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  1. Limit is once per scene, I believe. Each success recovers 1 wound, each advantage recovers 1 strain (not too sure about this last part - may be a house rule of ours).
  2. Alternatively, keep the droid player acting within the vision - the player isn't actually playing his droid, he's playing the meat bag's memory of the droid. Or, a little evil, give him the stats for a "Force Wraith" with Misdirect and tell him he'll get bonus XP for tricking the other PCs into gaining Conflict.
  3. Combat droid? Perhaps the caves are a lair for dangerous animals - droid has to protect the meat bags while they're incapacitated by their visions. Protocol droid? Perhaps a tribe sees the caves as sacred and must be distracted while the meat bags do their hallucination thing. Mech droid? Perhaps the caves are unstable and only some ancient machinery prevents the tunnels being flooded by lava. Droid has to run around fixing stuff, it's unfamiliar with. Mix in a bunch of hazards for added chaos / fun.
  4. I like Colonist: Doctor + Marauder (from Hired Gun) [+, perhaps, Performer - also from Colonist - for Martial Arts flair] If Marauder is too brutal for your taste, have a look at Infiltrator (from AoR's Spy). You may want to ask your GM if you can take Brawl as a career skill instead of Melee if you go this route, of course.
  5. I wouldn't give them XP at all. It sounds like you've taken steps to prevent them overshadowing the PCs, but that could change if they get better. Better to have the PCs outgrow the need for them, I think.
  6. Positive reinforcement. When they describe their actions in an entertaining way give them a boost die to their next action, or have them recover a point of strain. Do it immediately and it'll sink in quickly that being descriptive and bringing excitement to the game is a good thing. Soon enough they should be doing it for the fun, not reward.
  7. I don't believe there are yet, but the Techie book should be coming out soon. Like you suggest, I'd buy the droid closest to what you want then ask the GM if you can reduce the cost by a percentage based on a successes generated by a roll of the worst of your Computers or Mechanic skills (5% per success? Is that too stingy?). Maybe Advantages give the droid minor installed starting equipment. Threats generating "quirks"...
  8. Would it be over the top to suggest picking up the beginner game boxes? You'll get your dice and it shouldn't be too difficult to upgrade the difficulty of the adventures and circumstances that involve the PCs in them.
  9. 5? That's a little odd. A human would have had to spend 120 of their initial XP to get there (30 for 3, +40 for 4, +50 for 5), and they'd be pretty boring outside of their element. After my first character I never bought an ability above 3, relying on Dedication for further increases. My characters accomplish most of the tasks they attempt and they feel like they can attempt a lot. I haven't read up on it, but I doubt Healing was intended to work that way. Looting the bodies happens in any RPG with money. I've had my characters sell looted weapons at a large discount to freedom fighters on my homeworld in Edge of the Empire (gaining some money, yes, but giving us contacts and a bolt hole) and routed money back to Alliance in Age of Rebellion (gaining us increased Duty). Our Force and Destiny characters are Clone Wars era Knights, so we're trying to be above money in that, despite all of us wanting to upgrade our gear. If you don't want them to loot stuff, you could try enforcing the Encumbrance rules - they're a pain. Or reward them for being selfless. Or make looting the bodies risky - it's unlikely the Empire will be kind to anyone dealing in looted Imperial issue weapons, which may put a lot of buyers off. Stripping bionic crap from bodies is pretty ghoulish - I hope they got some Conflict for that. Autofire is the biggest killer in the system. Are you doing it right though? Add 1 to the difficulty. Score 1 extra hit for every 2 advantages (unless you've got a Jury Rigged weapon [sigh]). Against enemies with significant Adversary ratings it can be hard to score more than a singe extra hit. Still feeling my way around the morality system so can't really comment on your last problem.
  10. You don't have to be angry to shoot someone. Er, I imagine. "Huh, I feel really good today. I was feeling really conflicted about shooting civilians but now I feel at peace about it. Weird. Oh well, time to earn that pay." Occasionally Influence may end the combat, but not always. If the opposing side can be bargained with, it may help to convince them to cease fire until a mutually acceptable compromise is negotiated (mercenaries can be paid off, gangs can maybe be convinced to find other people to harass, wookiees can be given belly-rubs - a sly bounty hunter may leave you alone if you give them information that leads them to a bigger fish). But that's a story decision the GM (I assume that's you ) has to make on a case-by-case basis. At minimum you could say they attempt defensive actions more than aggressive ones (taking cover / guarded stance instead of aim, for instance). If their buddies are still getting shot at, however, that should get tossed out of the window.
  11. A droid PC can and should move and behave however the Player wants them to (within reason). Mechanically, remember that lots of species start with a value of 1 in an ability and they don't seem any less "natural" than the human default. If you wanted to impose a limit on yourself, you could say that if you buy your Agility up from 1 and you are no longer clumsy, or if you buy your Presence up from 1 and you can imitate or be as empathic in conversation as you'd like. Narratively, the original trilogy did have droids be a little junky, yes, but the expanded universe opened the scope dramatically. From the strange Sith War Droids to human looking Guri. I've played games that featured all kinds of droids and none of them felt out of place.
  12. Our GM doesn't demand it but I really try to narrate how I'm spending my advantages. e.g. Instead of "I spend two advantages to give that guy a black die to his next action" I try to say "I behead the battle droid with my lightsaber - its head flies off and hits the main jerk in the face, momentarily throwing him off balance. (one setback for him, please.)" I've found that by telling little stories around even a simple game mechanic, inspiration as to what to do with my advantages strikes with happy regularity.
  13. I think you can use them, I thought the limitation was only on who can buy them. There are exceptions, of course. Makashi Finish, for example, will do nothing if you have no force dice to add to your pool.
  14. (A quick, friendly warning: if you build a character that's good at one thing only, you may get bored quickly.) The Force is powerful but not particularly reliable (unless you're looking to go dark side) so you'd probably need to look at the specs that get your Force Rating up, quickly. Start as Consular: Sage, then jump to Seer (from Mystic), perhaps. Shroud would be useful (from Shadow in the Sentinel career) to keep your Force-use hidden.
  15. I love the colours you've chosen. That place looks genuinely grotty. Well done!
  16. Your game, your rules. Ask your GM if you can take a Force Rating increase instead of a characteristic boost when you buy Dedication from a Lightsaber combat talent tree. The worst they can say is no. Well, they could say something rude about your mother I suppose, but that's a different problem.
  17. Does this help? From here: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/108101-ffg-developer-answered-questions/
  18. I like Sentinel - lots of fun stuff, good in a variety of situations. Will is good for all force users (and I don't think Sentinel's get Discipline as a career skill unless from Well Rounded). Intelligence is good for your techie guy, as you point out (Artisan as an early purchase?). Agility is good if you're going to focus on the sneaky side (though my current character started out as a Shadow and only had 2, here - Enhance has helped). Cunning is good for both sneaky sentinels and, of course, Shien Experts specifically. Brawn and Presence are less mechanically important than these, but don't skimp if these are important to your concept, of course. Get the stuff that matters to you at 3 to start and you should be fine. If you're going to get Improved Reflect, I really, really, really, really, really recommend buying the Sense force power (left column). I recommend it anyway - powers that ask you to commit force dice are really useful to you when you have a low force rating - but it's especially good here as it helps generate the threat or despair you'll be hoping for.
  19. I loved Shadow Point. If the PCs completed the beginner game without anyone getting away or sending out signals you could space out the components. Some things the PCs would need to get done first - some of the stuff in Shadow Point are there to conceal the fact the base has been taken over. Personally, I wouldn't.
  20. The Hired Gun signature talent/power/thing?
  21. Welcome, JNaut! You can only buy a non-5xp talent if you've bought another that's connected to it (the other talent can be 5xp cheaper, the same cost or 5xp more, but there needs to be a connecting line of some kind.). e.g. a Bounty Hunter: Survivalist could buy Soft Spot if he'd bought Hunter (10xp, immediately to Soft Spot's left) or if he'd bought Natural Outdoorsman (15xp, immediately below). He could not buy it if he'd only bought Expert Tracker (5xp, immediately above).
  22. It's a team game. You could narrate it by saying the guy who rolled high pointed at a threat and told you to take it out. You guys just work so well together that you instinctively comply.
  23. The holocron won't teach or help unless they do it a favour, first. The guy who imprinted on it was a failed Jedi (not a power hungry Dark Jedi, just jaded and cynical, but the PCs shouldn't be too sure of that) who wanted to make sure a few wrongs got righted (or scores settled) - motivations that got passed on to his holocron.
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