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  1. Even if I think, that a Twilight Imperium LCG could be cool (FFG would have the freedom to create almost whatever they want because it's their own licence) I would love to see a LCG Remake of the old Shadowrun CCG. I loved that game! But with Netrunner we already have some kind of Cyberpunk like setting, so I guess we won't see that…
  2. I don't get it... Honestly! In my group, the Horned Rat has never even been close to winning so far (with both, Morrslieb and basic card sets). Is there something I'm missing? Maybe it's bad luck, but I almost never have the high cost cards in the first two rounds... Any suggestions what would be best then? Especially if the Skaven token are in the popolous region, where Khorne is normally hunting Nurgle (and then also Skaven...)?
  3. Poor Wytefang... BGG is hard to chew these days, isn't it? ;o) I've read many of your tries to convince those M:TG players, that WH:I isn't just a M:TG clone. Thumbs up for this endurance!
  4. A fourty pages rulebook isn't the problem for me. What bothers me is the fact that FFG never amkes any summaries one the side of a page (and those pages are big enough most of the times) or at least some great index. So most of the time when you need the rule of a specific bit of the game (which is a bit out of the context of a main rule... if you understand what I mean) you are busy flipping pages and cross reading... I haven't give up hope that FFG will do that one day or another. Maybe with this game? :oD
  5. I will be there at least thursday and sunday (but sunday with my wife, so I wpon't be able to play... ;o) ). Maybe coming on friday too, but I'm not sure about that atm...
  6. Honestly I would LOVE to see a SoC battlepack cycle. I would like to have Archaon as a card and also redo the (epic) battle between him and Valten. There were a lot of nice stuff in those campaign, which could be adapted by this card game. But on the other hand: The game is still new (not even out as far as that goes) and we will see what the future brings. )
  7. Especially the region around Frankfurt? Well, I won't possess any cards before the Spiel'09 late in October, but I do want to know if there are any (possible?) players out there, so that I do know if I have to buy one or three copies of the Core Set.... :oD
  8. Or maybe they just had the space and didn't knew how to spend it otherwise... :oD
  9. Really nice! Thanks for that review of your games.
  10. Furien_Rage said: instead of always beating on the imperium of man. Well... in some way they also do that. )
  11. Hi! I just wondered how many of you are playing the warhammer tabletop. Because that is why I became so excited for this game in the first place: It's a Warhammer LCG! A LCG in the universe of my most favourit TT. So: Who plays WHFB and which army(s) do you own? )
  12. Hi there! I just got the CoC Core Set and now I would like to play (of course). Because I have still to convince some people in my gaming group, I have just this starter and wondering now, which factions should I mix to generate two decks, which are "balanced" in a way, so that no deck is superioir toi the other one and that both player have a fair chance of winning... So, could anyone help me with that? )
  13. I don't know if this was already mentioned here (just flipped back a couple of pages and haven't found anything like this). So if my idea has already been posted earlier: Sorry! :oD It happened last weekend: I played a game of Runebound with a couple of friends and a question came up (didn't played Runebound for a couple of years so I didn't knew it by heart.... shame on me! ). So I took the rules and started searching... searching....searching.... You see: Sometimes you are searching for a tiny bit of information and can't find it. And Runebound has only 12 pages of rules, so it is much smaller than a couple of other rulebooks (Twilight Imperium comes to my mind). So, here is my idea: Wouldn't it be great if FFG would put a small column at the side of each rulebookpage which contains a brief summary of the rules described on that page? So that you don't have to look over the complete page? We (a couple of friends of mine and myself) do think that this would help a lot. Please consider it! )
  14. rings said: The only reason they put resource tokens on is that they don't want to make quest tokens And maybe open up a gameplay mechanic (a future card that moves tokens from a quest to your resource pool someday?)Hehe... just thought the same thing. :oD But maybe not the ressource pool but another quest or a card that uses Ressource tokens in your round, no matter from which source...
  15. I would like some Warhammer:Invasion Artwork... Maybe the emblems of the four (six) factions...
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