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  1. Feel free to correct me, peoples, but I thought: If you take wounds beyond your Wound Threshold you are incapacitated - can't act at all and may or may not be unconscious, depending on what the story demands. Every time you take 1 or more wounds beyond your Wound Threshold you suffer an automatic Critical Hit (including the initial hit that put you over, of course). You stop tracking Wounds past double your WT (which unfortunately means high WT guys can end up taking longer to heal, while gaining no benefit over other chaps who are over WT), but you still take additional Critical Hits. As each Critical Hit you suffer adds +10 to your roll you'll eventually die of Critical Hit poisoning. (I know I'm referencing some stuff that's already been stated, I was just trying to state it all in one place. )
  2. I don't think so. A (very brief) summary can be found here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Escape_from_Mos_Shuuta The follow-up to it is available, however: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-edge-of-the-empire-beginner-game/ Support > Player Resources
  3. Welcome, Nemophilist! It's common enough. You just have to make sure you don't overshadow the PCs (they should be useful, but less exciting than the Player Characters). Let him have an agenda, but make sure he's primarily trying to help them further their goals. A good use for them is to teach them what characters can do in RPGs. Some examples: If the PCs aren't using their manoeuvre every round have him Aim (can be done in close combat, something not obvious to a lot of people). Narrate his actions and the results of the dice results to teach them how to spend Advantages and the like. Get him to do stuff the rules do not cover so they know they can do stuff like that, too. Then, when you all know what you're doing, waste him.
  4. Unless otherwise stated it takes 2 Advantages to trigger an active weapon quality.
  5. I don't see that as power playing at all. There's plenty it can't do well and Soak 7 (Droid's Durable 1, Brawn 4 and Laminate Armour 2?) is good but not problematic. 4 in a characteristic is impressive, but not massively better than chaps with a 3. Don't worry about it!
  6. I think you gotta poke them to heal 'em, too.
  7. Nobody went for Saul being an Advocate? (Y'know, the lawyer spec from the Diplomat book.)
  8. Cyberpunk 2020 was my first game and the first I ran. For strangers. If those strangers hadn't been so cool and made it so much fun I probably wouldn't be gaming now. I really loved Cyberpunk and it's probably the game me mates remember most fondly. I'd like to go back but it'd need a major overhaul given how much technology has changed. Champions (Hero system) came next, with our regular GM at the helm. A great game with increadibly detailed character creation. Overcomplicated basic "to hit" mechanic though. I've run a lot of Call of Cthulhu. Our first investigation was based on... I think they were called Tales of Terror? (You got a paragraph describing a mystery and three explanations for it.) The two players crept around an old house acting perhaps too paranoid and sort-of kind-of aware how meta they were being ("I'm going out into the woods - I can grab a shotgun off the wrack right? I mean, there could be... poachers?"), which was fun for me as I'd picked the mundane explaination. Amongst other things we tried the Complete Masks of Nyarlathotep. New York was fun, London was amazing, Egypt was very good, Kenya was okay... but by then the investigators were very confused as to exactly what they were supposed to be doing and I was exhausted so, sadly, we never finished. Regular GM started a campaign of Warhammer using GURPS, a system which seemed horribly lethal at the start but now seems very easy to break. Savage Worlds brought us Deadlands (horror western), Slipstream (Flash Gordon sci-fi) and War of the Dead (zombie survival horror). Good system, but certain advantages seemed like a "must have" no matter what you were playing, which made the characters seem a bit samey. Dark Heresy (new guy) / Rogue Trader (me) / Only War (regular GM). Bonkers grimdark 40k fun. My favourite was Dark Heresy because of how shite all our characters were. True underdog stuff. I surprised the GM in that one when my Cleric shot the leader of a riot in the head (Father Crassius Rhys wasn't a firebrand but did believe in the nesessity of Imperial discipline). He may have also pointed to the team psycher and screamed "WITCH!" when our group got cornered by mercenaries with autoguns. Star Wars. Okay, the title says "Other games?" but we've done Star Wars in WEG's D6 system, GURPS (Thrawn Trilogy, Yuzhan Vong invasion (unfinished)), SAGA (Dawn of Defiance), all three FFG games... and D6 again (regular GM doesn't like the Force Powers rules in FFG). Some D&D 3.5. I love the Planescape setting but it's a heck of a lot of work, especially when all the supplements are for a very different version of the game. Fading Suns. I love the setting for Fading Suns - dark (which I do well), but hopeful (which I want to do well) - but I hate the Victory Point / d20 system. I've run a couple of VPS one-shots and last year I tried to run it with (old) Storyteller, with mixed success. I'm always looking for a better system system for it (if you've successfully moved to something else, please PM me!). I had high hopes for 7th Sea but worry the basic roll-and-keep mechanic may be too slow (I should perhaps do an actual 7th Sea one-shot to test...).
  9. He survives 'cause that tells a better story. Think the Force Awakens: He passed the roll so does successfully crash land (he didn't miss the planet ). The fighter crashes, the wings are immediately ripped away, the ball cockpit rolls for hundreds of meters all with him strapped inside - he blacks out but wakes up, hanging upside down, bloody, battered, bruised, covered in vomit and groggy as hell. And he smells burning fuel. Best get out of there quick: Athletics or Coordination - with setback dice for how shaken he is - to get out of the cockpit before taking some burning damage (not enough to kill - it's Star Wars, so there's no need for actual realism, just the threat of it. The despair could be that he got wounded (either roll green dice = speed and count that as damage or a resilience roll with a difficulty of speed or suffer a single, unmodified critical hit)... but he did succeed on his piloting roll so maybe not. Perhaps he lost some vital gear in the crash (destroyed in the wreck or just lost)? If it was survival gear or his radio he could now be in trouble. Especially with that assault shuttle that's investigating the crash.
  10. That vaguely brings back memories of Spiderman 3... Aww, man! I'm genuinely sorry, I really didn't mean to do that. Any way I can make it up to you? How about I remind you of Labyrinth? Everyone loves Labyrinth, right?
  11. See this is why I don't get to GM happy, hopeful games - my first though was, "best scribble down a note: dark side FS nemesis revives these memories during dramatic final conflict".
  12. Sure. They normally count as improvised Melee weapons. (I'm sure there's a table for small, medium and large improvised weapons in the core books, or the GM screens at least.)
  13. I agree with RichardBuxton. You could add extra setback dice if the vehicle/mount is moving at speed (though probably not with a dewback - those things look slow ).
  14. Yep. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/203422-sniper-shot-and-gunnery/?p=2066660
  15. Welcome, marshzd! You get what you pay for and if he's bought 5 Int and that gives him better results than the guys with trained skills then that's just the way it goes. It's not intended to be realistic but your characters in this system are meant to be capable of doing a heck of a lot. If that's a problem all your GM needs to do is write more scenes that require more than that one characteristic (wilderness survival, physical challenges, social interaction tests, etc.). If it's just a sore point for the specialists they should take comfort in the fact that although he'll pass more often, they'll have a greater chance of getting a triumph and so will be able to do more impressive crap with this roll. Personally I'd never start with a 5 in any characteristic as I like to be useful in as often as possible. Out of four characters I've played only one has had a characteristic or skill above 3 (Agility 4 and Mechanic 5, both for my bounty hunter gadgeteer) and there's rarely been a situation she couldn't get out of. I'm a bit unsure what your mate's point is regarding One With the Universe + Harm. Sure, he's likely to be generating a light side point to activate the power (so doesn't have to gain conflict for using a dark side point), but then the power itself explicitly gives him a conflict point. It's sapping energy from a living being - by the rules, by the game background, by the mythology of the films and expanded universe that is plainly tapping into the dark side of the Force. This is what Yoda was telling Luke when he said "A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defence, never for attack". That your GM gave him another conflict point on top of that is also fine. Maybe not every time he uses Harm, but certainly the first time (it should be narrated as a horrible experience, IMO), certainly if he uses it for torture, certainly if it seems like he revels in it. About being arbitrary. The character has to want to cause pain and physical trauma to use the power - these are negative emotions that inherently damage a Force Sensitive's psyche. That's only as arbitrary as any game system's mechanics. He may as well complain that stim packs are gone when they're used. Any extra conflict the GM sees fit to inflict should never be arbitrary and should reflect how he's using it (you probably wouldn't give more conflict if the character hated what they were doing but saw it as necessary to protect someone else). When dealing with... let's say people who enjoy the Game at the expense of the Role-Playing, it's kinda the GM's responsibility to have a private, friendly word with them. A good place to start is to ask the player remembers about what the Star Wars movies felt like, how he remembers the Jedi's acting, and when he felt they strayed into the dark side ('cause they almost all do). Then explain what tone you're all going for, what's been planned, what type of game they think will make everyone happy. If he doesn't react well to what should be a non-judgemental, friendly chat, or understands but still wants to play his character against the tone of the game then at my table he'd have opted out of the unwritten rule that fellow PCs get more leeway than NPCs. If you were a Jedi hanging out with someone who was boiling people's souls you and your buddies would end up getting them imprisoned or put down like the rabid dog they are.
  16. A modest one but something our AoR Sharpshooter couldn't find in the books we have. Suppressor (Slugthrower barrel attachment): Perception check to locate the shooter, difficulty as per a Ranged attack + setbacks for local noise, etc. (He hasn't asked for any but modifications could include additional setback dice.)
  17. I think there's even a starship upgrade/modification that gives you a rank of it.
  18. Let them, then turn it into a story. As they've no experience of how to build one maybe they imprint more information than they realise. Maybe something dangerous to them or their allies. Then maybe an old enemy or new threat steals or finds it. Or maybe something goes really wrong and something dark within them gets imprinted on it. The rage they supress, the jealousy they try to dispel, the ambition they put aside. What's left is a kind of dark tulpa with an agenda of its own. Given it's essentially a thought form trapped in a box it can only achieve its goal through deception and manipulation. "The Jedi who I am an echo of knew there were lightsaber crystals on a world called Korriban..."
  19. I'd say the character couldn't use the power to locate the same target within the same scene.
  20. One very minor thing, if you missed and didn't generate 3 advantages the GM can still apply Blast damage if the circumstances demand it. Like if you dropped a grenade through a hatch into a turbo-lift full of 'troopers. Or rabbits. Or if you threw the grenade into a group of people all standing within its actual blast radius... ? If the GM says they were in the blast radius then sure. But if the area was at all open the GM can and usually should insist that a miss is definitely a miss. I can't emphasise the word "can" enough here. In the lift example, perhaps the rabbit grenade was a dud?
  21. There's rules for dual wielding in the core book so you're covered there. Some people here think there's going to be a Spec specialising in dual wield for the Sentinel career when their splat book comes out, so that may be a boon for you in the future. To increase the chance of your Improved Reflect going off you may want to get the Sense power and buy everything on the left hand side except the second Control upgrade. You will be very difficult to hit. Shadow (also a Sentinel spec) allows you to buy a couple of ranks of Dodge, too. Armour or attachments or gear that increases your ranged defence will help, if you can get it. For "Force Push" I take it you mean Move? You're headed in the right direction - keep buying Strength upgrades. This won't help you until you get a higher Force Rating but keep in mind that all of your Strength upgrades can be triggered with a single Force Point and this can be done multiple times if you have the Force Points to do it. As to keeping your Force use a secret, have a look at that Shadow spec. Shroud makes your powers undetectable. The Misdirect and Influence powers could also help. Failing that, if you have been noticed, Shadow's Now You See Me and Sleight of Mind talents can get you out of trouble.
  22. I recommend AoR as it's the most easy to structure. The PCs have superiors who'll give them objectives, after all. The adventure in the AoR beginner box leaves a little less room to improvise than the EotE box, but the free downloadable follow-up adventure is excellent (have a look in Support > Player Resources for Operation: Shadowpoint). Probably my favourite FFG adventure so far.
  23. I've gotten bar fights wrong and right. Oskara (EotE starter game Bounty Hunter, good all-round fighter) shot a guy when the GM had planned a bar fight because he said "You're approached by three Gamorreans" (we were there to intercept them) and - my brain getting ahead and filling in the details all by itself - I just pictured them brandishing Vibro-Axes. Well they weren't initially, but they were after that. Oops. I felt guilty as hell. On the other hand Jin-Rio (AoR starter game Diplomat, zero fighting skills) launched into a brawl with great gusto, thoroughly getting into the spirit of things. Maybe it's a matter of emphasis? In Jin-Rio's case it felt obvious that a brawl was coming (the bar had a reputation for it, for one). But how do you make it obvious that the "enemy" isn't out for blood? Especially in places where you can assume most people are armed?
  24. Blast you that Samophlange! It will always be "too soon"!
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