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  1. Q modding and attachments

    There's no check needed to install attachments, except when called for in the attachment description (the Wookiee bowcaster attachments, for example). You usually only need to make checks to mod the attachments after installing them.
  2. 9 Players... help!

    Forgot to mention, if you manage to get the player characters to split into different groups, bounce the narrative between the two groups as often as possible. Sometimes you can even go between skill checks if you have enough dice. Keeps it fast-paced. "You guys are attacking this group of stormtroopers over here? Great, here's your Difficulty, go ahead and form your attack pool. Okay, while they're doing that, what are you guys doing? ...Okay, make me a combined Computers check, your Intellect and her Computers skill rank. Here's your Difficulty." And then back to the stormtroopers scene, etc.
  3. Yeah, I don't see anything in material to suggest that Palpatine was a devotee. He was a brilliant, prodigious, self-interested, power-hungry villain that used the power and secrets of the Sith to propel himself to galactic dominance. And my "no" was to Palpatine being turned "from Ra's al Ghul into the Joker," since 1) IMO both of these characters are terrible comparisons to the Emperor, and 2) there has been no such transformation that I can see.
  4. No...Palpatine is your standard moustache-twirling villain. There's no deeper level to him, no desire to protect or serve anyone. He just wants power, power, and more power, and is willing to kill billions of people to get it and keep it.
  5. My point is, what fans call "light side of the Force" is what literally everyone else in the movies just calls "the Force." And by comparison, "the light" that is mentioned by a handful of character in the new trilogy seems to be a philosophical concept or ideal rather than a source of power like the dark side is.
  6. Is the Acklay over stat-ed?

    I think it's perfect. They'll likely need to come up with a way to destroy it that isn't shooting it in the face with blasters. I've pitted my players against an Acklay before (and another monster with the same stats but different skin), and they did fine without lightsabers. It's about being smart, using your surroundings. Or if that fails, a starfighter's laser cannons will do nicely
  7. 9 Players... help!

    No problem! I hope you have a fun time.
  8. A phrase that has never been uttered in the films, yet sees a lot of play in-game and on the forums, is "the light side."
  9. 9 Players... help!

    I've done it. I made it work. 8 out of the 9 came back for several sessions after that. The main thing is that you're gonna get zero time for any individual character development. It's going to be all about the overarching story. Give them a scenario (something like a heist, or a raid on a military base, or a rescue mission, something with lots of action) and let them cook up a plan. Set a timer. If they don't come up with a plan on that set time, then it's go time anyway and they only get to work with whatever plan they have worked up. It's preferable if they split up into teams. Then, try to allow for every chartacter to make at least three skill checks. Set the difficulties easier than you would normally. Have them make combined checks whenever possible and work together to describe the outcome of their efforts. The key is keeping up the pressure. Start en media res. Make hesitations unappealing. Present choices as A or B options, not open-ended ones. If a player is taking too long figuring out what he wants to do on his turn, tell him you'll come back to him and go on to the next player. Describe things in concise and clear terms, and then ask the player how she responds ("The Imperial stormtrooper draws his riot baton and rushes at you. He's almost upon you, what do you do?"). And so on and so forth. It's gonna feel a little railroady at times, perhaps...but as long as you give them choices, make "yes, and..." your default, and narrate them being as awesome as possible, you should weather the session just fine Either that, or you will discover that you have a max player cap, and it's less than 9
  10. Sorry About The Mess: Arena B

    // Man sorry it took me so long to reply. Pierce just reduces your soak when determining damage, so it technically applies when factoring your soak in. Basically just treat your soak as lower by 1 point and away you go. Pierce doesn't add damage, so it doesn't interact at all with Reflect. // The wookiee's quick blaster bolts are batted away by Jedi, who has to backpedal a ways to give himself room his defenses. Grrawlryyhl then pushes his way fully out of the snowdrift and looks menacingly up the mountain. // I'll spend 1 Advantage to heal 1 strain and the other to give myself a Boost die on the next check. //
  11. Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    You're approaching it from a metagame standpoint. To you, the kyber crystal isn't reaching its full potential; whereas according to the narrative, your crystal has reached its full potential in that respect (on a failed check to apply a mod). It's like any other failed check. There are real consequences for failing, but you keep on going because the failures are part of your character's story.
  12. Gnome Species

    This is cool
  13. Gnome Species

    I like the idea but it's very uninspiring as is. I'd give them each a free talent in addition to the free skill rank. Also, I'd lose "darkvision." It's like everyone and their mother in 5e has darkvision besides, it only works out to 60 feet. Leave the actual darkvision to the deep gnomes, IMO.
  14. Failed Force checks?

    Mechanically speaking, the power was "activated," so narratively-speaking she at least tried to reach out with the Force. What happens after that could be any of the above that you suggest, or whatever else the player can come up with. Maybe she felt the temptation of the dark side and pulled back sharply. Maybe she exerted all the mental power she had but only managed to make the rock shudder a little before giving up. Maybe her thoughts are elsewhere, and it's a discipline issue. Maybe a nearby blast throws off her concentration.
  15. Some doubts on Lightsaber Mods

    Also, the Difficulty & price increases are per mod, not per attachment.