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  1. @AradonTemplar good clarification - I didn't want to go so far into the rulebook ?. Having mostly come from the old school Star Wars CCG, and only dabbled in m:tg, imo L5R has the most openings for actions/interrupts/"modification windows" than either of them. It also has a more elegant feel to "the stack" I think, whereas for magic, while it might be more straightforward and - usually - easier to resolve, L5Rs is just so much more dynamic. All of this is definitely my opinion! (and keeping track of used actions / bowed characters as already stated is an ugly side effect of the additional utility for any given card.)
  2. Coming from other games that have an "exhaust"/"tap" mechanic, I understand the mental muscle memory. I have to keep remembering that just because someone used an action DOES NOT exclude them from being counted from conflicts. That, and that no action is relegated to only being used during a spelled out "action window", ie any action that can be satisfied at any time, can be played during your turn (obviously some actions can only be used during conflict, or province phase, but others don't have such stringent requirements). I love how much freedom that creates, but as of yet I've found no elegant way to easily mark what actions have been used any given turn :-/
  3. #2 for me. I enjoy being together w other players, but my life is crazy busy so I really can't go too far out of my way. That and being a new player, I'm content playing even just w 1 core set, and so far loving it.
  4. Around my area, a couple FLGSs have a mix of stock. I picked up the last Gladiator at one, and the last AFII at the other. So it's not empty, but they didn't have enough of everything to stay on the shelf. Hoping in the next couple weeks to join in at one of their miniature's night to see if there are any other Armada players who want a pick up game.
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