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  1. These look super. They have crisp lines and great depth and shading. I really like them.
  2. Very nice. I'm very impressed by the level of detail with the amount of time you took for the starter.
  3. They look pretty good. I think for your basing it might be that the flock is to uniformly coloured. IMO. If you added some degree of difference it could look a lot more natural.
  4. That's what I pictured it like. Just a companion to a small based figure. Not massive, just big.
  5. Nice minis. I'm envious. Maybe I should just suck it up and get to work on mine.
  6. This may seem a bit wonky but maybe some kind of beast trainer type hero or ally. They could come with a 2x1 based doglike creature. I vaguely remember there being something like that in one of the prequels. I think in the Tusken camp.
  7. Thanks a lot. Was just looking for a cool app like this and this one is sooooo appropriate. I do agree with the above posters though. It does need a bit of flexability for timing and scoring. Also allowing it to face the players seperately could be cool too. Thanks again for this cool app and it is greatly appreciated by this nerd. Edit; also a way to reset timer without closing the app completely.
  8. Nicely done. They look pretty crisp. I like your terrain. Snazzy.
  9. That's kinda on you. You can recycle that paper and plastic or even just pack down your waste. I'm sure with a minimum of effort most of your garbage could be shrunk smaller than a 2' x 2' box.
  10. In the rpg they cover three subspecies of aqualish. Edited because apparently I can't spell.
  11. He has inspired me to work at painting again.
  12. Personally I would like to see more Twi'lek. They are, I believe, nearly as populas and widespread as humans. A non-Jedi female or male would be nice. Even an ally if not a primary hero.
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