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  1. I kinda like this. "Look at Barry over there, "practicing". What a loser." Later... "Barry, they're shooting at us, what do we do!?"
  2. Super easy to DIY. Stormtrooper is basically a Soldier only without Ranged: Heavy as a career skill.
  3. I'd assume that was conflict worthy. Even Stormtroopers will surrender if circumstances demand it (Lando's people getting the drop on the Stormtrooper squad in Cloud City). When you consider access to Coercion, Deception, Negotiate and Stealth skills (and some great Talents that buff them) as well as Powers like Influence and Misdirect... well, Jeedai have a lot of options available to them. Once captured/bribed a cinematic punch can knock a fella out. Damage their communicators, tie 'em up and lock 'em in a broom closet and the bad guys shouldn't be able to raise the alarm (unless/until they're scripted to). If there's a certain-but-lethal solution and a difficult/dangerous(to self)-but-life-preserving solution a good Jedi is obligated to attempt the latter (in our Clone Wars game I'm finding a lot of Jedi NPCs who are convincing themselves they need to be more "practical" and I try to show them that no, they do not).
  4. Oh, I remember. And I will have my revenge. (If I'm not distracted by something shiny.)
  5. Welcome, HanShotFirst831! You can do all of it with any of them and they cross over quite well. A smuggler crew can sell supplies to an Rebel cell. Rebels can look for help from mental psychic hermits against inquisitors. Charlatans Witches Force Sensitives of any tradition may get involved with any bunch of ne'er do wells while on the run. I think each line is capable of mystery, exploration, diplomacy, action or comedy so... How big a role do you want space-magic to play in your adventures? If a lot, get Force and Destiny. If the Force is rare and its practitioners not so showy you probably don't need it. Do the players prefer structured adventures or a sandbox where they're more in control? I reckon Age of Rebellion suits the former while Edge is better for the latter. Oh, be sure to check out the free follow-up adventures to the Beginner game stuff, yeah?
  6. They should do fine. Fighting it in the cave may be giving it the advantage (limited range means the sniper may have to get uncomfortably close [cackle]). The chap with the lightsaber, what defensive talents does he/she have? My diplomat (no combat skills, average wound/soak so probably not remotely comparable) had Dodge x2 and 1 Melee Defence and the thing easily one-shotted her.
  7. Core: Age of Rebellion Career: Waitin' fer the Bounty Hunter book... Region: Suns of Fortune Adventure: Operation Shadowpoint
  8. Does Sense work with vehicular combat? They're targeting your ship not you, no? If I'm wrong (a reasonable possibility ) are there published limits? Silhouette-based maybe?
  9. Nah, there's no "aggressive parry" in this system.
  10. Next time, Jedi. Next time. Really regretting not using Gadgeteer, instead. Ho hum.
  11. Wait wait wait! You're saying we don't all look exactly like our avatars? [confused frown]
  12. If a character's taken more wounds than their threshold they're incapacitated and take a critical hit. If they're not incapacitated but have taken at least 1 wound, the attacker can spend a rolled Triumph or some Advantages to force a roll on the critical hit table (the actual number of wounds caused doesn't matter, if that's what you're getting at). Some weapons are dangerous because they do lots of wounds (high Damage rating). Others are dangerous because they maim people more often (low Critical rating). Either way, it's a roll on the same table. The more times this happens the worse the result will be, until squishy death.
  13. Welcome, tharmine! You have it right: If the target has suffered 1 or more wounds (damage - soak = wounds) then either a Triumph or a number of Advantages equal to the weapon's "Crit" rating can be spent to cause a critical hit. If an attack causes the target to suffer 1 or more wounds more than their Wound Threshold, the attack automatically causes a critical hit (no Triumphs or Advantages need to be spent). In either of these cases you'd be rolling the d100, but only in the second would they also be incapacitated.
  14. Welcome grumpygamer! I like to wing it. Planning every possible stop they make could be frustrating as hell (give them a choice between Option A or B and they'll pick Option Z every time). It's sometimes nice to have some generic "anywhere" encounters planned, however. Pirate attacks, distress signals, colourful locals who just happen to be from whatever world they've chosen to visit...
  15. Welcome, kaimera! Minions can never voluntarily suffer strain, as you've noted. Otherwise what happens when they suffer enough of these strain-wounds to take one of them out? They drink the blood of one of their chums just so they can get close enough to attack their enemies? I suppose it could be them knocking out the guy who's slowing them down but that too seems a little silly.
  16. 1) Yes, the PCs could do this. But that isn't a big deal - Minions are speed bumps for the most part. If this is frustrating for you have another group of minions flank them or bar their retreat with a shield wall or something. The PCs now must punch through, fight back to back or use their smarts to find another way to retreat. Are the minions Melee-only for a reason? No bows? If they're animuls then perhaps a special "pounce" talent is justified? B) Technically each of those would leave a single minion alive, though only just. (I believe you remove one minion for each multiple of wounds in excess of an individual's WT that a group suffers.) That said, Minions are just speed bumps so yeah, feel free to skrag 'em.
  17. I think there were other plans involving sweeps with tractor beams and the like (and maybe armed escort ships getting chaps to and from the surface? Long time ago now). Admittedly, we only suggested these things after the GM pointed out that we weren't the only ones stuck on the capital world.
  18. Rule that the attack does base damage only? Your game, your rules...
  19. Our GM put us through these books. When this happened I said, "Uh, we just fire our weapons forward as we leave the planet?" (We didn't hit anything but neither did anything hit us - bluff unintentionally called.)
  20. I agree with the bypassing shields bit (I assumed they did this already). Shutting them down is probably a bit too powerful. As they're vulnerable to it, you could rule that Droid controlled ships probably suffer a setback on their next action, or need to make a Piloting check if the environment is hazardous.
  21. I agree. Mostly. Only I'd have no trouble narrating how a character survives this situation. If the player wants their character to die in a dramatic way then the rules can take a running jump (perhaps they're piloting that TIE, and they kamikaze for an Inquisitor). If the player would prefer their character to survive then perhaps Rules As Written is the way to go in any situation where survival is at least an unlikely possibility.
  22. Is he "owned"? If no, there should be no problem with him asking for a full of any profits. He's a sentient, free entity. If he is owned, perhaps talk it over with the group. Out-of-Character, ask that the ship's Captain (presumably your owner) be given two shares of profits and perhaps that character will be spending half of this on buying upgrades. If that's not a happy solution, does he have a restraining bolt? Then perhaps take ship components and sell them. Or just tell the captain you need money for repairs that aren't actually necessary. Or sell them for the bounty if they've been up to no good.
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