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  1. Tell that to my drill sergeant. Soldiers are still trained to throw them accurately. A frag grenade landing 10m from it's target is going to be immensely more effective then one dropped 30m from it's target. Dropping a frag grenade in the enemy foxhole is extremely more effective then dropping it just outside the foxhole. Etc.
  2. I would assign the difficulty as you did. Make it a called shot so add setback? Then, use the already in place damage levels for gear that we already have. Perhaps any damage at all gives 1 damage level. Maybe if you roll a large amount of damage or a triumph, more levels of damage? Make this in line with the results charts we already have (I don't have a table in front of me, I think triumph could destroy an item?). Damaging a large object should be different then damaging a hand held weapon though. Perhaps give some Soak depending on what it was. A wooden structure would have no Soak but a metal encased powerplant would. Just random thoughts.
  3. The wings fold up. The ramp slides back into itself (instead of the normal function of hinging to the ground). The shuttle does a belly landing against the port of the other ship.
  4. Here's my take on it from one of my house rules: BLAST (Active) Change Blast ratings have a base range for their area of affect be it explosive, flame, or chemical. This range is abbreviated as a single letter: (P)rimary target only, (E)ngaged with the primary target, (S)hort range of the primary target, etc. On a net Success, the Primary target and all within this base range of the Primary target takes damage. If Blast is activated, anyone within +1 base range receives a second attack of ½ base damage. A few non-explosive Blast weapons also have the “full” designation meaning Blast damage is not halved. Example: A basic fragmentary grenade has a Damage of 8 and the Blast (E) quality. On a successful toss, this grenade does 8 damage (plus un-cancelled Success’s) to the Primary target and anyone Engaged with him. If Blast is activated, it does 4 damage (plus un-cancelled Success’s) to the Primary target and anyone within Short range of him. The GM may choose to activate Blast when it may be detrimental to the player (allies within the blast radius). On a Failure, 2xDespairs may be enough to activate Blast. On a Success, 3xDisadvantages or a Despair can activate Blast.
  5. Late to this conversation regarding reduced crews. Strongholds of Resistance on page 60 includes: Light Crew: Over 1/2, but less than full. All checks at 1 Setback. Skeleton Crew: Over 1/4 to 1/2 full crew. All checks are upgraded once. I've added house rule notes of: When computing requirements for a Light or Skeleton Crew, the referee may decide to not include gunnery positions if they are not manned. The referee may allow operation of a vehicle below even a skeleton crew (1/4 or less). This will only be possible on a case by case basis and all checks will be upgraded at least once. In addition, the referee may call for a delay between vehicle actions of 1 round per Silhouette of the vehicle (the crew has to run around a lot and/or do the jobs of several to get a task done).
  6. This! Don't just have brawls. That's a failing of years of old school D&D adventures. The Countdown: You have to hold them off until the freighter arrives. The Escort: We can't let them grab the princess from us. Protect a Place: They are trying to get to our stash of spice. The Getaway: Trying to flee an overwhelming force, or even just trying not to be identified. Getting to a Target: We need to fight through the guards to get to the Hutt's treasure room.
  7. You brought up the point that Brace was a talent for Scholar that can only be used with skills they probably don't have. Your suggestion seemed to be that Scholar wouldn't have the Brace talent without it being broadly used (as opposed to only physically disruptive skills) due to the career skills available to Scholar. I brought up counters. An example where Perception (a scholar skill) can be used with Brace as written (in my opinion) and examples of other careers that have talents requiring skills they may not have. The game creators didn't seem to care if the career provided skills applicable to the talent.
  8. Yep. You just disintegrated most of the utini-swearing bastards that stole your ship and dismantled it. You find yourself atop the sandcrawler as it continues to rumble across the broken terrain, pilotless, because you off'd the driver. While being shook about violently trying to stand up, you quickly grab your macrobinos and scan to see if any of the dirty jawas made it out alive to flee the sandcrawler into the desert. Referee calls for a Perception check and adds Setback. You use a Maneuver to grab ahold of a projecting sensor array nearby to brace yourself removing the Setback due to the jostling environment. There isn't a requirement to have a talent apply to one of your career skills within the career it was granted. Most characters will pick up other careers or directly purchase career skills. Plus, that's without forgetting that you can attempt actions without having any skill in the action whatsoever by using the related characteristic only. Obviously a Scholar is still going to be frequently required to attempt physical actions even though he/she doesn't have physical career skills. The talent will still help them. I quickly flipped through the EotE careers. Ignoring Scholar since it's what we are debating, 4 of the other 14 careers also have talents that don't have the career skills the talent applies to: Pressure Point under Doctor. Doctor does not have Brawl. Stalker under Scout. Scout does not have Stealth or Coordination. Knockdown under Fringer. Fringer does not have a melee skill. Stalker under Survivalist. Survivalist does not have Stealth or Coordination.
  9. In your case I would stay with what you are doing since that seems enjoyable. During my last campaign, I tossed all of the named weapons and armor from the splat books. I used only the basic weapons and armor for the core books. THEN, I made a list of named weapons created by using attachments as if they came from the company that way. As an example, you could purchase the basic DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol which is a common heavy pistol example (just like the core book weapon, still has the full 3 HP, standard price of 700 credits). Or, you could find a snub-nosed DT-12 Heavy Blaster Pistol (comes with the Shortened Barrel attachment from the factory, but only 2 HP remaining and 950 credits). https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=sites&srcid=ZGVmYXVsdGRvbWFpbnxzdHVybnNzdHVmZnxneDpmYWY0ZTAwZWViZTg4NmQ
  10. For Genesys (which yoink modeled this after) I've toyed with making a list of talents grouped together by Tier and category. So talents would be listed as Combat, Social, Lore, etc. with Tier 1-5 ranked under them. Then print this catalog out so the players can easily flip to a category they want to see what is available. I've also thought of adding further to this by giving some common groupings. So you want to be a better quick-drawing blaster pistol dueler? Here's some talents for you to consider. Can I ask you why you were motivated to do this? Not criticizing, I did it also for Genesys when I expanded the talent list for a home brew campaign. It just seemed right especially without the structure of the talent trees. For me, it led to some guidance for players (stepping stones) and it prevented some strange leeps to Tier 5 uber talents. Example: A PC has been putting all his XP in melee combat talents. He finally has built up enough lower tiers to be able to purchase his first Tier 5 talent. He purchases the Master Mage talent. So I've added some prerequisites of prior talents, skills ranks, or ability scores to a few talents.
  11. Well, if you really want the added complexity and details for how I've handled it I would refer you to this (I actually found it better to lower the ST temporarily for characters living in cramped conditions, as opposed to administering strain directly, didn't want to get into the details in my suggestion above): Sturn's Vehicle Ops Most relevant is the Consumables & Examples document page 13. But, you may also want to look at Cargo Handling it has some info if you want to stuff even more passengers in hallways or the cargo hold temporarily. 🙂
  12. Even if you ignore the name of the talent, the description says, "As a maneuver, the character may brace himself. This allows a character to remove Setback..." This description in no way mates with "using audio cues", or "changes in smell or air pressure", or "to see where shadows are shifting in the light". Can you at least give that the person who created that description did not intend the talent to include noticing changes in air pressure, smells, or sounds to remove setback to Perception actions? Since none of that is in the description? Of course, at your table, you may do what you wish. But, can you at least give that it is going beyond the rules as written? And perhaps there is a reason it wasn't intended to be such an all-encompassing setback-removal talent? Long ago there was an argument that Brace should remove setback provided from Cover since a large rock or some such is a physical obstacle (yes I know no one is arguing that in this thread). There were two sides to that argument with no one wishing to concede much even while noting the description didn't mention anything about attacks versus cover. Finally a game designer was asked (Sam) and his answer was, unequivocally, no. For me, the idea of Brace removing Perception setbacks caused by visual obstructions (only) is equal to the attacks vs. Cover arguments. There's as much in the description for Brace to remove Cover penalties as visual penalties. Which is little if any. Yes, yes I know this won't convince anyone. I also house rule things to my liking so I would be an **** to say others shouldn't change Brace to their own liking. But, you must admit it's a huge stretch to argue the talent, as written, was intended to do things such as remove penalties from visual obstructions or covered targets. I think it's pretty plain that it was intended for physical disruptions involving movement such as gravity changes, being jostled about in a storm, thrown about in a tumbling spaceship, on a catwalk during an explosive battle, etc.
  13. After reading through these, it looks like I'm stingy with XP compared to others. I think it comes from worry about getting to a "high level" campaign and the problems that brings with creating challenges.
  14. I'm not sure if sarcasm or not? If so, good one. If not, how do you prepare yourself to be able to more clearly see through fog? I don't think squinting or holding your hand above your eyes is going to help. I completely agree that the odds of someone changing their mind on this topic is approximately 3,720 to 1. I love this narrative system. However, I still like it to have some semblance to reality.
  15. Nowhere have I accused you of saying that. It was ME that suggested if Brace is not properly limited (as it was intended imo) you might as well get Brace as a catchall instead of some of those other talents which remove setback. That's why it should be limited, or it becomes too powerful. For many of the careers that can pick it up it only costs 5xp. No I'm not pretending that a reasonable reading of Brace makes it into Expert Tracker. I'm saying an UNreasonable reading of Brace makes it nearly as good as Expert Tracker plus several other talents. It becomes a catchall if too widely interpreted. You didn't answer this.
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