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  1. I love and eat up most any co-op game. I thought WHQ was fantastic, for its time. I am not a big fan of Descent. For the most part, many vs one doesn't do much for me, especially when it takes 3+ hours to play. Every time that I have played it, all I can think about is "Why aren't we playing D&D?"
  2. I am with you. I thought that FFG was all about releasing the rules for their games a little early to help gamers dicide on what games to pre-order. (Not that I needed any help with that, since I have already pre-ordered it from amazon ) Well, if you are really in need for a rules fix you can always watch the preview video in 720p and pause it as they flip through the first bit of the rules and zoom in on the screen. I was able to glen quiet a bit after going through it a few times.
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