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  1. Group skill checks

    I would disagree on this, philosophically. I'd argue that skilled assistance checks exist precisely for reasons such as this. Someone who's trained can help someone who's not trained walk more quietly, or choose better spots to stop and hide. Yes, the trained person might be slowed down or hampered slightly by the untrained person, BUT that untrained person will have a much better chance at sneaking around if he's following the lead of someone who is more skilled.
  2. Group skill checks

    With certain group checks, you could pool Successes together (so if a person got extra success pips, they could give them to their allies to keep them from failing). That makes sense if they're all traveling together for a good distance. Or, if they're trying to sneak across a small distance, you could have the sneakiest guy go first and then have him do Assisted checks for each of the other characters—maybe the Advantage/Triumph he rolls with his own check can also improve their chances. You could roll one check for the whole group, but I wouldn't mess around with the lowest stat. Just add Setback dice, one per each extra person—it's harder to sneak a large group of people somewhere than it is to just sneak one or two people in As for searching, it depends on what they're looking for. But if it's something like clues to a mystery, or hidden objects, or secret doors, etc, you determine how many people could possibly benefit the check, let them use skilled assistance, and then just add a Boost die for everyone else who's assisting in the searching (as if they were offering unskilled assistance). If the area is too small and more people would just get in the way, tell the players they can only benefit from 1 or 2 people helping on the check.
  3. Wow, that's quite the reversal!
  4. Magic spell with lightning

    Cool! I like the site, easy navigation and good layout.
  5. Magic spell with lightning

    Looks like the images are hosted on and hotlinked inline with the text. Just a matter copy-pasting the image, but probably good to make sure that you have permission from the owner of the domain/server to do so.
  6. Shipwright: Wait….. What?

    Total **** GM move though 😕
  7. Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2

    Sure...or the droid that the OP mentioned a few posts ago! Nothing wrong with wanting to play a space muggle That's why I like the XP solution so much. It gives freedom and flexibility, and then the GM doesn't have to try and figure out what his non-Force-sensitive PCs should get in return that's comparable. Also, as a player, I like the idea of starting with a fairly developed character—gimme the extra XP and let me flesh out the concept a little! That being said, there's certainly nothing wrong with just handing everyone a free talent (FR 2 for the Padawans, maybe something bottom-tier for the non Force users).
  8. Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2

    Yeah, I tread lightly there myself, because I've had bad experiences as a player and as a GM when placing requirements. I try to make sure it's open ended, and that I'm giving something to them in return. It's not like you're taking their characters and messing with them; it's more like you're giving them a boon with a single stipulation on its usage. OTOH, if the requirement is too heavy a concept, you could always just make it a strong suggestion Try this: "I am giving you this extra XP so that you can get to FR 2 because that's the power level I'd like us to start with for this campaign. But, if there's a reason you think your padawan shouldn't yet be at FR 2, just let me know, and we will try and work out a good story together!"
  9. Not enough Challenge dice

    Check out the Adversary talent on page 131!
  10. Ebb/Flow Question

    Ah yeah I see, the general rules state that, unless stated otherwise, combined Force power checks need both FPs and 1 uncancelled success to "succeed." But that's a contingency placed on check success, not on the activation of a Force power or the usage of Force Points. IOW, the Success needs a FP in order to count, but the FPs don't necessarily need any Successes in order to be used.
  11. Ebb/Flow Question

    Does the Force power say anything about "on a successful check"? I'm pretty sure the answer is "no." Combined Force power checks usually introduce a third resolution axis into the mix (Success/Failure, Advantage/Threat, Light/Dark). In that, even if you fail at whatever check you're attempting, you can still use the Force points generated to fuel some tangential effect. And seeing as how the Ebb & Flow effects are tangential to begin with, it doesn't really make much sense to require a successful check to use the Force points you generate.
  12. Shipwright: Wait….. What?

    Two things: You haven't included Triumph & Despair in your evaluation, and that makes all the difference. Players spend Advantage/Triumph, THEN the GM spends Threat/Despair. That's how the core check resolution works. More of a question, but how exactly does this make schematics not useful? I'm not seeing it.
  13. Magic spell with lightning

    The active Stun quality is different from stun damage though, right?
  14. Swift vs. Outdoorsman

    Edge of the Empire, Survivalist tree, I think. Edit: I checked, and it's actually in all three Star Wars core rulebooks (Edge of the Empire, Force and Destiny, Age of Rebellion).