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  1. I ran a small event last year that included myself and two other players. I would love to do this again for Fellowship 2017 but need to know any interest before asking my FLGS to order the kit(s). Anyone interested can contact me here via PM. - Fee will be $20/person - Will be held in Roseburg, Or (site/date TBD) Info on the kit can be found here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/9/14/assault-on-dol-guldur/
  2. gamestar10

    AHLCG Font?

    Thanks for the replies, everyone!
  3. gamestar10

    southern ORegon

    I'm in Roseburg. I hosted a small but fun Fellowship 2106 Event sponsored by Hero's Haven.
  4. gamestar10

    AHLCG Font?

    Does anyone have a link or know the name of the font for AHLCG (assuming it exists)?
  5. gamestar10

    Fellowship Events List 2016

    Link for the Fellowship 2016 event in Roseburg, Or on 11/13/2016. We have 2 sets of mats and cards remaining. If interested, please contact me via the FB event page.
  6. gamestar10

    thoughts and question

    Once a player sets aside ​the White Tree, he cannot roll or set aside any more dice for the duration of his turn. A player is allowed to set aside die prior to setting aside the WT, too. If a Nazgul comes up, it MUST be set aside before the WT. You could choose not to set it aside and reroll it after setting all other die.
  7. gamestar10


    The White Tree is indeed only found on the black die.
  8. gamestar10

    Fellowship 2016 Kit

    Makes complete sense. Thanks for the reply, JanB.
  9. Anyone know why they are only including enough for 3 players per kit this year instead of 4, as in previous years?
  10. Hey, everyone! There's an event this Saturday at Portland's Guardian Games from 1pm - 6pm. Players will get a custom playmat and custom art Dain Ironfoot. There will be a drawing for the 2013 Khazad-Dum playmat and Shadows of Mirkwood nightmare decks. Come one, come all! New players of all types welcome! Come join the tales and merrymaking this Saturday! P.S. There will be a $10 participation fee. P.P.S. You will get far more value than that. Hope to see you there
  11. So can we talk about a golden-haired Silvan?
  12. gamestar10

    Radagast and Saruman

    I'm with you on his ability, but even the Gandalf hero only has 3 for all his stats. IMO, Saruman shouldn't be a hero card based on his character but if he was, I'd wager his stats at W: 2, A: 4, D: 3. Some might argue that his will should be higher because his strength was the ability to control one's mind but that would translate to attack. Saruman: NeutralThreat 15 W: 3 A: 5 D: 2 HP: 5 Once per round, exhaust Saruman to take control of a non-unique enemy in the staging area. That enemy leaves the staging area and enters your play area. The enemy has 0 willpower. Return it to the staging area at the end of the refresh phase. If Saruman readies, return the enemy to the staging area immediately.
  13. gamestar10

    A Random Walk to Mordor #2

    I'll claim #2 and we'll see what happens I have 2 cycles worth of packs to open so this should be a hardcore, down and dirty learning session.
  14. gamestar10

    [Western Oregon] Fellowship Event 2015 events?

    3 hours south so I'll have to see if I can get the time off. Thanks for the heads up
  15. gamestar10

    A Random Walk to Mordor #1

    Awesome to hear you on COTR, Seastan! Great insight on the game and I was pleased to find out you were the player who got the Random Walk started. Very cool