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  1. awayputurwpn

    Warriors rejoice

    That's what gets me, people assuming that "X character" in a given movie is telling the truth, or is omniscient, when they make a statement. They'll build a whole system around a few lines of dialogue, and then when their system is thrown out of whack by the introduction of new statements in a new movie, they can't be flexible enough to alter their conceptions.
  2. awayputurwpn

    No PBP threads for this system?

    A few of us have tried in the past to ask the admin here at FFG to make PbP subforum, almost 3 years ago when I first started a few games simultaneously (why did I do that to myself!!)...but as far as I know nobody has ever received a response. Not sure if they're too busy and it's not a priority, but I would assume so, because they haven't ever shut down any of the many PbP threads that have been popping up over the last few years on the Star Wars forums. I for one would love to see a dedicated forum for it, since it encourages an active community and gets more people playing the game.
  3. awayputurwpn

    Tips for those without Reflect

    Get up close and personal to enemies as fast as possible. Wise NPCs will not fire into a melee, and those that do will run the very real risk of hitting their friends instead of you (especially when you throw Sense and Dodge into the mix).
  4. Here is something I worked up last year. It's not to your exact specifications, as I made it for a friend who had his own preferences in mind, but I hope that it can serve as inspiration! https://1drv.ms/b/s!ApsITI_KCIhsgcZXzA4fUDHoT7_2dw
  5. @LordEnforcer it seems you do tend to ask questions in confusing ways. I don't mean to offend or presume, but if you are asking for help or understanding, it can sometimes be effective to give some of your reasoning behind the question. Such as, "The way I read it, you need two weapons for the Linked quality to work. This is based on the rules from (page number) under (section header). But Saber Swarm seems like it might work with only a single bladed lightsaber, the way it's worded. So, I have two questions..." That way, you don't have to get in shouting matches with people who don't understand your question. Plus that, if you verbalize your own thought process, it can have the double effect of 1) leading to better understanding of the rules for yourself and 2) giving other people some insight into the thinking of others, so that GMs can make better rulings on the fly in their own games.
  6. awayputurwpn

    Warriors rejoice

    Then you can be all Darth Vader in ESB. Don't need no stinkin' lightsaber.
  7. awayputurwpn

    Warriors rejoice

  8. awayputurwpn

    Warriors rejoice

    I just got the Cabal, is that the Turian you're thinking of? Reminds me of a poisoner rogueish character I played for a few sessions back in the day, including the teleport ability. I don't have the N7 Destroyer yet or any of the good guns still working on it.
  9. awayputurwpn

    Warriors rejoice

    From Merriam Webster: "a massive inexorable force, campaign, movement, or object that crushes whatever is in its path." It's a complicated word but the connotation is certainly there. But anyways I wasn't trying to be "literal" so much as just using the common gaming parliance. (I got Mass Effect 3 for super cheap on Xbox Live a couple months ago, and I'm having a blast with the Geth Juggernaut in multiplayer—talk about an inexorable force!)
  10. awayputurwpn

    Warriors rejoice

    I would argue that the "juggernaut" is a subset of the "tank" type. To be unstoppable, you've gotta have a way of shrugging off damage, which is the tank's thing.
  11. awayputurwpn

    Warriors rejoice

    Tramp, you were great with this. I think as the thread "progressed," though, you've been getting more and more narrow in your definition of exactly what a tank is/isn't. Problem is, since no game is 100% alike, there's not going to be a consensus of what a "tank" looks like in non-game-mechanics terms, let alone across different games with varied mechanics. It's more just a concept—and IMO you nailed it with that quoted post there.
  12. awayputurwpn

    Snoke's guards

    I’d use the Imperial Royal Guard as a starting template, but give their armor the Cortosis quality and kit them out with cool melee weapons.
  13. awayputurwpn

    Genesys Experience to D&D-ish Levels

    When new characters came into the campaign, I started them at Knight Level. I highly recommend it. Not sure if there's a Genesys equivalent yet, but it's not that difficult a concept to translate in any case
  14. Wait you mean you don't want this???
  15. Depends entirely on the tone. If I have a group of Jedi Knights running around in the Old Republic, a lot of them want modification options and the ability to stand out from each other. So it's nice to have dueling sabers, double-bladed sabers, sabers that are built for underwater functionality, sabers that have Burn or Stun qualities. The EotE saber, on the other hand, is great for capturing that mythic feel that Episode IV had to it. No hard points, no career skill ranks; just this weapon of energy—"Your father's lightsaber."