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  1. EDIT: Was trying to quote GreyMatter The first game of Rogue Trader I ran the Arch Militant tries to take someone alive by shooting them in the leg. Me: "Your shot hits with unerring accuracy. His leg explodes, sending meat and bone shards in every direction, blood sprays from the stump in a red torrent of horror. Needless to say he goes into shock and dies." AM: "But, I was-" Me: "It was a bolter shell, mate. I know you know what a bolter is." (According to the fluff a bolter (or bolt thrower) is basically an SMG that fires inch-diameter armour piercing slugs that explode like a micro-grenade once they're inside you. 40k is never subtle or civilised.)
  2. I like Cuddly's rule for stuff that involved PCs "doing stuff". I'd only approve of a second chance at a "knowing stuff" roll if the circumstances had changed somehow. Like, the PC reads their old notes or text books or computer files, or if someone says something in-character that could refresh their memory.
  3. If the number of Failure icons rolled is equal to the Successes it's not really a wash, it's a failure. In an attack roll that means the attack misses (though if the weapon used has Blast, that can be triggered by spending 3 Advantages). Outside of combat it can mean anything the GM wants it to, and may even lead to a problematic success if that is what's necessary to move the story forward. e.g. "You haven't got the door open but haven't rolled any threat so at least the alarm hasn't gone off." e.g. "Okay, he isn't intimidated by your attempt at coercion, but he offers to sell you the information as he's not particularly fond of who you're tracking."
  4. How light side is your Je'daii? In our Clone Wars game the ethics of "programming" biological soldiers is a significant issue.
  5. I could beat up entropy. That's why he's always hiding from me.
  6. Keep in mind that the name of a career or specification means less than what it buys you. Smuggler: Charmer gets you the silver tongue. Scoundrel and Pilot can both be good piratey specs. Gunslinger is great for dual pistols. Hired Gun: Enforcer is great for intimidation. Marauder would be good if you want to run around with a vibro-cutlass. Merc Soldier would make you a decent pirate captain (Command, Field Commander, Improved Field Commander). If you want to lean more on the "boss" side of the role, have a look at the Commander career from Age of Rebellion. Charmer and Gunslinger are from Fly Casual. Enforcer is from Dangerous Covenants.
  7. So this isn't a thread about Jem and the Holograms then?
  8. Yeah, I was probably being too stingy with the Cunning (didn't display much in the films but certainly the comics) - I'll fix. I put his Int at 4 because building a droid at age 8 or whatever made it sound like he was some kind of prodigy. But that could just be a ridiculously high Mechanics skill for someone his age. Again, I think you're right and will change.
  9. Have a gander: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Credit http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Galactic_Credit_Standard
  10. I've not seen anything like that in the old Wizards of the Coast game or Imperial Assault. They're fantasy, but have a Google for "Yuan-ti" (D&D's snake men). There's a chance you may find what you're after.
  11. EDIT: Thank you Jedi Ronin for pointing us at some other builds. I've made a couple of changes based on them. MORE EDITS: Reading the Darth Vader comic (really, really good) has forced a few changes - he can be subtle when he wants to. I know you don't build NPCs this way by my best guess for what his career progression would be, if he were a PC is: Young Anakin - Starfighter Ace (the Pod Racer of Phantom Menace) Jedi Padawan - Shien Expert (the young "Form 5" practitioner of Send in the Clones) Knight Anakin - Aggressor (the vengeance-indulging executioner we see at the start of Revenge of the Sith) Darth Vader - Shii-Cho Knight (after RotS he had to change his fighting style because the life support armour hampers his speed - instead he focused on power, which sounds like Shii-Cho as that's the one based on Brawn) Using that as a guideline, I'd guess at something like this: DARTH VADER, LORD OF THE SITH Agility 3 (would have been about 5 before the Mustafa) Brawn 6 (Cybernetic) Cunning 4 Intelligence 3 Presence 3 Willpower 5 Wound Threshold 33 Strain Threshold 33 Force Rating 6 (Dark Side Paragon) Adversary 5 (Nemesis) Gunnery 4 YYYG Piloting (Space) 5 YYYGG Piloting (Planetary) 4 YYYG Ranged (Light) 3 YYY Athletics 3 YYYGGG Brawl 3 YYYGGG Lightsaber (Brawn) 5 YYYYYG Resilience 5 YYYYYG Deception 3 YYYG Perception 2 YYGG Survival 2 YYGG Astrogation 3 YYY Computers 2 YYG Know (Underworld) 3 YYY Know (Lore) 4 YYYG Know (Warfare) 3 YYY Mechanics 4 YYYG Coercion 4 YYYYG Discipline 5 YYYYY Vigilance 2 YYGGG Against All Odds Center of Being Confidence x3 Defensive Training Djem So Deflection Durable x3 Exhaust Port Falling Avalanche Fearsome x3 Full Throttle Heroic Fortitude Improved Reflect Intuitive Evasion Intuitive Strike Multiple Opponents Natural Blademaster Parry x6 Prey on the Weak x3 Reflect x4 Resist Disarm Saber Throw Sarlacc Sweep Sense Advantage Skilled Jockey x3 Sum Djem Terrify Touch of Fate Tricky Target Bind (is papa gonna have to Force choke a billy-goat?) Enhance ("jumps" onto a speeder from ridiculous height) Foresee (prophetic dreams... although maybe not, maybe Palpatine was actually using Misdirect or Influence on him while he slept!) Move (in the comics he has enough Strength upgrades to shift an AT-AT) Protect/Unleash (stopping Han's blaster shot in Cloud City with his hand) Sense (can sense bugs in Padme's room and read Luke's mind) [i wouldn't bother with the defensive side as he has Adversary ranks] Fully modified lightsaber. Superior Battle Armour with full life support. Seriously, if they're looking to go up against him it's impossible for you to make him too dangerous.
  12. You have it right, Kilcannon. Your pool gets upgraded by your ranks in True Aim and you get the "benefits of aiming" (either a boost die or the ability to target a specific part of your target with two setback die). It is very powerful.
  13. Have your players about where they see their characters developing? Perhaps one or more of them wants to buy Force Sensitive Emergent...
  14. Oskara (played since EotE's beginner game) started off a Gadgeteer, dabbled in Survivalist and picked up Assassin before our EotE game ended. Jin-Rio (played since AoR's beginner game) started off as an Ambassador but quickly moved on to Quartermaster. Mina (played since a Clone Wars campaign in SAGA) started off as a Shadow and bought Shien Expert with Knight-level XP. That's moot, however, as our GM dislikes FaD for Clone Wars era shenanigans. Instead we'll be going back to WEG's D6 system. Not sure how I feel about that, but I'll play anything.
  15. 1) The Dedication talent (found at the bottom of almost every specialisation's talent tree) is the only way to increase characteristics with XP. 2) With 5 Will and ranks of Lightsaber you will be doing a lot of damage. Remember Lightsabers have Breach 1, so at personal scale they ignore the first 10 points of Soak (from armour and Brawn). 3a) You can, but there's no mechanical benefit for it at present. Sounds like a path you can build with your GM though*. 3b) You are correct. Dark Side powers can be used by any user, but they gain Conflict for doing so - so you can't use them too much if you want to avoid losing Morality. You're going to have a heck of a balancing act to perform, not using them during some adventures to get your Morality up, then letting rip in others. * Perhaps while your Morality is at 45-55, changes to Morality are halved. From 35-44 or 56-65 Morality shifts by one less than indicated. Full Morality shift otherwise.
  16. Misdirect I took as being more like Obfuscate from the World of Darkness games than psychic holograms and whatnot. In effect you're performing a mind trick that convinces your target "you don't see me" or "you think I look like someone else". Misdirect vs. Seek: From the wording of Seek it sounds like these two do directly oppose each other (Seeker's Vigilance vs. Misdirector's Discipline). If the Misdirector is "invisible" the Seeker can try to see them. If they're disguised they can try to see their true appearance. Misdirect vs. Sense: These don't seem to be opposed, which could lead to some fun situations. If the Misdirector is "invisible" the Senser would detect that they're there, but still wouldn't see them (GM's call on whether you could target them this way and what penalties - if any - you'd suffer). If the Misdirector were disguised Sense would likely tell you that the Force is interacting with them, but maybe not how (they could be under the effect of Enhance, for example).
  17. Science! Would replacement lungs work? Maybe illegal cloned lungs? (A quest to find the last of the cloners, you say?) Or some even more elaborate medical procedure that's risky and will force her to owe someone dangerous for the rest of her life, as they're the only ones with the resources to effect it (effectively giving her a worse obligation than she already had). Magic! The Force! Some non-Jedi-but-still-very-much-hunted-Force-Sensitive-hermit/healer who lives somewhere remote and dangerous and who'll test her and her friends before helping. Maybe they're not what they seem. Maybe their process taps into the Dark Side. Even if not, perhaps Inquisitors finally track the healer down, just as he's beginning the lengthy process of "renewing" her body (something that is dangerous to interrupt). Either way make it something she can't do by herself - she needs help and the PCs are her friends. How afraid of death is she? Would she risk them saying no? Would she trick them into helping her?
  18. You seem resistant to it but Spy: Infiltrator does a lot of what you ask. Perhaps with Recruit if you want something more aggressive.
  19. You spend 1 force point to activate the power. You may then choose to spend another point to activate all of your Strength upgrades (or Range upgrades, or Magnitude upgrades). I'm not sure if you could spend a further force point (the third, in this example) to activate all of your Strength upgrades again. I think you can but can't be sure as I've never rolled 3 force points.
  20. Hello detectiveweewee. Nope, didn't expect to type that today. They all become career skills. The ones you choose just determine which skills you get free starting ranks in.
  21. I've found Ranged attacks tend to be best for minions and rivals but Melee is key to messing up a nemesis. Against them critical hits are very important, and melee weapons cause those more easily (if not initially then with the right mods). If you don't want to buy any Reflect have a think about buying the Sense power. Investing in the left hand column can make you very hard to hit.
  22. 1) I've not done it but I can't imagine there is much difficulty at all. Laminate Armour = Stormtrooper Armour; Pilot = Tie Pilot, etc. 2) In this RPG? Maps are not very important at all. Just describe the location and the elements within it that are important to your story. GM: "You enter a dimly lit cantina. The air is thick with smoke and dozens of bizarre aliens fill the room. A bar runs the length of the far room and there are doors to the refresher ahead to your right. There's a green pig-guy with ugly tattoos up his forearms in a booth - he scans the room occasionally but it's clear it's not you he's waiting for. This may be your target." Then tell the players they can add any details they like, as long as they don't disrupt the theme. PC1: "As the waitress passes by with a full tray of drinks I knock it out of her hand, sending them over the Gammorean with the gang tats." You haven't said anything about a waitress but it fits and is a fun way to start a bar brawl (or whatever - I'm not sure what PC1 is playing at). 3) The three rulebooks share the same rules but highlight different aspects of the Star Wars universe. Wanna be a smuggler constantly in trouble with the underworld? Edge of the Empire is your destination, sucker. Wanna struggle against a monolithic war machine? Age of Rebellion needs you! Wanna go crazy after swallowing swamp water and try to murder your dad with space magic? Force and Destiny is for you. Personally I like Age of Rebellion as a starting game as it's easiest to structure - the PCs have a lot of freedom but will often be given objectives to achieve by superiors.
  23. Welcome, RicoD! Bounty Hunters will be the last to get a career splat-book, yes. No news on when this'll come out. There's plenty of gear that's useful to 'Hunters in the other books, so there's plenty of toys for them. The three initial Specialisations we have for them are all very good with very little "fat" - your players are unlikely to struggle to spend their XP, even if they're purists who don't like buying additional Specs out of career.
  24. Can be. Unless the combat turns into a chase, in which case I'd say the scene was continuing. Basically, Has the goal of the scene been resolved? (Enemies defeated or successfully fled; documents stolen; Countess wooed; etc.) Do the PCs have 10 minutes to catch their breath? If the answer to both is "yes", the scene has ended. Or, to put it in Star Wars terms, the scene's over when there's a screen wipe.
  25. Nah, it's a separate thing - it's something you can do in addition to StimPacks. It's more limited in that if you fail you can't try again (until the patient becomes wounded again, I think).
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