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  1. Small items, weapons, armors, they were carrying when arrested by Imperials? It's gone*. A ship or an account with a large amount of leftover credits? It's still out there unless seized as part of the crime. This could be fun for later adventures. An uncle sucked the account dry and the player wants to track him down. The ship? Some thugs noticed it was parked someplace way too long and took off with it. *Edit: Gone meaning either seized as part of the crime (so it could be in a local evidence locker if not destroyed), grabbed as fair game by the arresting Imperials, or grabbed by others when it was left behind.
  2. I would house rule a +1 or +2 then not worry about it.
  3. I may be a loner, but this is something I had hoped they would eventually do WHEN THE LINE EVENTUALLY IS COMING TO A CLOSE. I don't want that end to be here yet. I still want more books, especially era and organization ones (Imperial, Rebellion). But, I'm kinda tired of looking at a website index for a certain race, vehicle, or piece of gear, searching through a stack of books, then leafing to page X. So, I'm hoping this is a sign (I doubt it) that someday we may be getting catalogs on: Gear, Races, Vehicles, and Planets? I think an "Adversary" catalog would also be nice with every creature or mook NPC from every book but with this new book not having such and competition with the cards, I doubt that would be done.
  4. Sturn

    where are the yuuzhan vong

    Over four years ago someone forgot an "E"!!!! 😱
  5. Sturn

    Resilience Checks

    With more thought, wouldn't this take care of the issue of high Brawn becoming conscious again less slowly (needs more healing)? Compare Brawn 2 and Brawn 5 with max. damage (double WT) naturally healing. Brawn 2 has WT 12 needs to heal 13 to be conscious. Brawn 5 with WT 15 needs 16 to be conscious again. The Brawn 2 at 1 per day needs 13 days natural healing. The Brawn 5 heals 2 per day so needs only 8 days. This doesn't help with the stimpack healing though. It will still take more stimpacks to get the high Brawn up unless you give some sort of bonus to high Brawn or Resilience characters for stimpack and medicine checks. This has brought up another issue for me. Wounds are supposed to be superficial stuff. Minor wounds vs. the critical injuries which are much more serious. But, wounds are what makes a person go unconscious. With RAW, you could go unconscious from exceeding WT by 5 points and suffer 1 Easy critical injury that you recover from in one round. First aid is attempted and fails and you don't have other means of healing. So, you have several minor wounds and 1 critical that you've already recovered from, but you won't wake up for 5 days per RAW?! Should success on the first aid Medicine check allow consciousness even if the character is not healed below WT? Just add that any strenuous activity will cause the person to go unconscious again (and so have to wait for other natural or stimpack-type healing to become conscious).
  6. Sturn

    Resilience Checks

    I've toyed with a simple maximum WT limit of WT + 20 (+10? +15?). So, everyone regardless of Brawn has the same limit "gap". Adding HD's Resilience (Brawn) check for natural healing of Wounds each day (instead of the 1 Wound per day of rest) with an equal "unconscious gap" for everyone means high Brawn or people with Resilience will heal up and become conscious more quickly. Thoughts? HappyDaze doesn't your Wound healing action make Medicine obsolete or am I missing something? It seems to be the same check using Resilience (Brawn) instead of Medicine PLUS you get to add Brawn to the number of successes AND Medicine checks are only once per encounter you were wounded, not allowed everyday (unless I'm doing it wrong, I've used it like first aid). Also, with Successes + Brawn, are wounds healing up much more quickly then RAW's 1 per day unless its a party of weaklings without Resilience? Why not remove the Brawn addition to successes since Brawn is already a benefit to the natural heal roll? Also, is the daily rolling more tedious then just saying, "you need X days to heal from your X wounds?". Rimsen's idea of 1/2 Brawn per day might be much simpler and still comparable to RAW. If you want Resilience to matter, perhaps make it 1 Wound healed per 2 Points of Brawn + Resilience. So, average Joe with Brawn 2 and no Resilience skill heals 1 Wound per day like RAW. But Thor with Brawn 5 and Resilience 3 heals 4 Wounds per day. And you avoid the tedious rolls of every character in the party rolling Resilience checks repeatedly per day after an ***-whooping? Once you hit the 2x threshold double the cumulative to +20 instead of +10? Too devastating? I've disliked that once a character has reached the limit, there is no difference between getting punched for 1 damage vs. getting hit by a blaster cannon for 20. They both just cause the same crit roll since wounds are no longer being applied. I suppose it doesn't matter much since, unless you have an evil GM, characters at their WT limit are unconscious anyway and not being targeted much? I toyed with something like adding the final damage of the attack that caused the crit roll (in addition to the +10?). Thus, taking 1 damage after soak with a crit gives +1 to the crit roll while getting walloped for 15 damage after soak with a crit gives +15 to the crit roll. My brain is hurting and/or the coffee has worn off. I'll stop.
  7. Sturn

    Tattoo magic, modern day rune/glyph mages

    Sounds awesome and I agree with Cantriped's extension beyond just tattoos on people. My home brew magical system includes Runes as one of the three types of spellcasting. Magical symbols of power are needed to cast spells either by speaking them (Word-casting skill), thinking them (Thought-casting skill, high tier unlock that has advantages since its the way the "gods" do it), or writing them (Rune-casting skill). Rune-casting is used when marking runes upon people (tattoos), places, or things. While this makes them the slowest to cast, it makes Rune-casting unique since you can mark spells upon a person, a weapon, a shield, a doorway, a chest, etc. Thus it's used for buffing people, buffing items, setting traps, and such.
  8. Micro Jump: Short jump within a system or to an adjacent one. If fail, jump still occurs, but you've severely overshot or undershot your target. Success brings within Medium ranged. Typically done with a slower backup hyperdrive. Class 5 or quicker adds a Setback. Shadow Jump: Hyperspace jump starting or ending near a mass shadow. Hard Computer to over-ride safety features to make such a jump. Then, upgrades based on how close coming to the mass shadow - 2 if to orbit, 3 high atmosphere, 4 low atmosphere. Static Jump: Normally, a ship must be moving for its astrogation computer to more properly plot a course (vector needed). Upgrade the astrogation check once, plus give two automatic failures. Despairs can cause damage and/or collision with a nearby object during "take off". Circle Jump: Possibly not discovered until after Ep. 6. Plotting a hyperspace route with a near endless amount of loops around the target. If the distant of the loop from the target is at system range, no adj. to astrogation check. If plot to safe jump distance, upgrade once. Allows for delay coming from hyperspace as you follow the endless loops. Disengage hyperdrive with a Maneuver when you want to end the trip. Group Jump: Ships in close proximity may link for a hyperspace jump to allow them to enter and exit in near equal timing. Speed is by the slowest craft. One craft makes the astrogation check. Add 1 Setback. Add another Setback per 10 craft in the group. Threats may vary the time or location to each other when the craft exit. Despair can cause craft to accidentally ram each other. ETA: Oh I missed all of that above when posting. My memories of high school are I was considered "cool" to the masses AND an "RPG nerd" even though it was in the 80's. Given <cool> = <stupid> and <nerd> = <smart>, that implies I was both <stupid> and <smart>? Oh, the paradox.
  9. Within a very heavy traffic zone between an orbital station or moon and its planet. A battery of mass drivers are slinging ice rocks through the area quite often. Tunnels inside a honey-combed asteroid. Active, robotic capital shipyard. I've always been of the opinion that any new supposed contradiction can easily be explained away in Star Wars since its space fantasy. A little imagination can allow for any new rules to fit in just fine. We did exactly this when new hyperspace "rules" were brought forth by Ep. 7, for example.
  10. Sturn

    Wild West Setting for Genesys

    Something I've been toying with is adding some talents to differentiate skills. For example, if you want only one Ranged skill, then add the Firearms (rifles, pistols) and Archaic (bows, spears) talents. Without the talent, there is a penalty (setback? difficulty upgrade?) for use of the Ranged skill when using that sort of weapon. If you are worried about the extra cost for a slot in the talent pyramid, these talents could easily be "free" ones given by a Career or Race.
  11. Sturn

    Snipers in combat?

    I guess it depends on whether you want the stereotypical "elite sniper" or just a hidden mook shooter with a long ranged weapon. I personally don't care about the terminology. If you want minions, a "sniper team", as I described above could also be easily modeled with a 2 minion group. There's only one attack coming from this group. It is better with 2 since that leads to an upgrade per minion rules. If one is killed, the group is not as good at "sniping" since the upgrade is lost. This could all easily represent a sniper-observer team. With 2, the observer is making the sniper's shot better. If one of them is killed, there is only the sniper without an observer making the attack weaker. So for minions trained and equipped to ambush at range, give them a longer ranged weapon with perhaps an attachment or two. Add Stealth, Perception, and Ranged (heavy) as skills? PS: Possibly related, does anyone have experience actually snipe hunting? Snipe hunters are probably all minions in my opinion. I suppose the advent of social media and Google searches has destroyed this old sport?
  12. Sturn

    Advice on Overland Challenge

    This would be one of those rare situations where I actually make them keep track of resources. I wouldn't just do the usual hand-wave of food, water, ammo, fuel, and encumbrance. Make them keep track of what they can gather and carry before they leave the crash site.
  13. Sturn

    Snipers in combat?

    It's realworld, so take it or leave it, but my experience with sniper teams (not a sniper, but supervise some) is they deploy as a group of 2. In game terms, I wouldn't make this a minion group. Both are snipers. One shoots while the other observes. They each have a rifle and can switch back and forth due to fatigue since they are often asked to sit somewhere (yes in one hidden place without moving) for hours. In game mechanics? Not minions. Give the Observer a Perception roll that gives the Sniper a Bonus or two if successful. The Observer can also handle communications as suggested above. Since it's a game, you could ignore the swapping Sniper-Observer roles and give the Observer a normal Blaster Carbine to provide security for the Sniper (watch his back) in case the players attempt to close in on their position. Since this is Star Wars with an increased level of technology, you could also replace the Observer completely with gear that gives bonuses and hence does the same thing.
  14. Sturn

    On the Star Wars RPG

    While I suppose you can find some similarities between them, 5 Rings and FFG's narrative dice are two different systems. You can actually swap out the dice between Warhammer-SW-Genesys if you understand which symbols match up. 5 Rings uses completely different dice (just two of them?) along with "roll and keep" and "Ring" choices. Yes you can compare that the two systems both have more then just a straight fail-success axis. But, that doesn't mean they are in any way the same system.
  15. Sturn

    Using Miniatures with Genesys

    Using a map with miniatures is fine. I do it and highly suggest it. As previously stated above and in other threads, it makes it simpler for everyone to quickly note the relations of characters to each other and the environment. Even with just a dry erase board and some tokens you can more easily place things as a referee without having to repeatedly describe where the back door to the inn is in relation to the bar, etc. BUT, I would never place a grid over it. It's not needed. Yes some prefer it, but I would highly, highly suggest resisting the mechanics of other systems and playing without a grid to begin with. Don't try to shoe horn in a mechanic that the system plays fine without until you completely understand why you actually want the grid. If after understanding how its intended to be played, you still want the non-narrative grid tacked on, then there are several suggestions in these forums as some have already suggested above. I personally wouldn't use it for this system, but have you considered using a range band/string instead of a map grid? I've played games where I used a home-made cord with distances marked along it which could be placed on the map and manipulated when moving miniatures or determining ranges. It might work as a middle ground between narrative and grid? Again not the intention of this narrative system, but it could be simpler then trying to impose a specialized grid system?