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  1. Genesys homebrew ancient steam fantasy campaign with several house rules for a magic system and fleshing out character creation (aging, social status, careers, lifestyles). Old school Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Why? Old friend I used to play with when AD&D was the new thing re-started up a campaign a while back and it's what he likes (same world he made back in high school).
  2. Just some ideas that spring to mind for getting the feel of T2000/2020 regarding needed house rules: Suppressive fire of some sort. T2000 had "Coolness under Fire". Perhaps use the Fear rules of Genesys while adding some sort of suppressive fire to large explosives and auto weapons. Leadership could then be used to get rid of suppression. Vehicle hit location. In T2000 this was important. Geneys has criticals, but I would add a simple house rule to add armor to front and reduce armor to rear of most vehicles. Adjustments to vehicle damage. An RPG needs to be able to threaten an armored vehicle. Rules for calling for and receiving indirect fire, making adjustments to accuracy, etc. The survival aspect of T2000 needs added. Genesys doesn't have detailed tracking of fuel, ammo, food, etc. This would actually be important though for T2000. Perhaps add Extra Reloads of different classes - Light Pistol/SMG, Heavy Pistol/SMG, Light Rifle, Heavy Rifle, Very Heavy Rifle? Thus, players might be able to find a cache of Light Rifle Reloads x3, but their Heavy Rifles are still lacking. Keep track of individual rockets, grenades, etc as in Genesys. Use the Extra Reloads system for fuel also? Add "Extra Fuel", with despairs or three disadvantages during vehicle ops making the vehicle run out of fuel (or the light comes on meaning you only have a short time/distance before you run dry). Then, a typical jerry can may be equal to an Extra Fuel reload, a small towed trailer could hold 20 Extra Fuel reloads, etc. Add house rules for stills to make fuel. But, a vehicle running on such fuel would be more prone to running out of fuel (needs only 2 disadvantages?) and reduce Handling by 1?
  3. Not FFG, but D&D sorry. I planned out a campaign in the Forgotten Realms in which several seeds planted earlier in the campaign were able to spawn great moments later even though I was against running a campaign on rails. The setting was in the Dalelands, a place of several independent village "dales", the most famous being Shadowdale. This area is between a mountain range (site of a long ago fallen dwarven kingdom) and a vast forest (site of a long ago fallen elven city). To the north, lands of the Zhentarim, an evil organization always trying to invade the Dalelands. The PCs had met two NPCs early on. One was a gruff warrior. He started as a PC but the player left the group. When the player left, I retired him as an NPC that became a mercenary who was eventually hired by the Zhentarim. The other NPC was a dwarf villager smith that turned out to be a descendant of the old fallen dwarven kingdom. He was a reluctant descendant, but had proof in the form of a strange scroll with a charted lineage. Early adventures fighting orcish bandits led them to a hidden lair in the edge of the southern mountains. Several sessions fighting them led through a lost ruined dwarven outpost to a quaint valley behind it occupied by various monsters. The valley had been the location of a prized silver mine of the dwarves. The players moved refugees of the orcish attacks into the valley and took over governance of it. PCs took positions such as the head of agriculture (PC druid), defenses (PC fighter), consular (PC mage), etc. After discovering the lore of the fallen dwarf kingdom, the young dwarven smith was brought to the valley as its symbolic leader since he was the only known true heir of the old royal family. The hidden valley was then outed and became known as Silverdale, adding itself to the Dalelands and thus history of the region. The next adventures were against a Zhentarim invasion. The PCs were able to lead a small force from Silverdale to fight in defense of the Dalelands. Along with other Daleland militia, they set up a defense at a river crossing. The Zhentarim force was much larger and they were dismayed to see the cavalry of the Zhent's led by none other then their old PC fighter turned mercenary NPC. When all seemed lost, the merc suddenly turned the loyal cavalry he was commanding on the Zhentarim, saving the day and his old friends in grand fashion. Afterwards, the PC mage met the famous pipe-smoking Eliminster during celebrations at Shadowdale. The PC was over-joyed when Eliminster gifted him one of his magical pipes with a wink saying, "You can have it for now, just remember to return it someday". Higher level adventures were the PCs slowly exploring north through the ruined mountain holds of the fallen dwarven kingdom. They eventually located the lost capital which was over-run with undead. Behind this undead was a lich cleric. The PCs were confused when they battled the lich since he stated, "You again! You won't defeat me this time!" They had never met the cleric, living or dead. Inside the dwarven capital with the dwarven NPC heir in tow, they met spectral dwarven warriors who had once been the bodyguards of the last king and were cursed when they failed in his defense. From them the dwarf obtained an old signet ring and discovered a portal it activated in the royal chambers. Of course the party went through it even though it looked damaged. The portal was for ambassadors intended to go to another portal in the old elven capital of the large forest to the east. This portal had been destroyed during the demon invasion which burnt the city. The portal magic, not finding an exit in the present, sent the PCs to a time when the portal was still working. The PCs found themselves centuries before witnessing the fall of the elven city and helping a younger Eliminster (yes he's that old) rescue some of the elves. The younger Eliminster didn't carry around a signature pipe, saying, "I've never taken up smoking, but now may be a good time". The PC obliged him by giving him the pipe that the future Eliminster gave him in a cool paradoxical moment. The PCs escaped the demons back through the portal to the lost dwarven capital thinking they would be back in the present. They were surprised to still be in the past to witness the yet not conquered dwarven hold under attack by an early Zhentarim army. They were not able to keep the capital from falling, but were able to rescue the king's son to go live secretly in the dalelands, thus keeping the lineage alive that led to the NPC dwarf the PC's located (the PCs actually penned the beginning of the scroll which the future heir had in his possession). The PCs were also able to kill the evil cleric leading the Zhents, thus in eye-opening fashion explaining why the future lich cleric had screamed, "You again! You won't defeat me this time!". The PCs used the dwarven capital portal to escape with the king's son, wondering if this was smart since they were headed back to the fallen elven city over-run by demons. When they arrived, they found themselves amongst moss covered ruins, back in the present time. Eliminster was waiting nearby smoking a pipe. Luckily he had lots of time to figure out how to magically fix and tweak the portal in the fallen elven city so the PCs he had met long before could be saved. I believe the campaign was the most enjoyable one I have ever run.
  4. I used a modified Traveller to run Star Wars. Psionics was converted into Force powers and I had to make adjustments to ship construction regarding Traveller's jump drive to allow building of hyperspace-capable starfighter-sized craft (not possible in vanilla Traveller).
  5. I've been running Star Wars campaigns since before WEG was released. I don't ever recall the players having a YT-1300. Too iconic?
  6. That's because due to WEG getting it wrong decades ago, the Wiki is wrong. In my humble opinion of course. The DC-15A is the predecessor to the E11. The E11 was considered a "rifle" in WEG even though a carbine was offered, and others followed suit. The E11 should have been called a carbine, which is a small-sized rifle. The movies used a Sterling SUBMACHINEGUN to make the weapon and it could even be put in a holster at the hip with the stock collapsed, like a PISTOL. It could be fired one handed if needed in a pinch. There's actually an argument that it's a submachinegun, but that category of weapon has never existed in the Star Wars universe for blasters. So, yeah, carbine all the way, not a full sized rifle. I've always changed any references to calling the E11 a rifle to carbine in whatever system I've used.
  7. Aragorn, Legolas, and Boromir in the forest near the end of the Fellowship of the Rings. They were cutting down Orcs left and right. That sort of things is what FFG was going for with Minions. And we see it commonly in fantasy. d20 was proposed as a more realistic system for you. I wouldn't agree. d20 still has 100hp warriors getting hit by dozens of arrows without going down. That only works if you adopt a "narrative" interpretation of what is happening. Unless you are using a system that has mechanics for blow by blow, each arrow/bullet shot, and realistic damage, then you MUST use narrative interpretations.
  8. If the coins have no metallic value, the players may be able to offload them to a collector or museum? All while trying to keep it low-key from authorities. Make it another mini-adventure once they discover their error. Problems when finding a collector or museum? Museum curator: These are obviously stolen? I'm sorry but I'm going to have to alert the authorities. Collector: Yes! Exactly what I was looking for. I'll give you 10x coin value....for one....I just need one. Perhaps the last successful search will be to an underworld collector that has lots of contacts and thinks he can resale small batches of the coins across the galaxy to other collectors and museums. He offers 1/100th value or whatever you want to give them depending on GM fiat and a negotiation roll.
  9. Sturn

    Dragon Prince?

    I would also put limits on the types of magic that can be used (Sun, Moon, Earth, etc). For example, the Sun elves can use Sun magic, but not Moon magic.
  10. Jawa genius who elevated himself from scavenger to scientist while building himself a droid/exoskeleton of great strength from scraps. Wookie with Lobot brain implants. The implants were installed by an Imperial mad scientist experimenting on slaves. The Wookie thinks he escaped on his own free will.
  11. This kind of stuff is always justified in SW though. We have animals pulling floating speeder sleds, for example. I like the mix of archaic with futuristic such as sails and gravity vehicles. But yes sails on a regular hulled boat is too..regular. It needs a mix up. Large SW thrusters on a hovercraft sounded good to me. I suppose catamaran's with the pontoons being large water-thrusters would be cool also?
  12. On a world with lots of water but aircraft banned, I would assume hover craft might take the lead. They can easily travel on both land and water. Star Wars versions could have thrusters. So, describe them as having rubber skirts with fans underneath. If forward movement is with simple fans or blowers, then do what Gand said and drop landspeeders by 1 speed and reskin. More expensive civilian or military versions could use modern thrusters and perhaps even retain the speeds of their landspeeder versions (dubbed liquspeeders in local parlance).
  13. I purchased and tried it. But, I moved on to Other World Mapper.
  14. Other World Mapper has capabilities for overland, city, and dungeon. Not as powerful as CC, but way cheaper (especially since the default already has city and dungeon capabilities) and oh so much easier. It should be able to handle starships also, although I can't say I've created any yet. However, I've been working on a fantasy campaign for Genesys and I recently easily made sailing ship with the dungeon/building making options. Overland Map here Village Map here Tavern Map here Sailing ship here ETA: Did these with no graphic artist skills.
  15. I've played D&D with use of original Boxed Set, Basic, Expert, AD&D, Arduin Grimorie, 3.0, and 3.5. I've played Star Wars using WEG, d20, Saga, Traveller, and FFG. My personal opinion is FFG is by far the best to use for Star Wars. Most balanced, best feel, for me. typo edit
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