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  1. I did some work on a Terminator book of similar length and quality, and I planned to use the weapons section to put together a Predator/Predators supplement. However, it's exam season, and I'm a high school science teacher. Things are a bit nuts here at the moment, but rest assured, I'm not gone, just somewhat indisposed.
  2. Those... are not the sort of people I want as players. Or friends. I kid. However, if I did get that reaction from a player I'd probably be like "Ha ha, yeah, real funny. Wait... are you serious?!"
  3. Wow, lots of feedback! Thanks for the praise and feedback folks. FireforEffect Thank you so much for the constructive criticism. I'm glad that you're enjoying the game (even with the tweaks!), and that you've found a way to make it work for your group. However, I do feel that I should justify some of my design concepts. The Pulse Rifle/Smartgun is overpowered Yes, to a certain extent I agree. However, the pulse rifle is meant to be an elite weapon. Generally only the USCMC and private corps have them. Yes, they're damaging to soft targets, and I feel that they should be. Look at what happened to poor Aaron at the end of Alien3; the Wey-Yu goon in the apesuit hits him with a pair of semi-auto bursts and he's killed almost instantly. When a weapon is fired, it should send the PCs scurrying for hard cover! Remember the tactical advance action. Use it often. The armour doesn't protect against Pulse Rifles et al Yes, but allow me to explain: the USCMC are used almost exclusively to deal with local rebels, disgruntled militias and the occasional border skirmish. Most of their enemies are equipped with SMGs, shotguns and handguns. Against these weapons, the armour is pretty decent. Granted it isn't power armour, but these aren't Astartes. Also remember that the pulse rifle fires "10mm explosive-tipped caseless, standard light armour-piercing round". The pulse rifle should shred most personal armour. That's its job. I know that this isn't going to change your mind, and that certainly isn't my intent; you'v clearly found what works for you and that's very cool. However, I felt that you deserved to hear my reasoning rather than just leaving your well-thought-out input hanging in the air. That just feels like it would be rude... tl;dr - thanks for playing, i'm glad you're enjoying it!
  4. Lynata, thank you for providing one of the few examples of legitimately constructive criticism I've ever seen on a message board! I think you've raised a number of excellent points, particularly with the core book. This is exactly what I was hoping would happen - I need to start making some v1.1 edits... I'm going to crack on with a few changes, and I'll repost when it's sorted.
  5. There was going to be another book called Dramatis Personae, which would provides stats for every character from every movie, and a book called Prey, which would include contemporary military characters and playable Predators. I was considering a book about space travel too, maybe something with a galaxy map, hyperspace and various starship stats a la Rogue Trader. We could include: Lockmart Bison class star freighter (Nostromo, Anesidora) M class commercial courier (Torrens) Conestoga class warship (Sulaco, Patna, Sephora) Bougainville class warship (Marlow) Excavator vessel (Onager) Research transport (Legato) FTL transport (Resolute) Heliades class exploration vessel (Prometheus, Kadmos) Yautja mother ship Yautja scout ship Engineer Juggernaut
  6. The core book stats out various pmc, marine and mercenary troops, colonists and corporate civilians, technical/combat/infiltration synthetics and the various parts of the xenomorph lifecycle. The second book is likely to be an alien species book called Bug Hunt, and will hopefully include: Yautja + super predators and their various spacecraft and equipment Engineers (aka space jockeys) + their technology and spacecraft The black goo + constructs (hammerpedes, the trilobite, the deacon, mutants) Harvesters (kinda like burrowing grubs the size of station wagon) Arcturians River ghosts (from predators) Hell hounds (dog things from predators) Fire walkers (big scorpions) White hybrids (nasty human xeno hybrids created by a corrupt computer) Xenoborgs (robots designed to infiltrate hives) Bugs + flyers and chameleons (the 'bugs' that the marines complain about, ranging from pests to bloody huge) Gro'tye (big semi sentient bipedal rhino bull things that are bigger than a predator) Kriltics (another big scorpion) I can probably whip up around 15-20 canonical xenomorph variants too, based on the species that they were birthed from. There's also a host of unnamed species that appeared in various media but never got a name. As you can see, it's a little deeper than just two hours worth of storyline, then nuke the site from orbit. Honestly, I wasn't expecting to have to defend this quite so vigorously.
  7. Let's not forget more than forty video games, two board games, heroclix, a ccg and three different sets of miniatures. Honestly, if lack of background is an issue for you, please don't ever try and run anything using GURPS... Not true! Our Deathwatch GM has never seen Aliens. In fact, he seems to be woefully underexposed to movies in general, something that we are seeking to rectify by force.
  8. Hi folks, haven't posted here in a long time, but I just finished a little side project to use Only War for running an Aliens game. It got a bit out of hand, and it ran to be quite big. Anyway, here it is. http://www.mediafire.com/view/7dgrsfftz2aa8fb/Aliens_-_Only_War.pdf Hopefully i'm not violating any rules by posting a link, and if the mods are annoyed by anything, just say so and i'll take it down. So, opinions? Comments? Suggestions? All remarks are appreciated.
  9. If FFG turn me down on a complete 150 page Eldar book dropped into their lap, i'll happily share it with all and sundry...
  10. You may disagree, but i've folded Corsairs into the Path of the Outcast as an Advanced Specialisation. I'd *like* to submit the doc to FFG, but I doubt they'd be interested. They seem determined not to make playable Eldar. I mean, Kroot?!
  11. Since we're nitpicking then, the Solitaire isn't technically immune if Cegorach isn't on his game on the day said Harlequin kicks the bucket...
  12. Odd this should pop up. I've been working on an Eldar document for Rogue Trader. I have species stats, the Path of the Warrior, gear, vehicles and psychic powers all done. I'm also going to do Path of the Seer, Path of the Outcast and Path of the Harlequin.
  13. Siranui said: Only if you elect to use it, and only for ...what is it... 1 round per rank. On the other hand once you have a few ranks under your belt, activate that and Feat of Strength on consecutive turns, and watch the fur fly... I *do* think that Space Woofs are woefully underpowered in DW.
  14. funkwit81 said: it's something i'd be intereted in playing and if yuor players are up for ti go ahead! It'll be interesting when they meet their Primarch... in fact there's a short story all about the 12th legion encountering their 'father'..... Now, see, I was planning on having them be part of the XII Legion, and I know how Angron reacts to his gene-sons when he first meets them. As an aside, I wanted to have the players meet and befreind Kharn and Ahriman (+ twin brother) whilst on Terra.
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