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  1. I like Vader with just FCS. I use him as an anvil in a triple aces list, engaging at R3 with lock + focus, and frequently moving one forwards and focusing in subsequent rounds. His force battery makes him very durable barring complete blankouts, and keeping him cheap means that he nearly always takes out more than he's worth, and lets Whisper and Fel flank and clean up. Bumping into ships is often helpful too, since it denies an incoming shot and Vader has mods regardless. In my experience that tends to work when facing four or fewer ships. Five or more, and very strong jousters like triple or quad Fangs, require hit-and-runs instead. That's when I do miss Afterburners.
  2. Does a ship still engage (typically to no effect) while in reserves? The rules reference seems clear that every ship engages without qualifiers, and the section on reserves doesn't mention anything to overrule that, but I wanted to make sure I haven't missed something. This came up after Moralo Eval fled the board into reserves after taking a Console Fire the turn before. We were trying to determine whether the Console Fire should still trigger while in reserve.
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