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  1. Does each player have to play like that?
  2. Tovera found that the supports shoring up this section of walk were a simple girder system, made of some kind of strong metal alloy. Each strut and joist was about half a meter thick on one side, and about half that on the other side. When Tovera tapped them, they sounded a bit hollow. They connected at the wall and looked like they could be made to come off, if one could possibly pop all the dozens—or perhaps hundreds—of rivets that connected the supports to the wall...
  3. Not to my knowledge, no. Did someone say something about it here? That's a safe bet. They've been present in every book this far. It's also reasonable to assume they'll have a specialization with Lightsaber as a career skill.
  4. New project: make a character that can kill the Death Star.
  5. Traditionally, the Characteristic adjustments only apply to player characters, but they can totally be a good reference for you when crafting your Inquisitor.
  6. Thank you! Results will be IC when I have the time to form a cogent post
  7. Hey @Rakaydos, could you please roll 1eC instead of the 1eD that you rolled for Difficulty. Trying to get you guys some Destiny Points You can keep the two green dice rolled.
  8. You can make a Simple (1eD) Skulduggery check or an Easy (1eC) Mechanics check (Difficulty upgrade accounted for). Degree of Success will determine how effective a solution can be wrought with Tovera's direction.
  9. Asa's eyes grew wide. "Yes, I had heard that sunfire swords were capable of cutting through hard fortifications. I assumed it was just a fable, an exaggeration to scare enemies. I never saw one in that truly possible?"
  10. Cool beans. It's a standard blaster rifle. 9 damage, crit 3, long range. You don't need to do the math for the damage this round, since the stormtroopers guarding the walker just take one hit to go down, regardless of damage.
  11. Maa't leaped and spun in the air, landing in the large doorway behind the walker, ready to strike. As he did so, Chundarr used the distraction and opened fire at the distant walker. One of the stormtroopers took the hit from Chundarr's aim, and went down hard. // Two more troopers left guarding the walker...I believe that Tovera has the initiative now. Will PM @Tramp Graphics regarding Korath as soon as I have a moment! //
  12. I'm planning on using these guys as inspiration for villains in a future campaign Still equivocating on whether they will be space-faring Ewoks or some other, more mysterious species...
  13. It's your standard issue F11-D blaster rifle, with an electroscope and a folding stock. Remember that the walker has no Adversary talent, but I will spend a Destiny Point to upgrade the Difficulty once (so it's 2eD+1eC at long range).
  14. Most definitely. There are a couple very dead stormtroopers engaged with Chundarr, whose blasters and shields are all in perfect working order.
  15. Well I blame these guys