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  1. I think I'm close enough to Nanuet to make it out there once in a while. Is there a particular day of the week that RWMG is most likely to be played?
  2. It's an assumption. I don't think ffg would actually allow it. And thinking about it further I was mistaken in my reasoning. My thought was if the cards and trays were legit you'd have all the models anyway. Then I realized that one card could represent a unit with multiple expansions worth of models and trays could be from other unit types.
  3. If the trays and unit cards are legit, seems like it wouldn't matter what models you use
  4. Does it matter where the video is posted? Is he definitely only doing the two? Or is there a chance he'll do more?
  5. I'm looking forward to them adding Dwarves and Orcs to the game, but I might jump in sooner if I am confident that they will be released later. And I hope they release all of the armies paired in core boxes. They seem to be a much better value than the expansions and it makes it easier to start playing with your preferred army rather than needing a core box and then the army you actually want (three forces total) to start playing.
  6. Ah, the good old days where no one knew how to fly other than jousting, and as a result games were pretty much decided by the dice alone. Good times.
  7. lolAlexy Davy has confirmed that there at least 2 more waves.
  8. Wave 7 is done, wave 8 is close to done, according to Alex Davy
  9. I get that some people are not interested in competitive play, but saying that the xwing doesn't have issues becuase you play casually makes no sense.
  10. Upgrades that only work with something else (like Deadeye, Munitions Failsafe, Experimental Interface, R2-D6, B/2E etc) are the only ones that should even be considered making free. Anything else and then there is literally no reason to leave slots empty.
  11. Its only a bit better than Predator for the same cost, and is much harder to activate.
  12. It shoots at range 4, and it is the most accurate of the all the battery weapons at that range because it doesn't buff defenders. Ionizing something that far out is awesome because they could still be outside of range 3 of the Raider/CR-90 next round. It's better than turbo lasers for small targets.
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