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  1. One very minor thing, if you missed and didn't generate 3 advantages the GM can still apply Blast damage if the circumstances demand it. Like if you dropped a grenade through a hatch into a turbo-lift full of 'troopers. Or rabbits.
  2. Found this interesting: http://io9.gizmodo.com/all-the-backstory-you-desperately-want-to-know-about-th-1751196966 I liked The Force Awakens. There was plenty I didn't like (nothing new to what some have said here, so I won't go into it), but on the whole a great start.
  3. Something from the original trilogy just popped into my head. Han tells C3PO he needs the protocol droid to "talk" to the Falcon. Afterwards, 3PO tells him the Falcon speaks a peculiar dialect. Perhaps ships routinely have integrated A.I., they're just less "human" in their thinking than anthropomorphic Droids.
  4. I don't think there are droid-controlled starships (I had forgotten about the vulture droids) out there - even the Separatists used droid crew, and even these operated controls that biologicals could use, rather than plugging in directly. My GM did tell me IG-88 had a ship that it basically downloaded itself into when piloting. I don't know if that's canon, legend or specific to the campaign we were playing.
  5. As an NPC you don't have to give her a career or specs. You can give her the talents and skills that would fit her background and upgrade them as you think fit. If it's important to you, you could do it with Smuggler: Pilot + Gunslinger (Fly Casual) + Force Sensitive Emergent, creating Melee versions of Gunslinger's Ranged: Light talents. (Gunslinger is the last Smuggler spec in the EotE trees, HERE - thank you Doc, the Weasel.) You could create a talent that lets her use Agility instead of Brawn for Melee, but it's probably not necessary. Just give her a rank or two more than you intended to represent her lethal speed. A recent thread discussing this can be found HERE. Be cautious. If you do create an Agility-based talent (or Melee version of Gunslinger) a PC may understandably want to learn it, too. And while you have complete control over how the NPC develops, some players have a way of finding exploitative combinations. Good luck!
  6. Perhaps the holocron is damaged, and the student has to mentally draw the information out of it (time meditating with it, maybe a Discipline check, too). That way you have control over what they learn and when.
  7. Nah. How about Archaeologist? (Explorer book) I always steer people to Doc, the Weasel's stuff: http://beggingforxp.com/2014/star-wars-talent-sheets/
  8. You're right, you do have to make multiple rolls to gain the various benefits. You buy the attachment and slap it on your gear (no roll necessary) - that gear gains the benefit that the attachment provides. You then buy the gear to modify it (100c for the first modification, +100c for each modification thereafter) and make a difficult Mechanics check (3 purple for the first modification, +1 for each mod successfully installed thereafter). If you pass, the gear gets the modification applied to it. If you fail, you can never attempt that modification again (though if an attachment can be modified in the same way twice, you can attempt the other mod). If you fail and roll a despair (because the GM's messing with you and upgraded one or more of the dice to red), the attachment is broken. I'm going off memory here, confirm with the book of course.
  9. Not sure which race would suit you (Wookiee seems obvious, so I imagine you've rejected it for some reason) but the career is very easy: Hired Gun: Marauder (EotE) Move into Bodyguard, or possibly Enforcer (both still Hired Gun specs, the latter from Dangerous Covenants) when you've had your fill.
  10. Luke's an NPC so he doesn't use the career rules, to be honest. (You can say the same about Han and Leia, though it's more clear how to build a Han or Leia clone from the specialisations FFG have presented players.) You're right, though. If you're making a Luke-like PC there's no way of doing it efficiently. Personally, I'd stick to Force and Destiny specs to get not-Luke's Force Rating up. Starfighter Ace (Warrior) from the start, Ataru Striker (Seeker) in time for Return of the Jedi. Enhance and Move are a must, other powers are debateable.
  11. Ah, I misunderstood. (How the heck did I misread that? )
  12. RAW, can't Deadly Accuracy be used with Autofire? The first hit of an attack benefits from DA but extra hits generated do not, is how I read it.
  13. I like where you're going - the power of DA being diminished by a bad roll - but it also means that many shots that would have missed (and thus done zero damage) are now going to end up doing at least a little. How about DA giving Pierce = Skill Ranks instead of straight damage? (e.g. you're good at accurately hitting weak points.) At least then it's nerfed a little against low Soak targets.
  14. I really like this one. That's just an absolute gift to the GM.
  15. Away from book. Does the full text of the Shroud talent from Shadow (Sentinel) not shed any light on this?
  16. There isn't. 15 xp wouldn't be an unreasonable price if you wanted to create a custom "Weapon Finesse" talent I think. As Lord British points out, it's not like your duellist can afford to skimp on Brawn, even then.
  17. It depends on what you intend to do with it, I think. I like the Loronar E-9 Explorer from Enter the Unknown. Great armour, good hull, good hyperdrive, average speed, handling isn't terrible - only requires one rank of skilled jockey to buy off. If you want something less utilitarian and more fighty, the Surronian Conqueror-class Assault ship from Dangerous Covenants is pretty badass.
  18. The thrill seeking element screams Hot Shot (Ace) to me.
  19. You can. All three base games were designed to be completely compatible. You can start off as a Fringer (EotE), become a Pilot (from AoR's Ace), then get trained up as an assassin and sent to kill your dad by your own mental delusions (Ataru Striker, from FaD's Seeker).
  20. Obsessed with self improvement? With upgrading your frame in pursuit of perfection? When it comes up maybe you're glitching because the latest targeting software you've downloaded isn't 100% compatible.
  21. I can see this happening a lot: M: Aim M: Aim A: Attack with two boost dice Seems a significant but not overwhelming advantage.
  22. How about for every 500c worth of cybernetics you give robo-wook you give the other players 5xp as post-creation XP?
  23. I wouldn't have thought you'd lose 6 ranks. 4 career skills would be there, but you'd get a force die instead of 2 spec skills. Only a slight disadvantage over FaD Force users, no? EDIT: Oh, I see! I was always assuming you still needed to pick a career, first. "Smuggler: FS Emergent" to convert my previous example.
  24. You usually start with one Specialisation from your Career for free and may purchase additional Specialisations at the usual rate ([specs you'll end up with] * 10xp, +10xp for out-of-career specs). You can use your starting XP to do this, but it's usually a better idea to use XP earned during play to do it instead. As FS Exile (or Emergent, if you're using Age of Rebellion) is a Universal Specialisation, it's priced as if it's an in-career spec. e.g. I build a Smuggler. Their initial spec is Pilot. At the end of the first session I spend the 20xp that the benevolent OVER-GM has gifted me to buy FS Emergent. I am now a space-magic pilot. That said, I don't think it'd twist the game if your free, initial spec had been FS Exile or whatever. Your game, your rules.
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