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  1. I appriciate your knowledge of RL warfare, but remember that 40k tactics are often anachronistic. My impression os that ww1 strategy form the basics (mass wave attacks, trench warfare), while ww2 organization is common. Elite regiments often use ww2 squad tactics, and sometimes Vietnam style mobile warfare. In my game, Severan Dominate forces usesquad based tactics, but so far they have been defeated through superior arms and vehicles. Back to the cloak: one of my players notified me of the DH errata for it that didn't follow over to OW: cloak makes you count as one range bracket further away. So if at long range penalty increases from -10 to -30, and on shorter ranges it's most often -10 worse. This seems a lot more balanced. My players mostly agreed it was too good for its intended purpose, so this fix should fix that. And I can even let the sniper retain the bonus when shooting, yet obvious movement breaks it. Im not certain i I should let melee attacking break it, by RAW it does not (not a move type action), but it makes sense the cloak would flap about when fighting, but Im also ok with the cloak effect making the melee combatant a bit harder to hit with ranged.
  2. The official FInal Testament module has a lot of those kinds of missions you are talking about. Other tips: Sabotage fuel/ammo/food depot Calling in artillery using laser designators at closer ranges rescue/recover mission for crashed air units bunker assault contacting and training local guerillas/resistance fighters stealing enemy resources (fuel, weapons etc.) The main problem with these is a lack of base, so making a secret hideout should be the first task of such a unit behind enemy lines, otherwise they would need to go back "home" regularily to rest/resupply etc. Just relying on occasional air drops is probably not sustainable in the long run unless there are significant local resources. As for tech, remember that despite sci-fi the empire is often very low-tech, so having holographic maps and having some made with feather quills are equally correct, and could even be used in the same place. Other maps: I've used google maps or searched for map types to use, works fairly well for settlements.
  3. If you are right that fixes the problem for sure, but it seems no-one else was interpreting the rules like that. Your interpretation is essentially the same as my first nerf house-rule. Dodging breaking the -30 is ok, but if you can find any source that says if the enemy spots you there is no -30 let me know. Normally. if the enemy can't see or hear you at all he can't target you at all, and would have to guess the location of any enemy to even attack with -.30. So I need to make sure all my enemies have area of effect weapons and use it against the sniper every time they think he's a threat (which basically means the first headshot-one kill). And I do need to use SF action more often, but frankly so does my players. So far I've only used it for human enemies, not orks, as they might not have the coordination to carry out such tactics. On the other hand, "more dakka" could be translated as suppressing fire. I'm not sure if I want this to be the case (always having to use AoE), as IMO grenades etc. should be used against enemies in cover, not as a standard attack. Will consult with the players to see what they think.
  4. Well, i nerfed it by requiring the full-action aim to get extra damage. So by combining the two aim actions is the only way to get accurate damage every turn by my rules. I can understand how a primary sniper can do better than most normal guardsman. I got the impression the tools part was fluff more than hard rules, other talents implies that comrades have whatever they need in their hands at the right time, otherwise the Weapon Specialists advance would not work to quickly be handed another weapon. If nothing else, the comrade could be using rifle scope optics instead to spot with. Note that Spotter has no action time in itself or order needed, yet only a half action is needed for the comrade, not half-action to ready binocs and then another half action to aim and call target. Because of my own nerf, If I make it impossible to use both advances at the same time, that would mean the sniper would only benefit from the no-dodge shot when able to take a full-turn aim (I.E ambush situations). That would make him pretty useless in normal combat against enemies with good dodge.
  5. I take it you mean to say "Chameleoline cloaks are fine", here are some ways their effect can be ignored". Well, it's not about whether I can introduce enemies and equipment that ignores C cloak, I know I can. The issue is if the -30 is too good to have as a defensive bonus essentially all the time. Even some of my players were arguing that you should not getting the bonus if you attack yourself. And I don't have a problem challenging them, the same day the group got charged in melee by 4 Wyches and almost killed them all. One had to burn FP, and only a quick thinking Hallucinogenic grenade in their midst saved the party from this. The C cloak was absolutely worthless in this situation, as was the Ratling as he did not carry a secondary weapon due to weight issues. In most combats though, the enemy will not always have flamers, grenade launchers or crazy wyches with 90% effective Stealth skills (with their own C cloaks). And I don't really want to see the heavy gunner start using this cloak getting -30 to all attacks against him while he hipfires a heavy weapon killing everyone. Anyone except close-combat characters can benefit from this cloak as it is, even if they never attempt to use stealth. I believe that this was not intended for the item in the first place. In your examples The group is indeed good at what they do, and they tend to take out far tougher opposition than i think they can, but in the end they are fairly squishy glass-cannons that even normal lasguns can take down. In my example encounter there was no doubt where the shots were coming from, as the long las shots took out a gunner and driver coming from only 40 meters to the front, in a 6 meter wide hallways almost devoid of features and cover. The ratling was simply in the open and would be automatically visible unless wearing the cloak. In hindsight the enemy could and should have used suppressive fire, but both myself and my players tend to forget that option, which often leads to more dynamic and quicker combats anyway. In your examples you mentioned it is common to not see the enemy fully, but only fire at muzzles flashes and smoke. And in some cases, these stray bullets do hit, even if it takes a lot more ammunition than this game system is designed for. However the -20 modifier from SF action, if added to other circumstantial modifiers generally means that the chance to hit quickly reaches 0. If you could simply take the -20% as a final modifier and ignore other penalties and bonuses for shooting, that would be a fairly effective way of negating the C cloak modifier. As it is the rules are fuzzy about this, for example I've yet to see anyone take -30% for shooting a heavy bolter suppressive fire at normal range (-20 for SF, -10 for full auto). Thanks for your input anyway, and I would love to have some more chime in as well, even if it's just to say they think the C cloak is balanced as it is if you interpret the -30 applying whenever you take no Movement type actions. Will check with my players what they think as well, as they are the ones to be affected by this. And if they want to keep it as it is, well I sure can throw a lot of Severan Dominate commandos with the cloak at them if I want.
  6. These rules are far more complex than standard, and it some time and careful reading to understand. First of all, I echo that removing Dodge skill is probably not so good idea, after all Eldar are supposed to be better dodgers than orks, not just having better agility. Other issues: Dodging enemy attacks are now a very risky proposition, since you are very likely to get pinned. Even a normal +0 dodge means about around 70% chance of pinning a normal guardsman, and the PCs are not that much resilient unless Psykers. As a result, combat becomes more a matter of who shoots first, as the first shot is likely to pin an enemy. This means that maxing out willpower and geting Pinning-related talents becomes even more important, and Suppressive Fire action was already a bit too much. I do like that particularly dangerous weapons will probably Pin more often, and getting pinned down by a lascannon seems fine by me. My players generally roleplay this anyway if they get targeted by something big. As it is, area of affect suppression is not a thing except for grenades - unless you get multiple hits, but in that case there is no "close" as the enemy will know that you need x DoS to get extra hits. So the system needs a way to attack more targets in a close group and pin them down. Also, the system probably would have to be deadlier to make Lasguns and Autoguns be Pinnable, otherwise they would be fairly useless for this. Another strange thing with the system is that WP only comes into effect if the player or GM decides that the attack is worth risking a Pin for. So players can practically choose to be fearless, at the cost of forgoing dodge, despite having low WP. In fact, very low WP characters will benefit from never dodging and hoping their armor etc. will work, as they are likely to be pinned at any attempt to dodge. Is this attended?
  7. Hello! I've been playing OW for a while now, and despite nerfing Accurate Weapons to make them into sniping weapons rather than main combat weapons, the ratling comrade abilities seem to overcome this easily. I'm assuming that comrade advances that has an action listed in parenthesis is what the comrade needs to spend, not what the ratling does. So using Spotter (passive) and set-up shot (Order, half action) this is possible: 1. comrade takes aim action which benefits ratling 2. Ratling takes own aim action (making it Full-action aim) 3. comrade shoots at target using own half action, the target is unable to dodge (despite having Step Aside and super-dodge talents) 4. Rating fires as half action using Long Las at less than 75 meters: +20 full aim +10 accurate +10 range, +10 single shot. If he scores 5 DoS that means 3d10+4 (avg. 20) damage pen 1 that can't be dodged. Did I get anything wrong here? Most of the time ratling fires at enemies with regular amount of TB and wounds he one-shots them. That's fitting with the sniper theme, and allows him to be very useful to the otherwise more experienced party, and he hardly outkills the Heavy gunner using the Heavy Stubber, yet getting undodgeable shots at little cost. I¨'m not sure if I want to houserule and nerf more, but first I want to see if we're doing it correct in the first place.
  8. Does not "against the savages" have ork battlewagon for vehicle regiments? Those can have pretty tough firepower, use kill kannon against tanks and rockit launchas against Chimeras.
  9. Tactics is not really the issue. I'm not concerned with ambushes using these, I'm talking about normal firefights in enclosed spaces. In the last fight the squad was underground fighting in tunnels with little cover. The enemy was only 50 meters away, so binoculars would not be much point, and mortar fire impossible. A (small) sniper using a Long Las and otherwise remaining stationary had a total of -40% to hit him. The enemy with BS 46 (really good) had almost no chance to hit with their weapons (+10 short range, -10 full auto) meant only 6% hit chance. The enemy, despite being relatively intelligent and exceptionally skilled marksmen, had little chance. Even with single shot and aim, you're looking at 36% chance, which will probably be dodged anyway. In theory they could have run at him, leaving their own excellent cover and then next round fight in melee where the cloak is pointless, but that sounds very strange for a ranged-focused trooper to do, and would also leave them vulnerable to the rest of the Squad. I'm not sure if suppression fire -20% is a added modifier or the final one, assuming the former than means you simply miss when firing at one with C cloak. So the issue lies in the amazing penalty at virtually no cost, no more rare than Carapace armor and easier to get than a Heavy Bolter. I agree Las and such would often reveal location, but the issue is not the hit&run sniper using stealth+ C cloak against a unit, that's a headache for another day.
  10. Hey there, hope some are still around to read this. My groups sometimes use chameleoline cloaks for stealth, which they work very well for, +20 stealth for what is essentially a cloaking device. However, the -30 for stationary targets wearing one seems way over the top. After all, -30 is the modifier of attacking a target you can't see at all. This would make this rare item the most potent sort of defensive item you can think of. A squad of soldiers wearing these (and IG squads sometimes get them for stealth jobs) standing still and shooting makes them almost impossible to hit for most enemies of the same caliber. Ork shootas have negative chance to hit them unless firing single shots at close range (orks like dakka), other human soldiers will are fairly certain to miss too. Another issue is, what kinds of stationary? Simply lying motionless and hiding? In that case the -30 seems fine as you're not doing anything or moving at all. Does it count when shooting? The weapon can't be covered by the cloak when shooting, so most of it will be sticking out and fairly visible, thus it should be fairly easy to figure out where the shooter is and where to aim. So if you agree that having -30 for enemies to hit you simply because you did not take move actions that turn is too good, how to fix it? Idea 1: Strictly limit to penalty to when you are lying still hiding or taking total defense action. idea 2: Nerf the cloak penalty to -10% when attacking. Idea 3: Only allow the penalty to single shots, with decreasing penalty for semi-auto (-20), full auto (-10) and suppressive fire (0). This to show that the more you rely on luck and volume of fire the less does the cloak do. Thoughts?
  11. I was referring to most guardsmen. Dedicated snipers can, and will snipe effectively. We have a Ratling now and even with my house rule he can snipe an enemy per turn. However, bad rolling and the fact only one damage die counts for fury makes him a lot less powerful than anticipated. The main thing that might be broken is setup shot against high dodge targets.
  12. As far as I understand the rules: 1. Yes, you just get talent(s) just as with a starting character. Although advanced specialties have a lot fewer talents than the old specialites. 2. I'm not aware of that rule, but if so that's a reasonable assumption. 3. Advanced specialites overwrite the Aptutides from previous specialities, not from regiment. So you'd keep it (and would be able to chose another if you would also get it from the advanced speciality). Having BS from the regiment is very powerful.
  13. Good suggestions here, also if AP is exceeded you can simply roll on the vehicle "weapon" critical table to see if it's destroyed or just damaged (obviously ignoring external damage that does not apply). Either use excess damage or simply roll a d10. I like the rear armor for tires/side for tracks house rule, I think I will use that myself. Last time I just allowed the heavy gunner to get fury on the front wheels despite not being able to penetrate front armor of an ork trukk with a heavy stubber. Although with Ramshackle that meant that the engine died instead, and could have been even more destructive.
  14. Thanks for the tips. We did the Liberation mission now, and though the group was a bit disheartened about transporting maybe 1000 prisoners back, so far they have done well in combat against the 100 gretchin. I used formations rules from EotI with some tweaking (making them less squishy), and let the players control a squad of Cadian Shock infantry each, against formations of 20 Gretchin+Runtheard. This sped up combat a lot, and the gretchin was still theoretically dangerous due to sheer number of hits they can land with more than 100% hit chance Once our scout was discovered having 10 gretchins shooting at him without formations rules was dangerous enough by itself so he almost died. And at least one of the runtheards managed to charge and almost chop off a PCs arm So how about your Tunnel Fiends?
  15. I think the rules are silent on this, which means GM will make an ad-hoc rule if needed. Strangely despite running a mech inf regiment I haven't needed to make a ruling as the PCs never dismounts in combat (that's dangerous!). I would rule half action to open normal hatch and move out, maybe full action for the more awkward hatches such as a loader or sponsoon gunner in a leeman russ.. in fact everyone who does not have a personal hatch such as the commander or driver, or a large hatch like in the chimera.
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