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    subochre got a reaction from jbudd in Dune.   
    Man, I hear you.  Somehow I never read Dune until just now, and as I do so, I'm struck by how much of the universe the game captures perfectly, whereas with Rex I'm just like, "so...the Xxcha can prevent the use of a given weapon because they're...diplomatic?"
    So do let us know if you come up with a solution; I've had similar thoughts, but haven't gotten any farther than wistfully glancing at artscow.
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    subochre reacted to Riggswolfe in Arkham Horror Toolkit Alternative?   
    Over on Boardgame Geek I found links to a few:
    Here's one for Android:
    I think I found one that was for Windows but can't seem to find it again.
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    subochre reacted to Julia in Looks awesome, BUT...   
    C'mon guys... please?
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    subochre reacted to Julia in Finally completed my collection!   
    Well, math applied to advanced linguistics seems a perfect area of specialization for any HPL hero! Congrats for completing the collection!!
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    subochre got a reaction from Julia in Rules clarification needed :)   
    It seems to me that vision quest should be twice as effective
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    subochre reacted to Lee418 in Culture and fun in an Arkhamite's life   
    I won! 
    Disclaimer: The uncanny accuracy of my 'guess' and the supposed Korean origins of my name are pure coincidence.
    No ...... really. 
    After sleeving 600 cards tonight in one sitting without a break, I think I deserve my prize of a luxury holiday in Innsmouth. If anyone wants me I'll be staying at the Gilman House, room 428.
    I'll send a postcard. Gotta go. The bus is here. 
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    subochre reacted to The Professor in Culture and fun in an Arkhamite's life   
    Unless of course, Jenny's sister is in there....
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    subochre reacted to Robin Graves in If you enjoyed the North Korean Attack on Sony...   
    Want to buy real fake mythos tomes?
    We got :
    Necronomicon (Greek)
    Necronomicon (latin)
    Necronomicon (English, Dee Edition)
    Kitab -al-azif, (Signed by Abdul Al Hazred)
    Unausprechlichen Culten(German)
    Unspeakable cults
    Unprounouncable cults (mistranslation of the german text)
    Liber Ivonis (latin)
    Book of Eibon
    Book of Eihort
    Tome of Yig (Snakeskin cover)
    Revelations of Glaaki (incomplete: parts I, III, IV)
    Cultes des ghouls
    Vermis Mysteris (latin)
    Vermis Mysteris (Latin, Flemish anotations)
    Mysteries of the wurm (A guide to gardening)
    The king in yellow
    The king in yellow (screen play)
    The king in yellow (children's coloring book)
    Le roy en jaune.
    Tin Tin on Yuggoth (Belgian comic)
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    subochre got a reaction from jlhorner1974 in Arkham Horror Band Names   
    Welp, now I definitely have Roxette stuck in my head.  Thanks, all.
    (That sounds sarcastic, but really, thank you.)
    She's got the look, the Innsmouth look
    She's got the look, the Innsmouth look
    What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn green
    and become scabrous, bald, and sprout gills and baleen
    and I go Iä Iä Iä Iä Iä
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    subochre got a reaction from The Professor in Arkham Horror Band Names   
    Welp, now I definitely have Roxette stuck in my head.  Thanks, all.
    (That sounds sarcastic, but really, thank you.)
    She's got the look, the Innsmouth look
    She's got the look, the Innsmouth look
    What in the world can make a brown-eyed girl turn green
    and become scabrous, bald, and sprout gills and baleen
    and I go Iä Iä Iä Iä Iä
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    subochre reacted to CommissarFeesh in Suggestion -- Release a Second Edition   
    Personally I don't think the game needs 'fixing' at all, but I understand that not everyone feels this way. In its current incarnation the game will always be a niche hit, or cult classic - an update could give it greater market appeal, and I know nothing would take away my original copy, but I do worry about what changes would do to the feel of the game I know and love.
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    subochre reacted to The Professor in sleeve protectors - yes or no   
    Yay!!!  It's Official!  I've been unofficially adored by Julia for several years...now, it's Official...strike up the band!
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    subochre reacted to Julia in The Clue That Cannot Be (anecdotes from the Arkham world)   
    Returned to Arkham today (finally, after a two months and a half hiathus). Played an easy-peasy game with AH, DH, KH, LatT & MH in against Yibb. Nodens on the investigators side. Should have been a cakewalk. Somehow it was: after 21 Mythos, Yibb was stuck at 7 doomers. But 21 Mythos sounds like eternity (my games tend to last 10-12 Mythos max). So, some funny things happened:
    - Finn started with Pale Mask and the Sedanette. Considering he has a free movement on Crescent, he definitely started studying for the Elusive Monster exam...
    - Amanda, the Student, had problems with focus: she first got Concussion (-1 Focus) then Addiction (Focus drops to 0 unless you pay 1 dollar in the Upkeep)
    - Zoey, the mad cook, entered the General Store, and the first encounter gave her Food and forced her becoming delayed; in the following turn, the owner of the store had problems with rancid Food
    - During turn 4, I got five investigators out of five ending up being delayed
    - Amanda drew one OW encounter that could have devoured her if Shub was the AO; he later drew one with Cthulhu devouring the one-sanity OW explorers
    - During the monster surge on turn 7 I drew 3 proto-shoggoth, 1 shoggoth and 1 deep one hybrid (seriousl, a pullman just arrived from the not-in-play Innsmouth board??)
    - Zoey got Mania on round 3 (you have to spend clues in pairs, hence, in a Yibb game you can't seal because you can't have more than 5 clues at once, but with Mania you need 6 to seal), Leo got Amnesia on round 4, so half of my sealing force was sealed away
    The game ended up being incredibly painful, with Mad Bomber (passed thanks to 3 bank loans) and the Terrible Experiment passed by killer Zoey who blew all his clues to get rid of the last Flying Polyp; fun fact: the Skill she drew as reward was Mythos Lore, hence, had she spared the 5 clues, she would have been able to seal.
    Two gates bursted, two rifts opened, three times Amanda was forced back to Arkham without any explorer marker, four times Minh had to seal before Finn cast Plumb the Void to summon back to Arkham Amanda for the last time and put the **** sixth seal on the table.
    What a blast
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    subochre got a reaction from TheDaveL in After using vydox for few weeks regularly   
    I totally thought this was going to be a session report with some custom AO that I'd never heard of.
    Side effects may include madness, gibbering, and drymouth; ask your high priest whether Vydox is right for you
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    subochre reacted to DeeRow in Germany reporting in/ my starter-experience   
    Thank you all so much for your answers.

    Okay, Julia, that's a good hint you gave with these "Fire Vampires". Now it surely makes even more sense when referring to the picture and the text on the backside of the marker. thx
    And for the discarded-pile... i'll give it a try to stack them back under the item-deck again. Of course, Ashcan's ability makes quite more sense that way, rebuying things others didnt want or cant afford.

    Wolf, i did understand what you were pointing at, so no problem at all. Thanks again.

    Professor, one of the biggest impression positively is of course the large community, aside this great game. As i was browsing the net, i found loads of customized stuff and even this "Customizer". I never ever thought that stuff like this exists for board-games as well, as it does for videogames. It's kinda widening my horizon and i am really deeply impressed.

    When i'm having time on my hands, i guess customizing investigator-sheets with actual friends, their pictures, with their abilities of sneaking or fighting, will etc.  and customized possible items, background-stories and specials (e.g. a soon-to-be-married couple sharing their money value but also both having health-loss simultaniously when one gets hurt..) would be a blast for a gamenight i guess.
    But, as for a newbie, I take one step at a time and first step is: Not 4, but 3 investigators next time, trying to seal. And then, thx to your advices, i'm taking a look on the mythos-card-count.

    Thank you all for your help and nice welcome-words. I gonna browse this forum now to learn a bit more of how people handle this game etc.


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    subochre reacted to Perkele in Let's make Arkham Horror look even cooler   
    Hi all, in this thread I'll be showing the process of my Arkham Horror project. A friend of mine has Arkham Horror and all of its expansions, and we have played the game a lot and we still haven't had enough of it. I'm very much into other mythos games (like Elder Sign and my favorite, Mansions of Madness) and especially the novels, so naturally it was only the matter of time when I got my own Arkham Horror.
    Tuning board games has lately started to being my thing. I'm a miniature painter, but I think other aspects of board games have the same right to be loved as well. That's what this thread is about, I'm going to do my best to make the Arkham Horror look as badass as I possibly could. Since the picture limit, I'll be doing this in a blog style, updating when I get something done.
    Hope you like following the tuning process and don't forget to comment if you have criticism, ideas or tips to share.
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    subochre reacted to Hellfury in Full card list from gencon prerelease now up on BGG   
    Full card list for bestial forces now available to peruse.
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    subochre reacted to Inksplat in WOWIDONTBELIVEITGREAT....umm...wait up...   
    That is seriously like arguing that Arkham Horror is incomplete if you don't own a big enough table, or that Game of Thrones is incomplete if you don't have the full amount of players--certain games have certain requirements. That doesn't make them incomplete.
    I want board games to try new things and merge with technology. There is absolutely zero reason to shun a new design concept simply because not everyone has access to it.
    Why do board games have to restrict themselves? Why are you entitled to ruining the possible advances and fun for other people simply because you don't want the technology required?
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    subochre got a reaction from redripper in Activate Vipers   
    "Activate" is sort of a misleading word.  Basically just think of an activation as an action point.  So when Lee uses his OPG to activate six vipers, what that really means is that he can do six things, distributed in any way across any number of unmanned vipers.  He can move six vipers once, or have a single viper attack six times, or launch a viper, move, attack, and move another viper two spaces and have it attack, whatever you want.
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    subochre reacted to player1809340 in Strategy   
    Would that make her:
    'Mary, Queen of Shots'?
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    subochre got a reaction from player377182 in Disdain, Betrayal, Friendship Tokens   
    Those are all kinds of conditional baggage.  From the rules, p. 31-32:
    Conditional Baggage from Twilight Cards
    Often, twilight cards give a player baggage. Sometimes the
    card simply says that the player gains a good or bad bag-
    gage, but in other cases the card might say something like
    “Louis gains one duty.” Duty is an example of conditional
    baggage. Conditional baggage is always italicized and is
    normally named after a positive or negative personality
    characteristic of some sort, such as greed, guilt, love, or
    courage. If a player gains conditional baggage, he must
    look at his current plot card (his current start or crossroads
    card, not any previous ending card). If the conditional
    baggage is listed in the good baggage section of the card,
    he gains good baggage equal to the amount of conditional
    baggage he gained. If the conditional baggage is listed in
    the bad baggage section of the card, he gains bad baggage
    equal to the amount of conditional baggage he gained. If
    the conditional baggage is listed in neither the good bag-
    gage nor the bad baggage section, he gains neither good
    nor bad baggage.
    Example: Louis gains one duty and one loyalty while his
    “Krausey Case” plot card is in play. Looking at it, he sees that
    duty is listed in its good baggage section, but loyalty is not listed
    on the card at all. Therefore, he gains one good baggage.
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    subochre reacted to Steve-O in Is Arkham Horror finished   
    I agree that Arkham Horror is a great game and it will hopefully remain in print for years to come.
    I disagree with a notion that a game is "dead" if it is no longer actively receiving new expansion material. This is not intended as a personal attack at you, Shteck, so hopefully you don't take it that way.
    It seems to me that this is becoming a more and more common philosophy in the board game community - the idea that a game is only actively supported as long as it continues to receive new content. No doubt spurred by the increasing number of games that receive constant expansions.
    In my opinion, a truly well designed game should not need expansions at all. The core game ought to come with everything you need, and expansions should be optional. AH does fall into this category for me, btw. despite the many, many expansions, I can still play "base game only" and leave with the feeling that I had a complete experience.
    Long story short, as long as Arkham Horror remains in print, it will remain alive. Or, to quote a relevant author: "That is not dead which can eternal lie."
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    subochre reacted to Julia in It's funny, you live here but never really visit any of these places   
    A pretty butterfly.
    Some nice flowers.
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    subochre reacted to Steve-O in It's funny, you live here but never really visit any of these places   
    I take your point on this one, but I've always been one to rationalize the theme as much as possible. Sanity loss appears to be a measure of things that make you uneasy, scared or frustrated. Cannibalistic humanoids are dangerous, sure, but they still drop after I spray them with my little friend, Tommy. On the other hand, that weird statue seems to follow me with its eyes... And every time I look away, I see it move in the corner of my eye... That's the sort of thing that gets under your skin and you're not really sure what you can do about it.  Would shooting the statue with my tommy gun help?  Maybe, but would it kill whatever is causing the hallucinations (if that's even what they are?) Who can say?
    Sure a strange alien landscape would be offsetting when you first arrive (especially if you're not entirely sure how you got there), but people can adapt to all sorts of horrendous circumstances given time. After wandering around the Abyss for a day or two (time being somewhat abstract in this game), I can imagine a person would have reconciled themselves with the fact that they're here now.  Hmm, what's around this corner? Oh look, more jagged black rocks.
    Would they still be concerned about their surroundings? Sure. Would getting home be a priority? Absolutely. But they wouldn't be quivering in fear merely at the prospect of being in this alien locale anymore. Maybe if they were being repeatedly ambushed by weird monsters and crazy architecture, but that's dependent on specific encounters. If the person managed to weave their way through the Abyss without running afoul of too many active threats, I could see them getting out relatively unscathed.
    As for the ink puddle, well that clearly depends on what it's a picture of.
    You may say I'm just making excuses for the encounters.  You wouldn't be entirely wrong, either.  IMHO, it's a matter of perspective. The game asserts that this ink puddle forms a picture so horrible that it drops my sanity, no chance to resist. I, therefore, imagine that whatever the image being shown to me is, it must be downright nervewracking.  Like, maybe it's a picture of me being gruesomely cut down by a psycho leaping at me from behind, and then I realize the picture places me in the same room I'm in right now!  OMG! Spin around! Sanity loss! Argh!
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    subochre got a reaction from Garthnait in Can't create new topic   
    Sorry, can't reply
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