed to be good at resisting charges, right? "I'm betting the Ork's going to run up to me and gut me, I wanna brace my spear and impale 'im." [Me, looking blank] "Right, we'll call that a kind of melee Overwatch, with +2 Penetration if you hit."
  13. Hi All, Can anyone tell me what kind of action each of the Navigator powers are (Free/Half/Full/Extended)? The Focus Power action just says "varies" and though the answer's probably in the book, I can't seem to find it... Thanks!
  14. Would anyone here allow players to choose any of the other Human sub-species? Squats: +5 WS, +5 Tough, +5 Will; -10 Agility, -5 Fell Ratlings: +5 Agility, +5 Perc; -5 Strength, -5 Tough; (Scrawny) Ogryn: ...no chance.
  15. revclayton said: Revealed Cylons don't get to use those abilities listed on skill cards, and they definitely can't pilot Vipers. You can only pilot a Viper by activating the Hangar Bay, and Cylons can't activate a Galactica location. No, you can't force a Cylon reveal. This sort of situation is why you want to use the Administration location or Saul Tigh's Martial Law ability. Administration! I was focusing so much on Galactica that I forgot Colonial 1. Ah well, first time playing...
  16. Just started playing the game Sunday and a few questions cropped up: Can Cylons (revealed or otherwise) and sympathisers pilot Vipers? Can they target civilian ships/other vipers/Galactica? (As it was, they were using "Evasive" to reroll when the Raiders missed their attack rolls - our Vipers dodged into the enemies bullets.) Is there any way of forcing a Cylon to reveal themself? Our unrevealed Cylon president spent much of one game in the brig trashing us with quorum cards and bad "President Decides" decisions. Thanks, Richard C.
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