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  1. Twist2


    Hello again just an update I'm Warren I'm looking for players for an up and coming DH game on every friday in Leominster, Massachusetts you can reach me here or by email Gowamwar@aol.com Thank you for your time
  2. I asked all my player to come up with a history of are ship and they wrote a great story making it a awsome tool for the game
  3. Mine has just shipped so within the week I'd say
  4. Twist2


    Gowamwar@aol.com Aim sn Ziggwam Massachuetts, Auburn Dark Heresy Rogue Trader soon to be Death Watch
  5. I think it was a D&D game but one of my players had a pet baby dragon that like to stay hidden and would only show himself to only one player. The dragon would roll into a ball now this player told everyone that his ball was a dragon and I think he was some sort of a savage. Then one day all hell breaks loose and the player with the ball rolls the ball at a wounded friend and yells HELP IS ON ITS WAY!!!! the ball rolled and hit his friend foot and did nothing his friend looked down at the ball then at him then the ball again. It was a funny scene.
  6. I want my book.............................PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I think they use webway gates to get around, theres small ones and large ones.
  8. toughness doesn't effect your wounds only sound con does
  9. Hey guys my email is gowamwar@aol.com aim sn is ziggwam contact me you can the game is friday night at a friends house 5pm to as late as midnight
  10. Please everyone let this die away and be forgotten PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the darkest of times let be silent for many moments no more posts on this subject thank you all for understand
  11. my group plays in fitchburg I havn't herd of any others as of yet
  12. thank you for your posts there very helpful I've got my reviews by asking one on one style its worked out so far for me.
  13. Twist2

    Just Curious...

    Massachusetts, USA Table top : necromunda, Battle fleet gothic, 40k Role-playing since: 96 age: 28 hates: white sneakers favorite breakfest food: red white an blue waffles - waffles with strawberries, blue berries whip cream
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