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  1. Neither. You just skip over the talent the second time you encounter it, since it's not ranked. The synergy there is that is takes less XP to get to the bottom of the talent tree.
  2. I think you mean "hydrospanners"
  3. Aw come on, how can ya hate it if you've never tried it? Give Saga a chance! It just seems to line up with all your expectations that I've read this far, especially where this game seems to disappoint or come down at odds with how you see the movies playing out in terms of game mechanics.
  4. I'm just pointing out the irony!
  5. Yeah that's exactly how it works in Saga Edition (different talent names, but the mechanics are identical to your description).
  6. Firstly, how many PCs act like Han Solo or Luke Skywalker on the Death Star? The PCs were always running on the Death Star, not standing and fighting like I see the majority of PCs doing. (or the characters on the Invisible Hand who surrendered to Greivous? Or the characters in Jabba's palace who let themselves be captured without a fight?) Secondly, how many times do you have enemies intentionally missing like the stormtroopers were on the Death Star? My point is, perhaps the fact that your game doesn't feel setting-appropriate is because of the roleplaying habits of your table, not the structure of the rules.
  7. This is d20 thinking dude.
  8. I keep it pretty loose, myself. It's only ever once been an issue, and I had to strictly enforce it in one game with an unrepentant power gamer otherwise, players use one or two maneuvers for the drawing and applying, and it's rarely an issue either way.
  9. I think two pouches is pushing it, myself. It's like trying to wear two backpacks. There's other stuff you need to be able to access—your gun holster(s) or weapon sheaths for starters, and other stuff on your utility belt. It also has to be practical. If you're wearing a pouch on your backside or frontside, sitting down is going to be a pain. I play drums and occasionally have a bodypack or two clipped to my belt. That's the limit. If I had a mic pack, a monitor receiver, and my cellphone clipped to my belt, things would start getting real crowded. And the purpose of having a cellphone clip (I don't wear one normally, but just for the sake of argument) is negated because of how cumbersome it is to try and access it with everything else clipped to my belt. And forget about trying to retreive something from my front trouser pockets! This is why I limit it to one military pouch. You get two items, choose wisely and stop trying to be a munchkin
  10. Yes, it is, but I see the "draw" maneuver requirement ignored all the time in live play.
  11. Well you could start by requiring a maneuver to draw the stimpack and then a maneuver to apply it. If you're not doing that, then stimpacks are way too easy.
  12. Asa looks at the the little droid. "I'll take my chances," he says, taking his bow out and holding it with one hand while approaching the door control console. If there's a terminal or port for the code cylinder, he'll insert it and try to get some cover behind the doorframe.
  13. "Don't look at me," says Asa, sheathing the sword that he'd been readying to drive into the trooper. "Is the door unlocked?" He approaches and tries to see what it would take to open the door.
  14. This is branching off from a simple derailing of the conversation and getting into trolling. Just because one likes a source better than another source, doesn't suddenly confer validity on one's preferred source. I loved the EU growing up. I read soo many books. I had all the inconsistencies explained by retcon upon retcon, and it taught me to see how two seemingly divergent viewpoints could both possibly be true in their own way. So I owe that to Legends, expanding me as a person, not just giving me entertainment. is canon. Our games are ours alone, and we can use whatever canon, Legends, or homebrewed information we want. But in a setting talking about a canon character, claiming that there is no delineation between canon sources and non-canon sources is, quite simply, false.