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  1. I am a self-proclaimed curmudgeoned grognard, "Hey! Get off my lawn, you crazy kids!," so I can already declare that I will not be purchasing the new Mansion of Madness 2nd Edition because of the requirement to play with an app. I am opposed to bringing technology to my board games. I have everything published for the first edition of Mansions of Madness, and I love playing as the Keeper. I love the "many versus one" aspect of the game. So, for me, MoM1e is not broken, and does not require a new edition. But, what I would like are more adventures to play in the game. So, will the new adventures published for MoM2e be compatible with MoM1e? Will there be maps and cards and plots and epilogues available for a Keeper to run those adventures with MoM1e components without the app? If not, will the new adventures be available in two flavors? Can a consumer purchase either a MoM1e version of the adventure, or purchase a MoM2e version of the adventure? Personal musing... I wonder if anyone will be playing MoM2e and suddenly their tech device crashes for any given reason. Do the players just suck it up and quit? Does the app auto-save the player's position in the game so the game can be restored when the device and/or app becomes functional again? Bad call to require technology in a board game.
  2. I've taken on the role of game master, and my players are co-workers of mine. We regularly play board games over lunch, so we opened our ZA game at work playing board games during lunch. That's when my take on the meteor apocalypse begins, and chaos ensues from there. Currently, they are still trying to escape from our office building. Where they go from there is still up in the air. We are located in Olathe, Kansas. The south-west outskirts of Kansas City.
  3. Hello. I'm running a game of ZA at work over lunch with four co-workers. The story opens with us all at work, so they will be motivated to find their family members to see if they have survived as well. I'm going with a twist on the meteor apocalypse event. Below is a timeline that I published to my players prior to our first game session. Countdown to Doomsday June 2003 – NASA reports discovering a rogue asteroid, approximately 12 miles in diameter, is headed for the earth. The asteroid that ended the Age of the Dinosaurs was estimated to be only 6 miles in diameter. It is classified as an extension event asteroid, and is so named as EE-2015 because it is estimated to strike the earth in 2015. The media picks up the story, and renames it Doomsday. October 2003 – The American government officially absorbs NASA into the Federal Government and reinitiates the Saturn rocket program. February 2004 – Construction of the Saturn VI rocket boosters officially begins. The Russians also begin construction of the N2 Gagarin rocket engines. April 2005 – November 2008 – The American, Russian, and Chinese governments join forces to launch a series of nuclear missiles into Doomsday, with the intent to obliterate the asteroid into trillions of tiny chunks that will either ricochet off the earth’s atmosphere or burn up on entry. Summer 2007 – Unconfirmed rumors on the internet report that the true size of the Doomsday asteroid as being nearly 1000 miles in diameter, and that the Federal Government has purposely kept the population in the dark in order to prevent a panic. The internet conspiracy theorists compare the size of the asteroid to the state of Texas. December 2012 – September 2013 – An orange blossom in the sky can be seen during the day or night, depending on the season. NASA confirms that the nuclear missiles are successfully striking and pulverizing the on-coming asteroid. The nearly year-long series of explosions are designed to utterly destroy Doomsday. December 2013 – NASA officially reclassifies Doomsday as a standard cloud of asteroid debris that will harmlessly pass by the earth. New Year’s Eve 2014 – The world’s largest party! Six key peace treaties are signed on this day between The United States of America, Russia, and China; heralding a new era of peace on earth. November 2014 to Present - The sky is routinely illuminated by bright streaks of tiny meteorites that burn-up as they pass through the earth's atmosphere. Life has returned to a mostly normal state. I am trying to do a unique take on zombies. So I classify my undead as "Wights." Here are my notes on them. Obviously, these are secrets that I keep from my players. So why am I posting them here? Because I know my players do not frequent these boards. But I wanted to share them with other game masters who may be interested in using them. Notes on the Undead – Wights Each impact of a huge meteor results in an explosion. The resulting explosion is the primary reason that people are killed. Each huge meteor also vents a thick gas that resists disbursement, resulting in a layer of gas 2’ deep on the ground, like thick pea soup fog. The vapor is the catalyst that results in the reanimation of the dead. The specialized form of zombie can be classified as a wight. Due to the explosions, most of the wights are stripped of flesh and clothing on one or more sides. They also show signs of deep burns around the edges of remaining flesh. The wights can run! Wights have a supernatural ability to scale walls and inverted surfaces like a spider. The wights also vent the same thick gas as from the meteors. It vents from their mouths and noses, and from any open wounds that expose internal organs. Upon conversion, a wight compulsively scrapes his fingers against something hard and rough, (like a concrete or brick wall), until their finger bones are exposed like claws. Because all of the survivors have also breathed in the gas, anything that results in the death of a person, (be it from a wight or not), that person’s corpse will become reanimated within two hours. The reanimation is preceded by the lifeless corpse beginning to vent gas from the mouth and nose, or any open wound. The wights all have cataracts in their eyes, so they are blind. Their hearing is very poor, and usually only react to sounds as loud as a gunshot or higher. But, a wight’s sense of smell is unparalleled within 20’ of each wight. Many wights have bits and chunks of meteor rock embedded in their bodies. The meteor rock has some properties that are similar to crystal formations. Some wights, if they survive long enough, have the crystal bits in their bodies grow and expand large enough to provide another layer of +1 Resistance to Physical Stress. Wight Dexterity = 4 Vitality = 3 Logic = 1 Willpower = N/A Charisma = N/A Empaty = N/A Features: +Horrifying, +Fast, -Mindless, -Blind Equipment: Clawed hands It Won’t Die!: Wights have +1 physical resistance, as if they were wearing armor due to their inability to feel pain. Frail: Due to the physical damage most wights incurred when explosive meteor fragments created them, wights are killed when they sustain only six points of stress. Destroy the Brain: When a wight is attacked, if the attack test rolls doubles on uncancelled positive dice, then the wight’s brain is destroyed. The wight dies automatically, regardless of its current stress.
  4. Lately it seems like Star Wars is getting all of the love at FFG. I'm itching for more Mansions of Madness or other Lovecraftian/Cthulhu goodness. I check the homepage every day for new news, but still nothing.
  5. Hooray! I just got The Laboratory as a X-mas present. I can't wait to get it to the table, and I love that it builds upon Forbidden Alchemy. I hope more PoD expansions continue the trend, and build upon the larger expansions, like Call of the Wild. Brilliant. Merry Christmas everyone!
  6. Did I miss an announcement? is FFG no longer supporting MoM with PoD expansions?
  7. Email FFG and give them a detailed list of your missing parts. The rulebook has a listing of all of the parts that are supposed to come with the game. Any issues I've had with my games have all been resolved to my complete satisfaction.
  8. Yeah, I'd love to see someone with some creative chops design an expansion for AoC. Of course, it'd have to be given away for free in order to avoid copyright infringement, but it could be a cool way for someone who's creative like that to test out some kind of new mechanic he's been thinking about.
  9. I didn't put a card in the Front Yard, but I did put one in the Mud Room. I should check my setup again. Thanks for the heads-up.
  10. Had a fantastic game of TDDUP today. It literally got down to the last possible investigator turn for them to win, and if they did not win, I (as the Keeper), was poised to win decisively instead. But, when I seeded the board with cards, I was left with one room without a card for the investigators to explore. So I dropped in a "Nothing of Interest" from my other available supply. Is this a known issue? The clue choices I made were, 1A, 2A, 3A, 4B, and 5A. With those choices made, and following the published list of room seeding, is there a missing NoI card? Or, did I do something wrong in my set-up?
  11. I have purchased the game twice, once for my Android phone, and once for my Macbook laptop. The issue I describe below only happens on my Android phone, but I'm not sure if this is a problem on other mobile devices. Also, I'm not sure how or where to report this issue. Problem: Sometimes the app does not recognize that my final glyph was a purple "locked" glyph, and thus it will not allow me to "trash" it into the portal, but it is also not auto-ending the mission and penalizing me with the results of a failed mission. So, during the course of a mission, I might "lock" one of my glyphs with one of the investigators in that location. Then, due to poor rolling, I end out having to trash all of my unlocked glyphs, and now I'm down to my last glyph, (the purple locked glyph), and I'm unable to complete my mission. The app then triggers the portal to open as it waits for me to dump a glyph into it. Well, the glyph is locked... I can't dump it into the portal. The game in effect gets stuck, and I can proceed no further into the game. My only option is to call-up the status menu, and abandon the entire game. Now, this issue does not happen every time my final glyph is a purple locked glyph, but it does happen often enough for it to now be really annoying. Does anyone know where I should report this bug? Is this forum enough? Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen any FFG mods ever answer any questions on these boards, so I have no idea if they are even monitored. Do I need to place a phone call to FFG? Has anyone else experienced this bug?
  12. I finally won my first game. I had the same frustrations, but I eventually learned how to leverage my items in the game. Definitely start using them right from the get-go. I hope to get a few more wins under my belt soon.
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